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Comment Re:MUMPS, ancient and rarely used (Score 1) 166

Epic drives their staff into the ground but they are a pretty cool place to work. They have been moving to a web platform for their front end and use C# so unless you were going to be working as a Technical Services rep you probably would have had an opportunity to do cool stuff on their core developer team rather than work with M (the Tech Services folks do a lot of M programming)

Comment I work with M at work (Score 1) 166

At first I thought it was a ridiculous anachronistic language developed by a bunch of IT guys in the 60's that had a poor understanding of even most contemporary ideas of programming languages. now? I think it has it's place. It is very focused on mutli-dimensional arrays and makes manipulating hierarchical data structures very efficient. Another person's Perl code is easier to read but it is efficient for what it does.

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