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Comment: Re:Application installers suck. (Score 2) 324

by LVSlushdat (#48806341) Attached to: How To Hijack Your Own Windows System With Bundled Downloads

Which is what you get at Apps like WinSCP, Putty and a whole bunch of others have been modded to run from ONE locatiion and to NOT fuck with the registry...I see they even have Wireshark in portable form... not sure how they get past the fact you need Winpcap running as admin also to actually *do* live captures on a running system...

Comment: Re:This is SOP for the postal service. (Score 1) 182

by LVSlushdat (#48768973) Attached to: Four Facepalm Bugs In USPS Label-Printing Site

We've got some real morons in my local post office. Even though the USPS website has a "hold mail at postoffice" where you enter your name, address, zip and click a box to verfiy that your local office can do it, the maroons at my local office have gotten it wrong each time I've used it. For example, about 6 months ago, we were going to visit wifes' sister for a week, so I entered the info into the website, gave it the dates we'd be gone, and at the end of the hold period, to KEEP the mail at the postoffice and I'd come by and pick it up. Website even gave me a print out of what I'd just told it to do, along with a confirmation number... Fast forward to our return.. I went to the PO, armed with the printout from the website, clearly showing "hold for pickup". Guess what? they claimed they delivered a weeks worth of mail into my little mailbox... They told me to go and look... Went home and looked.. Nothing.. Fortuantly, our neighbor apparently intercepted the mail carrier and grabbed our mail, which never would have fit in the mailbox.. Which is WHY I chose "hold for pickup".. I went back to the PO and spoke to the Postmaster.. he could care less... Said the "hold for pickup" was merely a suggestion... WTF??

Comment: Re:/me is waiting for BBC iPlayer to do the same (Score 1) 121

by LVSlushdat (#48732681) Attached to: Netflix Begins Blocking Users Who Bypass Region Locks

I love watching/listening to stuff on the Beeb, so all it took was renting a 128mb vps with 500GB/mo transfer from one of the many UK vendors, putting OpenVPN and a squid proxy and voila! I'm now in the UK and the Beeb lets me catch all the great stuff they stream... The vps costs me a whole $25/year..

Comment: Re:What's the new hole? (Score 5, Interesting) 463

by LVSlushdat (#48732345) Attached to: Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked

Best advice is GET THE HELL OFF WINDOWS!! I have a thriving little business upgrading people who are still on XP over to either XUbuntu or Mint. I've gotten calls after an upgrade with the user saying "I got this weird error when I open this email", and it turned out that the user had an email with the Cryptolocker vector, and the odd error was the malware *trying* (and failing) to encrypt files on an ext4 filesystem... At this point in time, THAT aint happening....

Comment: Re:With stinkers like Peter Jackson's Hobbit (Score 1) 400

by LVSlushdat (#48721051) Attached to: Box Office 2014: Moviegoing Hits Two-Decade Low

Who *buys* DVDs?? That goofy looking little "redbox" you see EVERYwhere has said DVDs for a buck twenty a night... When a movie that meets our standards comes out, I wait for it to arrive at Redbox, then I rent it, and rip it to my Plex media server and then the wife and I can watch it on our 50 inch tv via the attached Roku box.. I've just put "Interstellar" into my "wish list" so I'll get a email from Redbox when its available..... Thats pretty much the only current movie worth it to us to see...

Comment: Re:News for Nerds, Stuff that matters (Score 1) 400

by LVSlushdat (#48720753) Attached to: Box Office 2014: Moviegoing Hits Two-Decade Low

The wife and I haven't been inside a movie theater in nearly 10 years.. We splurged on a nice big screen tv a few years ago, and now, when a movie comes out that we want to see, we wait till it comes out on DVD at Redbox, I go rent it, slap it in the pc, rip it to my Plex media server, then that night, she makes a big bowl of popcorn, and thanks to the cute little Roku box under the tv and its Plex plugin we can watch the movie at OUR leasure.. pause for a nature-break or a drink refill... Since there has been soooo very few movies that we want to see, I've not had to upgrade the RAID array on the server above the 2 1TB drives it has now.. With the clunkers that Hollyweird puts out, I don't expect to need to upgrade anytime soon....

Comment: Re:Ummmm, please don't to that (Score 2) 223

by LVSlushdat (#48707485) Attached to: US Army Could Waive Combat Training For Hackers

yup... I did US Army back in the early 70s.. Was initially drafted, got the song-dance in boot camp about re-upping for an additional year to *avoid* being an 11B (Infantryman). I thought I'd avoided that by opting for training as a radar repair tech.. Funny thing... I got sent to Vietnam and guess what? they had no open slots for a fixer of this particular radar, so I got assigned as an *operator* of this particular radar (AN/PPS5, a 3-man-pack-able anti-personnel radar), which was essentially an 11B "grunt" but with a piece of hi-tech equipment on his back.. The tech school was 3 months, with ONE WEEK on operating the radar, and where does the Army assign me??? Really efficient...


Comment: Re:Goatse filtering is a feature (Score 0, Flamebait) 294

by LVSlushdat (#48660609) Attached to: BT, Sky, and Virgin Enforce UK Porn Blocks By Hijacking Browsers

Outlawing everything you find personally objectionable or that you don't want your children to see if the mark of an asshole.

Actually its the mark of a statist/totalitarian masquerading as a Conservative.. Most *actual* Conservatives don't like those things, but we don't try to prevent others from partaking of them. All we ask is to not shove the fact you're doing these things in our faces.. Such as.. we believe homosexuality is a sin, but we don't give a damn what you do in the privacy of your bedroom.. Not to mention, most of us do NOT hate gays, we hate the sin.. BIG difference there.. Hate the sin, NOT the sinner... I suspect I'd have to classify myself as a Conservative/Libertarian... I believe in the motto "live and let live"...

Bottom line: David Cameron is as far from a true Conservative as one of the old-line USSR dictators...

Comment: Re:(In that Counter Strike voice) Terrorists Win (Score 1) 184

by LVSlushdat (#48578469) Attached to: Are the TSA's New Electronic Device Screenings Necessary?

TSA is a jobs program for those who wouldn't be hired for any other jobs.. thus they get all the thieves, perverts and power-trippers, since being in the TSA gives the power-tripper a channel to exert his "power" over others. Not to mention the thief, who arranges to get on the TSA team that inspects luggage.. Perfect job for him... Then theres the pervert, who arranges to get on the team that watches the nude-scanner... After a day doing that, he can go home and get his jollies off...

One of the most worthless TLA government agencies, right close behind the IRS....

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