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No, the other option is to force infrastructure owners to stop selling ISP services and create a compulsory license fee for ISPs that wish to have their signal carried over the infrastructure.

Over night you have market competition.

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by modmans2ndcoming (#47178427) Attached to: Evidence of Protoplanet Found On Moon

Where did you learn science? Home School creationism?

Observation of actual phenomena (evolution) ->Hypothesis of the mechanism of observed phenomena (Natural selection, genetic mutation, etc) -> Test, Test, Test, Test, Test ->Mechanism is stated to be a theory by consensus ->Test-> (maybe) revise theory -> (and on we go)

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by modmans2ndcoming (#46678027) Attached to: Why Are We Made of Matter?

I believe it was a hypothesis that the universe began with symmetric amounts of matter and anti-matter. The recent BICEP2 results should provide a method for us to inquire about that idea either directly or through constraints by tossing out many hypothesizes related to quantum gravity and the nature of the early universe.

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Your obvious parody of the foundation series may not be far off. I am sure there will be a group of highly educated folk who find a place with decent sustainable resources and set up a society based on sustainability and preservation of human knowledge. Then once the chaos consumes existing civilizations it will be able to expand and grow to dominate the world once again...minus the psychologists that lean to use psychic powers of the mind.

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