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Comment Re:You can only skin the sheep once (Score 1) 225

In my neighborhood, I am said "local nerd", and my advice to ANYone who asks, is "If you're on XP, we need to see if your system's use case allows you to use this thing called Linux.. If you're on Windows 7 or 8, STAY where you are... If you bought a new machine with 10, may God bless your soul.. We need to see if your machine's use case allows wiping that nightmare and installing Linux..." These words (or ones like them) have been spoken several times lately.. Especially regarding the poor sap who just bought a new system at WorstBuy and it came with 10... I castrated it as best as I could, but told the user to pray..

Comment Re:Windows 10 (and 7/8 also) (Score 1) 225

yes.. I am discovering that now, in the future, I'll be warning everybody about 7 AND 8... Of course, I'll also be using one or more of these lists of "updates" to REMOVE this crap from Win7/8 when we do our "Windows Janitorial Service"..... Jesus Christ, I'm beside myself with glee that I moved my families computers off MS products in 2011.....

Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 5, Interesting) 225

My "last straw" occurred around 2011. I'd just retired friom supporting Windows (and some Linux) for 24 years (1991-2010). After I retired, I used Windows 7 on my home machines for a bit, and finally I decided that there was nothing I do on the computer that requires Windows, so I killed the dualboot, and switched permanently to Linux, specifically Ubuntu.. Since I'm sort of the local neighborhood "tech support", I tried out Windows 10 in Virtualbox, just to familiarize myself with it for when I'm asked to help out a neighbor.. To put it bluntly, I'd NEVER run Windows10 on any of my machines, PERIOD.. And I'll recommend to anybody who asks, that IF they MUST use Windows 10, they need to, AT A BARE MINIMUM, turn off all the privacy-removal stuff and use a local account... Yeah, I know.. keeps you from using that over-rated Cortana crap... Whupteedoo... TL:DR: People who value what little privacy they have left should stay AWAY from Windows 10, Just one man's opinion........

Comment Re:What path have we chosen? (Score 3, Informative) 744

I currently run Ubuntu 14.04, and see where part of systemd has already begun its encroachment on what *had* been a great Linux distro. My only actual full-on experience so far with systemd is trying to get Virtualbox guest additions installed on a CentOS7 vm... I've installed those additions countless times since I started using VBox, and I think I could almost do the install in my sleep.. Not so with CentOS7.. systemd bitches loudly with strange "errors" and when it tells me to use journalctl to see what the error was, there *is* no error.. But still the additions don't install... I'm soooooo NOT looking forward to the next LTS out of Ubuntu, which I'm told will be infested with this systemd crap... Guess its time to dust off the old Slackware DVD and get acquainted with Pat again... GO FUCK YOURSELF, POETTERING.....

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 3, Insightful) 284

The law should NEVER, EVER, EVER, provide protection over any data available behind public sector activity.

The public sector frequently claims the release of information will be burdensome; however, the public sector actors are not always forced, by statute (as they are in Minnesota) to ensure records should be held in a way which the sector cannot claim burden in failure to comply.

This needs to change.

Comment Re:Ahh the memories... (Score 1) 152

Your story kinda sounds like mine.. 1995, at a small government contractor. I, being one of hte network techs, got tasked to "get this company on the internet"... Since we were a Novell Netware shop, the other techs suggested doing the webserver/ftp via a Novell server and a proprietary (read lotsa $$$$) NLM (Netware Loadable Module). I, on the other hand, had been learning Linux/Slackware and convinced the PTB that we could do the deed for basically the cost of the T1 and router that we'd need in either case, and skip the lotsabucks needed for the NLM httpd.. They gave me the goahead and about 2 weeks later we were on the internet with a website and an ftp server.. Soon thereafter, my wife and I decided to move to Las Vegas, and I handed support for the server over to one of the other guys who had begun using Linux...

Comment Re:Correction (Score 2, Informative) 152

I've been using Linux since about 1995, and am seriously impressed with how far its come since thern.. I started with Slackware and its bazillions of floppy disks and pulling my hair out getting XFree86 working, nowadays its easier to install something like Mint or Ubuntu than Windows, and in most cases the machine will be 100% operational after the install, nowhere NEAR always the case with Windows... I strongly suspect, with what a spyware-fest Windows 10 has turned out to be, Linux is gonna get a BIG boost in users in the not-too-distant future, once joe-six-pack figures out all of *his* data is now Microsofts... I for one will do everything I can to hurry it along..


Comment Re:Crap. (Score 4, Insightful) 152

heh .. Such problems with Linux.. Funny how theres a bunch of us out there that have been using it since FOREVER (Slackware/1995 here..) and have ZERO problems with it... If this AC is *actually* having these kinda problems, either he's got seriously crap hardware or more likely he's just trolling... And with what a spyware-fest Windows 10 is, I suspect a LOT more people are gonna say "FUCK MS" and come over to the Linux side...

Comment And yet, even at 24, it's not the year of Linux (Score 0, Flamebait) 152

I've been using Linux, in varying capacities in both my personal and work life, since that fateful day in fall of 1996 when I popped a Slackware CD into my Dell Latitude P-133 laptop. Yet, I still don't love it as much as I should.

Why? Because, as I found out this week when I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a VM to power a SAS installation at work, it still sucks in so many ways. Is it better than it was 19 years ago? Not really. I still had to think; still had to work to get the damn thing to run; and grub still gave me a rash and a shit to get up and running.

Yeah, the Debian install I originally made back in November of 2002 is still running, after many a dist-upgrade, and it's going strong; however, I still have my love/hate w/Linux after nearly 20 years living with it daily.

I've always been excited for the next big thing. The next moment when it would be that system I could easily use on my desktop or laptop and interoperate w/the rest of the world; yet, here I am, typing this on a machine, provided to me by my company, I never thought I'd use (a MBPr), ever.

Yeah, Linux runs the Internet and many of our phones, yet, I still hate it as much as I did when I was 17 years old, for many of the same reasons.

I'll be happily waiting for another 24 while it continues to grow and do its thing but, unlike the visions many of us saw for Linux back in the day, it has not shaped up like we thought it would. Successful? ABSOLUTELY. But as successful and brilliant as it should be 24 years later, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Comment Re:Nothing New Here... (Score 1) 318

So do like I do..Buy said Dell system, wipe Windows off it, put your distro of choice on, and if you feel the need for Windows, like a program that Wine doesn't do, make a Virtualbox VM and use the Windows key that came on your machine. You'll likely have to call the automated phone thing to get it working, but I've done it multiple times on multiple machines... Only done on Windows 7 tho... Dunno/Don't care about whether it works on 8/8.1 or 10. Yeah.. I know its against MS's precious EULA.. Don't care.. Said Vbox VM gets fired up maybe once a month just to get patches... Other than keeping the VM for *emergency* use, Windows is dead to me... AND with Windows 10 being a spy-ware nightmare, I suspect a LOT more people are gonna investigate Linux...

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