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+ - Localized (visual) programming language for kids?

Submitted by jimshatt
jimshatt writes: I want my kids to play around with programming languages. To teach them basic concepts like loops and subroutines and the likes. My 8-year old daughter in particular. I've tried Scratch and some other visual languages, but I think she might be turned off by the English language. Having to learn English as well as a programming language at the same time might be just a little too much.
I'd really like to have a programming language that is easy to learn, and localized or localizable. Preferably cross-platform, or browser-based, so she can show her work at school (Windows) as well as work on in at home (Debian Linux).
By the way, she speaks Dutch and Danish, so preferably one of those languages (but if it's localizable I can translate it myself).

Any suggestions?

+ - Ask Slashdot: Why does Xorg+Gnome looks better than Windows?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: I dual boot Windows 7 (for games) and Ubuntu with Gnome 3 (for development, and other things). One thing I've noticed is that the fonts and other visual attributes of Gnome look /much/ better than windows on the same hardware. It almost seems like Xorg uses antialiasing for it's fonts, or other settings. Why does Windows 7 looks so terrible on the visual side, and is there a solution?

+ - Teen stunned at portrayal as Mass. bombing suspect->

Submitted by Okian Warrior
Okian Warrior writes: The 4chan crowd, poring over images of the Boston marathon, identified two dark-skinned and bag-carrying suspects (among others). This was then picked up by The New York Post, who ran the image on Thursday's front page with the headline "Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon". And now, a completely innocent teen now finds himself scared to leave his home.
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+ - Low bandwith streaming video suggestions?->

Submitted by
managerialslime writes: "My client is a consumer technology company (Mac and Windows software) with a video conundrum. We have produced some great training videos on how to use our products in both high and (somewhat) low resolution that most of our customers love. (We can't go too low as the videos include animated screen activity.) But customers with lower bandwidth connections are flooding our help desk/call center with complaints about training video resolution and jerkiness. We use both Jplayer and jwplayer and the results are pretty much the same. Is there a combination of some video file format and player that provides a better streaming video experience? (Yes, we're doing lots of Google searches on the topic, but advice from this community is often a better starting point.)"
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Comment: Re:It's about money, as usual (Score 1) 186

by mlosh (#42991789) Attached to: Carmakers Oppose Opening Up 5GHZ Spectrum Space For Unlicensed Wi-Fi

Yeah, there's about one hundred vehicles in Ann Arbor right now running a multi-manufacturer pilot test of the car-to-car communications. Many of the cars have warning systems that use the info passed between cars to alert driver of a danger. This is useful whether or not we end up with self-driving cars. So, yes, both manufacturers the DOTs around the world want to hang onto the spectrum. It could help save lives, improve traffic flow and road utilization, and give manufacturers a set of new features they can sell to improve their profits. How horrible!

We can debate if this is the best use of spectrum. I think it is a pretty good use, and it will need to be protected and used in a coordinated way to make these vehicle applications feasible and effective. Maybe you'd rather have faster Facebook updates or see better video on demand on your smartphone or something? Would you think that's a lot more important than avoiding a massive pile up in a white-out snowstorm or fog? Manufacturers won't announce dates or specific models yet, but it could be fairly close. But it won't happen if poor spectrum management makes it technically infeasible.

Comment: This would be bad for connected vehicles. (Score 1) 40

by mlosh (#42966195) Attached to: FCC Moves To Boost Wireless Speeds

The new spectrum allocation for unlicensed use around 5.9 GHz would conflict with previously-planned allocation for connected vehicle (aka "V2V") technology. The extent of potential interference between these differing uses is not yet understood. I hope this WiFi plan does not blow it for the auto and traffic safety industries.

See for more.

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