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Comment: Re:link to video? (Score 1) 120

by jimshatt (#46023909) Attached to: Ball Lightning Caught On Video and Spectrograph

Science can not explain everything and is limited because it is created by humans.

Religion is created by humans as well, but can *easily* 'explain' everything. I don't see how "created by humans" would be an inherently limiting factor.
BTW, I wasn't even saying that science can explain everything. I just think that one should not immediately resort to believing in the paranormal, just because there are things you can't immediately explain. That just means science isn't done yet.

Comment: Re:link to video? (Score 4, Insightful) 120

by jimshatt (#46022279) Attached to: Ball Lightning Caught On Video and Spectrograph
So, just for my understanding, you were science-minded at first, and then you saw something that scientists are actually researching and now you're all into paranormal stuff? Why? Just because something that *you* can't explain, does not mean there is no explanation for it. That's what science is all about!

Comment: Re:MP4 is open (Score 2) 247

by jimshatt (#45981387) Attached to: Wikimedia Community Debates H.264 Support On Wikipedia Sites.
FYI, Ogg is the container, Vorbis is the sound codec and Theora is the video codec.
H264 tools aren't free, as the codec is patent encumbered, so you have to pay license costs (one way or another). Officially, you can't use x264 either without paying royalties. So, yeah, I'm opposed to the use of H264 in open works such as wikemedia.

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