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Comment: Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 0, Troll) 214

I want new new new features that will protect me from new new new threats and provide access to new new new technologies.

That is what is great about the new Windows 10 model....if you want stability, fine...don't take the upgrades that they will push out over time. You will not be on an old abandoned platform that may be stable but is no longer getting security updates.

Comment: Re:Charged only if actually negligent (Score 1) 545

by modmans2ndcoming (#49695231) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill

I presume you would exempt parents of unvaxed children who were unvaxed for reasons beyond their control, such as

1) Could not afford shots

Good thing you can get them for free from free clinics.

2) No access to health care

Good thing that places that have no access to health care have no public education access either.

3) Child could not get shots for medical reasons

This is the ONLY reason to not vaccinate your child. As the parent of a child with a transplant it worries me that there are morons out there not vaccinating their children by choice.

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