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Comment: Re:Getting around the court decision (Score 1) 182

You are an idiot that does not understand why Ma Bell was not innovative or what the court actually told the FCC when it over-turned the rules...you certainly do not understand the crap political game the ISPs have been playing with the FCC regarding when they do and do not want to be considered a common carrier.

Comment: US Department of Information Technology (Score 1) 252

by modmans2ndcoming (#48730317) Attached to: US CTO Tries To Wean the White House Off Floppy Disks

Or maybe just an agency under the supervision of a department....but both would require an act of congress. It is the only way to get authority under a CIO position that can affect the entire government through policy...Frankly it should be done from a security aspect alone.

Comment: Re: One fiber to rule them... (Score 1) 221

The fact that consumer ISPs are access providers means they will never meet the definition for free peering agreements. They are all consumption services. Asshats can't seem to get it that these companies are just trying to set up a two-sided market and that is the only reason any of this is an issue.

Comment: Re:What rules prevent them from doing this already (Score 1) 221

Comcast has their cable monopoly that allows them to use the poles as part of the contact with the cities they are in. They use this as a means to prevent competition through graft and exclusive contracts...Title II would prevent cities from blocking right of way access to competition like Google.

Comment: Re: One fiber to rule them... (Score 1) 221

umm... No they aren't. Comcast and Verizon sent all the Netflix traffic through a single switch to their networks and held Netflix hostage for the deal that Verizon and Comcast wanted to make rather than allowing Netflix to just buy the equipment and pay for maintenance....Level 3 has had the same problems with Verizon and Comcast.

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