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Comment Not all programmers are engineers (Score 1) 568

An "engineer" is someone who "engineers," i.e. performs engineering. The guys who design dialog boxes and make things attractive, while quite valuable, are not "engineering." The guys who design stuff like motor control software, who use math and science to develop their algorithms and can "prove" their algorithm logically, they are "engineering" a solution and thus are "engineers."

Like all false choices, the "some are and some aren't" rule always works.

Comment Seriously? Come on this isn't even a hard one (Score 1) 173

You need two raspberry PI2B computers, dynamic dns, and openvpn.

Dynamc DNS service to tack B side ip addresses
OpenVPN to create the VPN
Leave the VPN on all the time using the raspberryPIs
ip route add via

(assumes your A side raspberrypi is .100, and your net is and their net is .2.0)

If you can't port-forward VPN through your ISP, you can fool it by "router hole punching"

Comment Lawrence Krauss.. With all due respect... (Score 3, Interesting) 305

I really enjoy Lawrence Krauss, and Richard Dawkins, and, alas, Christopher Hitchens etc. I am an "anti-theist" and someone who has absolutely no belief in god. That being said, I have spoken at my wfe's church, cooked for their dinners, and was friends with the last pastor. He and I accepted that we had no common ground in the spiritual world, but we both agreed that community is good, and that creating friends and being good friends and neighbours is good. How could that not be? I stood up in front of the church and said I was an Atheist and that I enjoyed the community. I got applause. This is a true story.

Lawrence, Richard, an others obviously need to continue the Atheism work that they do, but they also need to understand that this was a HUGE movement by the catholic church. HUGE. The pope is a chemist. A scientist. If you judge this pope by his words and his actions, he may be the sort of man that can lead a sizeable portion of the world population in a better direction.

I think "Atheism" and "Climate Change" are separate. If this pope did not do enough, reach out. He isn't the nazi-youth that was there previously, this is a man trained in chemistry and seems earnest. I think this is the best chance science and a major religion have ever had to work together to address a real problem facing human kind. Rather than snipe at the pope for not going far enough, holy shit guys, 1 billion people claim to listen to this guy, convince him to do better.

Comment The problem is C++ instead of C with classes (Score 1) 757

C++ is a VERY powerful system, but it is too much. The C language has 90% of what you need. Any non-trivial C application will end up re-implementing basic features in C++. The problem comes when C++ becomes, in the eyes of its developers, its own language. If used as "C with classes," many of the problematic issues are gone.

All that being said, bad developers will find a way to write bad code.

Comment sigh, boring (Score 1) 88

They have been doing this with sound for some time. Radio is just faster. (Yes, I know that is WAY oversimplified). At radio frequencies, any electrical engineer will tell you there is no such thing as digital. The edge of a square wave is not perfectly straight. It is a noisy curve based on the impedance of the circuit and the current used to drive the transition. There is inductance and capacitance in every conveyance of electricity. In a "clean" circuit, the effect of this parasitic L/C is either negligible or compensated for.

A radio antenna is, by definition, an analog part which electrically resembles a coil with some capacitance . So even the title misleading. The fact that they can us algorithms to control the digital signal in such a way that the antenna will smooth it out into a radio wave is kind of cool, but it isn't a crazy breakthrough. You can see almost every computer on a spectrum analyzer as radio wave source. This is just a neat trick, like getting the line printer to sound like music by sending the right stuff to print.

Comment When you have control, you have liability (Score 3, Interesting) 196

Just saying, "anyone can write code, be careful" gets you out of a lot of trouble. Saying "We've checked these and they are good" buys you a lot of headaches. That's the first problem. Who's going to test the extensions? Who's going to be liable when a "tested" extension is malware? It WILL happen, you know it. Who is going to maintain the cert?

No user work-around? That's pure insanity. What happens when a vendor says "This is too much trouble, we can afford to support firefox anymore," their customers will have to switch browsers.

Lastly, having any group of people dictating what others can do is against the whole notion of free and open source software. I have absolutely no problem popping up a dialog that says, "This extension has not been tested by the Mozilla Organization, Proceed at your own risk," but not even having that option is totally and completely bogus.

Time to fork.

Comment Its all about privacy protection and nothing else (Score 3, Interesting) 275

Dropbox had a great claim, originally, that your data was secure not even "dropbox" could see it. Well, it turned out that was a lie.

The bigger issue is privacy protection. If I upload non-public information to one of these services, which one can I trust to keep that private? If there is no clear answer, then price is the only differentiator. Who's going to protect your privacy when presented with an NSL? Answer: no one. After that, who cares?

I believe that if a storage company wants to stand out and charge a premium, it needs to hire lawyers, a lot of them, to defend the rights of its customers. When you store your data on your property, you are protected by the 4th amendment, the warrant requirement, and the legal right to a defense, when you store your data in the cloud, you have little, if any, protection, and the service provider has no duty to protect your data from government requests.

Criminals, lawyers, and the general public have the same needs. If you can't protect criminals, you can't protect the general public. Data storage has never been about the bits. It has always been about the meta requirements: security, longevity, recoverability, and yes, cost. The google/amazon threat is about cost, what about the other requirements?

Comment Cynical attempt to lower tech wages (Score 2) 253

Tech companies want to make sure the Zuckerbergs make a gazillion dollars, but tech wages get driven down. 501(C) organization like are all about getting "immigration reform" which includes a lot more H1B, which means you distort the intellectual capital market by bringing in more workers and thus driving down pay. Why pay money to an american with school loans when you can lobby government to get someone who can work for less as an H1B serf.

Paying kids is a new twist on this game. So, why even pay people who have careers, lets pay our employees even less by hiring children?

It is a race to the bottom, and make no mistake, it is so the rich can get richer. I don't want to sound like an "occupy wall street" loony, but don't workers deserve reward for their work just as much as industrialists. 40 years ago, CEOs only made a few hundred times more than their average employee, and that was scandalous.

These guys complain about the "economy," but that facts are clear, the U.S. economy was better when we had more wealth distribution, stronger unions, and a growing middle class. They want us to be China, and unless we figure out how to stop it, we will be.

Comment Re:Who are you? (Score 1) 646

So you're a Mohawk and you think it would be a good gesture for the European aggressors to make up for the centuries of genocide by... not calling a football team the Redskins?

It would be a fantastic start for the "European aggressors" to stop thinking of the indigenous peoples as something other than mascots, yes. Once they realize the blood they spilled taking this continent from its rightful owners was, in fact, human blood, the blood of people, they may be more humane.

Comment Re:Who are you? (Score 1) 646

Yea, Mohawk. LOL. Seriously, the French call themselves French, being "European" is fairly a new thing.

The Mohawk are part of the Iroquois which is huge number for tribes from Canada down to Florida on the east coast who share a basic language. The Lakota are in the midwestern USA in the dakotas and Sioux is probably the tribe you know best. There were over 500 different nations with a population more than twice Europe before Columbus came here. It wasn't until the white's diseases came here that decimated the indigenous populations.

Remember what the "black death" did to europe in the 1350s, the diseases the white man brought to this continent did about the same to its population. In europe every one got it at roughly the same time, so no invaders could capitalize on it. The indigenous people of this continent were not so lucky.

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