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+ - Comcast Spoofing SSL/SSH 1

Submitted by mlwmohawk
mlwmohawk (801821) writes "It looks that Comcast is intercepting SSH connections and performing "Man in the Middle" attacks. I have been using SSH to connect to my home computer for years. Suddenly, when trying to connect, SSH issues a warning about a "man in the middle" attack. I tried a remote server that is not behind Comcast and did not get the error, so I can conclude it is not my employer.

Is Comcast snooping on SSH/SSL packets? Isn't this a violation of the DMCA?
The Internet

+ - Comcast Blocking Port 25 1

Submitted by mlwmohawk
mlwmohawk (801821) writes "In the Boston area many users are having port 25 blocked, incoming and outgoing. How many other people is comcast doing this too?

Test your port 25 and see. If they are blocking you: call 1-800-266-2278 to complain.

If you live in Massachusetts, call the state attorney general on Monday to file a complaint. While port 25 may not be a big deal to many, to some this arbitrary and capricious denial of service without notice or recourse is harmful and should absolutely be something actionable."

+ - Is wasting time or goofing off "productive?

Submitted by mlwmohawk
mlwmohawk (801821) writes "Now be honest, how many hours a "work day" do you spend surfing the net, talking with others, fiddling with computer settings, or just plain spacing out? Its a lot isn't it!

Now, do you think it is a necessary function of programming i.e. just a cost of business or is it just what it seems, goofing off?"

+ - Microsoft targeting XP for $100 Laptop->

Submitted by mlwmohawk
mlwmohawk (801821) writes "BBC (here) is reporting that Microsoft is trying to get XP running on the XO, or $100 laptop. From Microsoft's James Utzschneider: "We are hard at work on the project here." "Between Microsoft employees and third party contractors that we have brought into the effort, we have over 40 engineers working full-time on the port." One wonder's why would they be investing that much unless Linux in the hands of millions of children across the world would be a real threat to its monopoly."
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+ - Student Tasered At Kerry Event->

Submitted by mlwmohawk
mlwmohawk (801821) writes "I watched this video, the kid did nothing wrong, except ask some questions.

When did police become jack booted thugs out to suppress freedom and speech in this country? How can we make the police protectors again? I'm 44 years old, and while I've had a "normal" fear of authority, I now see the police as Nazi sympathizers stomping on free speech that criticizes the security of the homeland, all hail!!


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+ - Comcast blocking youtube, google, and others?

Submitted by mlwmohawk
mlwmohawk (801821) writes "Not sure if this is news, but it seems that comcast is blocking google, youtube, and others.

http://www.bostonist.com/archives/2006/09/26/its_n ot_firefox_its_comcastic_.php

I found this because, as a comcast user, I was/am unable to get any results from Google, and until seeing this blog post just assumed it was a problem with youtube.

Anyone else see this problem?"

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