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Comment: Never! (Score 4, Interesting) 323

by mlk (#46777607) Attached to: I expect to retire ...

A mix of bad decisions and really awful decisions mean I don't see how I'll ever be able to retire. :(

Which is bad, but what is worse is Development feels like a "young persons game". Rarely do I see anyone over 45 (not far off) coming for an interview, so I've got to move out of what I enjoy (creating stuff) and move to the next level (stopping other people from developing, err, management). :(

Comment: Re:will smart watches ever catch on? (Score 1) 275

The Rufus Cuff is tempting. I could see the move from my current Galaxy Note 2 to one of these and tablet with stylus. Mostly for running and convenience to look stuff up. I love my Note but it is big when whipping it out, but note quite big enough to write on. If I'm to deconverge I'd want the "quick glance" thing to be quick-glance-y and that is a watch or Glasses.

Comment: Re:For the Swarm! (Score 1) 126

by mlk (#46726111) Attached to: The Graffiti Drone

Tags as a general rule are shit. Wow you wrote you name on a wall. Well done. Have a cookie. Some times effort is put into a tag, but lets be honest, most people do not.

It is still "art", it is just shit art. That should be painted over.

That not the case for all tags (but 99.9999% of them). Grafitti however as a general rule is meh. Some of it can be great, some of it can be shit (wow it is a very good dick you just spray painted on a wall).

Comment: Re:Database Scaleability. (Score 1) 272

by mlk (#46704767) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

Is that required for you current project? Will the disadvantages of NoSQL based databases hit you (for example are cross-document consistency or cross-document transactions important)?

Give what you have posted in the OP I don't see a good reason to select No SQL over relational over object over flat files and without more information all you are going to get is a list of personal preferences. So lets jump in with my personal preference... look into your data you plan to store and what queries you want to do on it. Then match that against the general styles (relational, object, KV, tabular, graph). Once you have done that I'd likely just look at the leaders for that style of data store and spike it out.

Comment: Re:Oculus is the real deal, the others are hype (Score 1) 202

by mlk (#46637491) Attached to: How interested are you in Virtual Reality tech?

> pump-and-dump scheme where they get a prototype working just well enough

I've played briefly with a prototype. They could go to market right now and have a good device.

> VR sucks because until it works like this

Sucks and "not perfect" are different things. Sword fighting games without feedback are far from perfect. The Wii still had some good games with swords.

Comment: Re:Physical Access = owned (Score 2) 150

by mlk (#46574895) Attached to: Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash

I'd assume the box that the money is in is secured and had paint or the like that will trigger when it is opened.

Plus you can only do it once and it is very noticeable. Chopping a small hole in the box and secretly installing a small phone you could exploit time and time again without drawing attention from passers by.

Comment: Re:Symantec ad (Score 1) 150

by mlk (#46574841) Attached to: Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash

The SMS is just a way to communicate to the phone. What the hackers have done (if I'm reading the FA correctly) is make a phone pretend to be a USB keyboard attached to the PC in the ATM. The phone can then be set up to send a control sequence to the ATM tell the ATM to spit out money. So the problem has nothing to do with either SMS or Windows XP. If the ATM was VAX or Mac OS or Home brew OS or Linux and you did not lock down the local USB ports then it would have the same issue.

The general issue of USB ports happily accepting keyboard has been an issue with ATMs before, but you have to stand by the ATM with a keyboard. This way you just plug in the phone and leave it there to exploit time and time again.

Comment: Re:Isn't This A Bit Irresponsible? (Score 2) 109

by mlk (#46562131) Attached to: AWS Urges Devs To Scrub Secret Keys From GitHub

Depends on how public the knowledge already is.This is the first time I've heard of it, but this kind of thing is done a lot (private stuff thrown on publicly available services that can be found via a Google search) so I'd guess this was already reasonably well known in the bad people circles. By shouting about it Amazon is ensuring that everyone knows without having to track down and inform people individually.

Comment: Re:Rollin your own (Score 1) 125

by mlk (#46315091) Attached to: Chrome 33 Nixes Option To Fall Back To Old 'New Tab' Page

> HTTP components in language API's

I'm going to assume you mean complete stack (HTTP, HTML renderer, JS Engine etc). While the HTTP layer is fairly simple (and thus implement well in a ton of APIs for each of the major platforms), the rest is BIG and to do it well is hard so it is not done well all that often. So what you end up with is either a re-skinned IE, Firefox or Chrome.

Now these exists, for a bunch of different reasons for example before IE had tabs a tabbed IE existed and people who want to stay in the late 1990s have SeaMonkey. However most end up with an interface that is a lot like Chrome/Firefox/IE (as it is a good interface) but without the plugin support.

> Though I wonder how many companies would block you from accessing their site if the browser doesn't have the correct branding

I use to happen a lot and that is why we now have stupid user agent strings.

Mine is currently:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1750.117 Safari/537.36

Mozilla/5.0 - Pretend to be Firefox
AppleWebKit/537.36 - And Safari
KHTML - Base of Safari/Chrome
Gecko - Back to Firefox
Chrome - I could be Chrome
Safari - Of Safari

The only one missing is IE. And I've seen many a user agent string that includes that as well (while not actually being IE).

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