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Comment Re:Putin, director of Immigration affairs (Score 1) 448 448

Or perhaps Putin will have him killed is some spectacular false flag operation to make the US government look like total tools.

This government certainly DOESN'T need Putin to make them look like total tools.... Obama and his ilk do a bang-up job by themselves...

Submission + - Poor Pilot Training Blamed for Virgin Galactic Crash-> 1 1

astroengine writes: SpaceShipTwo co-pilot Michael Alsbury was not properly trained to realize the consequences of unlocking the vehicle’s hinged tail section too soon, a mistake that led to his death and the destruction of the ship during a test flight in California last year. Responsibility for the accident falls to SpaceShipTwo manufacturer Scaled Composites, a Mojave, Calif., company owned by Northrop Grumman Corp, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined at a webcast hearing on Tuesday. Poor oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which oversees commercial spaceflights in the United States, was also a factor in the accident, the NTSB said.
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Submission + - Dice plans to liberate Slashdot and Sourceforge->

An anonymous reader writes: The current corporate overlords of both Slashdot and Sourceforge plan to sell off the properties:

The Company acquired Slashdot Media in 2012 both to provide the Dice business with broader reach into Slashdot's user community base and to extend the Dice business outside North America by engaging with SourceForge's significant international technology user community. The Company, however, has not successfully leveraged the Slashdot user base to further Dice's digital recruitment business; and with the acquisition of The IT Job Board and success of Open Web, the anticipated value to the Company of the SourceForge traffic outside North America has not materialized. The Company now plans to divest the business, as it does not fit within the Company's strategic initiatives and believes the Slashdot Media business will have the opportunity to improve its financial performance under different ownership.

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Submission + - Dice Ditches Slashdot and SourceForge->

lq_x_pl writes: After failing to effectively capitalize on Slashdot's user base, Dice Holdings is deciding to sell off Slashdot and Sourceforge. Dice also announced that they would be selling off Sourceforge. The change of ownership is likely welcome, as Dice has been much-maligned by Slashdot's regulars.
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Comment Not Just Win10.. (Score 5, Informative) 315 315

I normally spend my time on my computers in the company of a Linux distribution, but since I'm a retired "Windows Janitor", I get bugged a lot to "take a look" at friends/neighbors machines. Since the last version of Windows I spent any great amount of time with was XP, I figured I'd better see what all the hoopla was about Windows 8/8.1. I came into a retail copy of 8.1 instead of $$$ for some work I did on a neighbors system, so I figured I'd grab a spare laptop drive and install it so I could get familiar with it, so as not to come off as derpy when the inevitable calls on 8.1/10 start hitting my phone. The install was as smooth as silk, and the system looked/worked fine, after installing the MANDATORY ClassicShell. The inevitable WU notification came and told me I had 100+ updates, so I turned it loose to do its thing.. Once the updates installed, and a reboot, I logged into the system and KABLOOOIE.. right after login, one of the new-style BSOD's telling me there was a video_tdr_failure in one of the pieces of the Nvidia driver that WU forced down my systems throat.. After some googling to find that MS, in its infinite wisdom, had changed the old "F8" to get to safemode, I managed to figure it out and installed the latest/greatest from the Nvidia website, which made the Quadro FX770M in my system happy... Now I hear that MS, once again, in its infinite wisdom, is gonna take away the capability of permanently skipping crap updates in Windows 10, I'm getting close to the point of heading back to Linux, and telling friends that "if you want my help, you get rid of Windows and use Linux"....

Comment Re:Who needs Lifelock? (Score 1) 54 54

Providing SS numbers, credit card numbers, bank info and personal info to Lifelock actually may make a person less safe

Ya think? How about WHEN Lifelock gets hacked, and ALL of your data, you *trusted* to Lifelock is up for sale on one of those "darknet" sites.. With all these MUCH larger companies getting hacked left and right, WHY would you trust Lifelock with your private data, so they can ---ahem-- protect you?? Ever since their
CEO put his social security number on their commercials, and immediately got it compromised, I've considered Lifelock a bad joke. I've always wondered what that stupid sounding disclaimer they quickly throw in at the end ot their commecials.. The one that says "network does not cover all transactions".. Sounds like a sneaky way to say "you get your ID stolen, we *may* not help you..." I'm not the least bit surprised the FTC is going after them.. YOU GO, FTC!!!!!.

