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Comment Re:And... (Score 1) 537

Its one thing to pull this shit on Windows 10/home and pro, but when they do it on enterprise, they're cruizin' for a bruising... All it takes is for a large corporation (or a class action group of corporations) to sic their legal departments en mass on MS, and watch the fireworks.. Sure, their EULA spells out what they're doing (if you speak lawyer-ese), but this might be a good test in the courts about the validity of some of the off-the-wall EULA's being peddled by corporations...

Comment Re:Well folks (Score 1) 537

I STRONGLY suspect that Windows 10 being what it is, blatant spyware, as time goes on, and more companies and people figure out what it is, Linux (and Mac) are gonna get a nice bump in usage...

The only way out is to use a.n.other OS. But you will not.

Yes, I DO... Linux 100% FUCK MICROSOFT....

Comment Re:Why are you surprised? (Score 1) 537

But you have to be careful that MS doesn't detect they're gone and re-download/install them.. I gave up dealing with them and moved all of my systems to Linux completely (used to dualboot Windows) back in 2010. After seeing the shitstorm/nightmare that is Windows 10, I couldn't be happier with my decision...

Comment Re:Real liberals need to stop this (Score 0, Flamebait) 665

The problem here is these are NOT "true liberals", they have nothing to do with classic liberalism.. They are progressives, and I suspect one of the things they desperately want is to be led around by the nose by their government. How ELSE would they be so happy to champion sharia law, and elect somebody like Obama who thumbs his nose at America and its Constitution. As Dr Michael Savage puts it, "modern "liberalism/progressiveism is a mental disorder"... He's hit the nail on the head on this one....

Comment Re:What are the babies going to do in the real wor (Score 0, Offtopic) 665

They are going to manipulate it into giving them exactly what they want without ever having to work for it.

No kidding.. What the hell do you think Comrade Bernie Sanders is all about? To listen to him, his platform is freebies for everybody (err.. everybody *he* likes).. If he gets "elected", we are sooooooo screwed, FAR beyond how screwed we are already with Comrade Obama....

Comment Re:This is excellent news (Score 1) 311

Unix and linux are for morons. Come on guys get with the f*ckin program.

Ok then, I guess, according to you, I'm a moron then, since I don't use ANYthing on my computers besides Linux. But though I'm a moron, I'm
a thousand times more intelligent than *you*... Of course, that goes without saying since you don't have the balls to post without hiding behind

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 0) 311

Windows 10 is basically spyware.

Theres NOTHING "basic" about it.. Windows 10 *is* blatant spyware, of the worst kind. Sure, if you read AND *actually* understand 50+ pages of legalese in their EULA, the lawyers at MS tell what they're gonna do. They tell you they are hoovering up EVERYthing you do on *your* computer and they *may*, in their sole judgment, shuffle that info off to law enforcement at any time.. I retired after nearly 20 years of using/supporting MS products, as a sysadmin, but when I retired in 2010, I decided I was done with MS products, and I'd run Linux on all of my home systems. After seeing (and trying out, for a while, in a VBox VM) Windows 10, both the preview and the release, I shudder when I think of all of the naive joe-six-packs who now have a Geoge Orwell-approved/1984-compatible spy device in their very own home.

Comment Re:Family member's WIN computer got locked out (Score 1) 581

Guess your family member doesn't play games. Gaming is the only reason I HAVE a windows computer.

I swear I'm soooo fucking tired of people claiming "you gotta run Windows if you wanna play games"... Ummm Hellooo, Steam has had a Linux client and an ever-growing number of games in their catalog are Linux versions for quite some time now.... I finally gave up Windows for good in 2010, switching to Linux 100%, and prior to Steam having a Linux native client, I ran the Windows Steam client under Wine, which gave me all of the games that *I* play. Once Steam released the Linux native client, I quit the Wine workaround, and things *just work*... And after seeing what a nightmare Windows 10 is, I couldn't be happier with my decision...

Comment Re:Because Microsoft are the new NSA (Score 1) 159

Call me a conspiracy nut, I don't care, but *somebody* has got to step up to the plate to fill that giant NSA datacenter in Utah.. I suspect MS has partnered with the NSA to do that very thing, and the way MS is trying to shove Windows 10 down the throats of all of the poor schlubs who still use Windows makes this "conspiracy theory" damn near a sure thing. Given that and the way they're force-feeding the telemetry crap on Windows 7/8/8.1.... Sooooooooooooooo glad I quit sucking on the MS teat...

Comment Remember it well... (Score 1) 320

As I recall I was temporarily between jobs and decided to watch the launch at home with my wife, who worked nights as a nurse. Being a big fan of the Shuttle, I tried to watch every launch, and when I saw the large y-shaped cloud, I realized something had gone *seriously* wrong.. The rest of the day was a blur.. Then again in 2003, I realized I had a good chance to see the firey trail of Columbia reentering the atmosphere, as the reentry path was close enough to Las Vegas to see in the northern sky. So I got up really early (for me) and drove out to a spot away from the bright lights of town, and right on schedule, there was this bright streak across the sky. I noticed it looked like flaming pieces were coming off of it.. Since I'd never seen a shuttle reentry like this, I didn't, at the time, realize anything was wrong.. That realization quickly changed when I turned the radio on, and listened to the latest news.. I'll never forget hearing Houston saying "Columbia.. Houston.. " quite a few times with no answer... I then realized, I must have been seeing Columbia breaking up during reentry.. I had to pull over as I couldn't drive safely for a while, and in fact, I'm tearing up just writing this... God Bless the brave souls who go into space and expand mankind's knowledge...

Comment Censorship? (Score 1) 539

They're absolutely correct; the makers of Adblock Plus are engaging in censorship of digital advertising created by some others and allowing through the digital advertising created by some others, which isn't optimal and thus there are different solutions which do not opt for such fickle behavior.

However, the key part here is that it isn't by force, it's by choice of the enduser of the product; in direct juxtaposition of being on the receiving end of forced digital advertising delivery.

In almost all cases, in order for me to view content, I must first opt in, by only my visiting the site in question, to digital advertisements before I am able (if at all) to disable the advertising through payment. Instead of bitching, we just utilize these tools to (UBlock Origin is my preference) to censor our own content.

I mean, I get it; they are fighting hard to reduce that 30% of Europeans and 10% of Americans blocking ads but enough w/the rhetoric, please.

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