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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 333

Wait till MS gets desparate to get all their little telemetry geegaws on Windows 7 and they resort to making the "updates" show up as "security" rather than "recommended"... The only way you'll be able to avoid them is to completely disable WU.. and THAT is really not a good idea.. The poor folks who are on Windows 10 home are sooooo screwed.... I'm soo glad I dumped the Windows ecosystem when I retired from computer support and moved all my systems to Linux back in 2010...

Comment Not just phones... (Score 2) 231

I supported Dell corporate systems for the last 10 or years of my working career, and recall that you could go out to the Dell website and download service manuals for all of the Dell models we had, namely Optiplexes and Latitudes, I've been out of that world since about 2010, and when I bought my current laptop, a Dell Precision M4400 in 2012, I, naturally went to download the service manual for it, and found there was no such thing anymore.. All there is now is a quick-reference guide for each model... Pretty fucking sorry, Dell... And now I see they're pulling the same shit as Lenovo with the MITM certs... Now all I can say is FUCK YOU TOO, DELL... No more new Dells for me and mine.. Used only..

Comment Re:stupid (Score 1) 305

Good God! THIS!! Back in July 2013, I took a bad fall, and since I couldn't get back up without excruciating pain in both legs, I got taken by ambulance to the hospital.. The doctor that examined/attended me sent me in for an MRI, but only ordered it from the waist up. Since the pain was in the legs I asked him why he didn't include the legs. He said it was not neccessary. Since I couldn't raise either leg from the knee down, he had it in his mind that I had some kind of neurological problem, thus the upper MRI.. He would not listen to requests by both me and my wife, a recently retired RN with 20+ years experience at that very hospital, to get an orthopedic consult.. Finally my wife went and rattled some cages up in the executive office, and got a orthopedic dr to check me out.. The very first thing he did was get me an MRI of the legs.. Once it came back, he told me I'd managed to blow out the main ligaments in both knees and I needed repair surgury.. We found later that the original doctor was a neurologist, so everything to him was neurologically related... We raised a stink with the hospital and I'd seriously considered filing a complaint with the state medical board on that doctor, but never did, as the hospital cut our copay for this stay in the hospital (nearly a month) in half, according to their risk-management office... Since then I have a bad taste in my mouth about doctors...

Comment Re:Ban the side effects (Score 1) 305

I'm an unreformed 1960s conservative and I agree... Holy Shit.. A conservative and a "leftie" agreeing on ANYthing? Has hell frozen over??? Listening to some of the side-effects of these drugs, you'd wonder why ANYONE with half a brain would ever take them.. Then of course you have a lawyer commercial next that tells you if you take these drugs and experience any of the side effects, "You may be entitled to substantial compensation"... All you can do is shake your head at the sheer stupidity...

Comment Re:Ban the side effects (Score 1) 305

I have seen an ad for a drug on one of the national tv channels then immediately following that commercial was a lawyer commercial, advertising that if you'd taken THE SAME DRUG IN THE PREVIOUS COMMERCIAL and had experienced the listed side effects, you should call "1-800-BADDRUG", and you might be entitled to substantial compensation... All I could do was shake my head at this.. I wonder if the station/network got their asses chewed for that slipup.....

Comment Re:What if I want to know what's out there? (Score 2) 305

Doctors are human and not all knowing.

Some of them think otherwise.. I had some pain in my knees, went to see the orthopedic doctor that I'd consulted a year or so before with another knee problem. Turns out my doctor had retired, and I was referred to this new doctor. I met with him, we chatted for a bit as I explained where the pain was.. He seemed like a
pretty good "replacement" for my old doctor. He took xrays, and when I came back later to see what the problem was, the first thing out of his mouth was I needed surgery. I told him I'd have to think about it, and get a second opinion... I told him this in a very polite, conversational way, but his whole demenor changed. He got a frown on his face and he told very merudely that perhaps I'd better go see another doctor ANYWAY.. Prior to my saying the "magic words" - second opinion, he'd been this very personable doctor, once I stated that, it all changed.. Needless to say I found another doctor right away.. Most doctors understand that when the word "surgery" is used, its best-practice for the patient to get a second opinion... Apparently NOT with this doctor, and his precious ego... A bit of reading about the problem he found on WebMD showed that the only people who normally had surgery for this problem were young active sports players.. I was, at the time, in my late 50s and played no sports..

Comment Please DO IT!!! (Score 1) 305

NOTHING would make me happier.. I'm wearing out the mute button on my tv clicker, with all of these mindless ads for drugs with clever names, a speed-read of
a list of side-effects that would scare any normal person to death (hint: most have the possibilty of death somewhere in the list), and a ending with "Ask YOUR doctor if XXXX is RIGHT for YOU!!!" ......

Comment Nightmare... (Score 1) 145

I made the mistake of going into our local Frys one year on black friday.. I don't know WHAT I was thinking, or if I'd completely lost my mind, but just driving into the parking lot *should* have told me to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE, with the parking lot full and my having to park waaaay out near the freeway... But nooo, stupid me walks all the way in, under that giant slot machine over the door, and terror immediately sets in. If you've ever been in a Frys, you've seen the 40-50 checkout "stalls" they have, where maybe 1/4 to 1/2 are actually in use.. Well ALL of the checkstands were in use AND the checkout line snaked down the normal line and then into the store proper and looped around the back... I don't remember WHY I went there, but I immediately did an about-face and hightailed it out of there.. Dunno WHAT THE FUCK I was thinking.. Found out later from a neighbor the wait to check out was nearly an hour, and I asked him what HE was thinking to go there on black friday.. Apparently he got a cheapshit laptop for under $200.

Comment Just wondering..... (Score 1, Interesting) 181

I wonder what items I've turned OFF that will *magically* get turned back ON by this.... hmmmm, MS?? Sooooo glad I don't use Windows as a daily use system any longer. I "upgraded" the OEM Windows 7 that came with my laptop over to Windows 10, just to get familiar with it, as I'm kinda the neighborhood tech support, and wouldn't want to look all derpy when neighbor with Windows 10 comes knocking on my door for assistance....

Comment Re:Is interactive supposed to be better? (Score 1) 242

When I *do* watch TV, the mute button on my controller gets a Olympic-style workout.. *some* commercials I can tolerate, but others, such as the endless fucking drug commercials with the cutesy-tootsy names, and the fast-talking announcer telling you all the side-effects you can expect, then telling you to "ask *your* doctor if XXXX is right for *you*.... Those get the mute within the first second.. You wonder with all the serious side-effects reported on these stupid drugs why *anybody* in their right mind would take them.... We recently dumped Cox cable for TV, keeping internet with them, as they're the fastest in my area.. If it had been *just& me, I'd have completely dumped tv, but wifey is addicted to her shows, and maked me sign up with Directv, at least saving *some* $$$ over Cox.. Everything I care to watch is streamable...

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