Comment Re:Ford now off my list. (Score 1) 151 151

YESSSS... Up until 2012, my wife and I had bought Hyundai cars since 2000. We had two Hyundai Santa Fe's over the years and loved them. She decided she wanted another SUV to replace her little Hyundai Accent. For *some* reason we wound up going to a Ford dealer and buying a 2012 Escape.. EVERY time I drive the fucking thing, I wish to HELL we'd bought another Santa Fe.. I'd be here all day listing the gripes I have with this fucking car..

Comment Re:My plan sounds better than ever (Score 1) 151 151

I've got a 2012 Ford Escape, with that stupid piece of shit, "Sync by Microsoft" radio/cd player/mp3 player/bluetooth handsfree... When I say "stupid piece of shit" I'm being polite... Since its my wifes car, and she loves herself some Sirus/XM, I reluctantly pay the $17/mo. She started complaining about "dead spots", where the radio would cut out, and often show a "no signal".. I drove the car for a week and noticed the same thing.. Usually only happened sitting at a stop light. It occurred on whatever channel the radio was on. Being into ham radio, I noticed a strong resemblence to what a cheap vhf/uhf radio being used near a strong adjacent channel signal source, termed "desense", where the strong adjacent signal blocks the cheap receiver. I suspect there is some traffic control transmitter at the intersections that is blasting the cheap-ass front end of the satellite radio... As if this wasn't enough, trying to pair either mine or my wifes Android phone to the bluetooth handsfree was/is a non-starter.. We've had the car since 2012, and I've had several Android phones of different mfgrs in that period and NONE of them would pair with this car's crapfest system. What happens is you go to pair a new phone, Sync puts up a pairing code on the screen, and a dialog box comes up on the phone and you start to enter the 6 digit code and 3 digits in, you get an error saying "can't pair with this device"... Since its happened on at LEAST 5 different phones, I'm convinced its the crapfest "Sync by Microsoft"..... /rant off

Comment Re:Fuck everything about this. (Score 1) 151 151

You mean the "next scheduled maintainance" that is NOT AT THE CAR DEALERSHIP?? For every new car I've ever owned, the ONLY reason I ever go back to the dealership for ANYthing is if something fails and its under warrantee.. All other service is done by my friendly local shop... at 1/3 or less of what the fucking dealership would charge for the same service... I seriously doubt my local shop, that I've been taking cars to for years, is gonna upload MY data off MY car to the manufacturer... The ONLY way this is going to change is if the law that prevents manufacturers from penalizing buyers, warrantee-wise by getting service somewhere besides the dealership (something Magnuson bill or somesuch) is repealed and we're *forced* to use the dealership service dept.. I'm sure the manufacturers would *love* to have THAT happen.....

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 484 484

Since I retired, I use Linux almost exclusively, but since I get bugged by friends/family/neighbors to fix their Windows booboos, I figured it was time to see for myself what abortion MS had wrought with Windows 8/8.1. Since I'd done some work for a neighbor who was short on cash, but had a spare boxed copy of Win8.1, I took the copy of Windows, kind of wondering what I'd ever do with it.. Decided to take a spare drive and install it on my Dell laptop. The install went fine, and, sure enough, this sure the hell doesn't look like XP (the last MS OS I *really* dealt with).. Installed a bunch of stuff with Ninite, then came the 100+ updates, and a reboot.. After the reboot, and login to the desktop, first thing out of the machine was kaboom, a nice lite blue screen telling me there was a problem and the machine had stopped.. A "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE" in part of the nvidia driver that apparently had been applied in the mass of updates.. A bit of googly-ness showed that this was a common thing with the crap video drivers that Windows update carries.. So a visit to safe mode (no longer as easy to get to as XP's safe mode was) and an install of the latest driver from Nvidia itself.. Now the machine works nicely, with classicshell and some other tweaks that "fix" the idiocy that is Windows 8/8.1... But as for me, after this little trip into MS-land, I'm back to Linux....

Comment Re:Refill (Score 1, Funny) 189 189

California *causes* cancer... Soooo glad I escaped that state back in the mid 90s, of course, being I'm in an adjacent state (Nevada) all the current refugees from there are bringing the stupid mindless liberal idiocy with them, trying to "Californicate" Nevada.... (shudder)

Comment Re:Less suspect than the others (Score 1) 78 78

I believe that if the majority of Americans who are fed up with the lawlessness by this (and previous) administrations are able to somehow "right the ship of state" in the near future, Edward Snowdon will claim a place in history like this nations heros during the revolutionary war, for example, Paul Revere.. Considering Mr Snowdon did a similar service to the nation as Paul Revere...

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