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Comment: Re:@CauseBy - Re:Yes (Score 1) 381

by mlk (#47442743) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

> Have you paused to consider that there might be other lifestyles than your own?

Yeap. And I want a smart watch. Or Glasses (minus the camera maybe), I've not worn a watch since the late 80s when it came with a radio built in.

As long as they don't stop selling watches when they start selling smart watches we will both be groovy. I'll have both a smart watch and you will have a watch. CauseBy may have an even smarter watch then I.

Comment: Language or framework? (Score 1) 309

by mlk (#47221669) Attached to: Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

Languages we have. Add on emscripten (a back end for LLVM) we have a healthy number of language. But do we have a framework for these to live in which can allow apps to expand out of the browser? And are the frameworks designed for anything other than the Java script world the browsers live in.

> Web applications may one day surpass desktop applications in function

An app built on top of a app on top of a framework will not surpass an app build directly on the framework in function. It may be easier to develop, but that is a different thing.

Comment: Re:This could be the WORST thing you could do... (Score 1) 138

by mlk (#47170341) Attached to: Google Has Received Over 41,000 Requests To "Forget" Personal Information

> WayBackMachine anyone?

Google is not being asked to delete data, they are being asked to delete indexes to data. Google don't have access to the source, so they can't delete it.

I don't think Google will even remove the page from the index, just the requested terms for the page will go.

> have your data too.

It is not "your data" it is data about you. I.e. the post above is your data. You could delete or edit it as much as /. allows.
If I tweet "MindPrision posted on slashdot on Thursday the 5th of June, 2014" that is not your data. It is my data about you. This new law gives you the right to ASK Google to remove the link between "MindPrision" and my tweet. Not to have the tweet removed from the web or to remove the tweet from Googles index.
So a search "MindPrision slashdot Thursday" would not return the tweet, but a search for "slashdot Thursday" would return the tweet.

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