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Comment Re:Bizarre (Score 1) 71

Future oppression in much of the world is likely to be built on top of tools and products that today are being provided for our "convenience."

Like a computer operating system thats used by multiple millions of people worldwide, where the vendor of said operating system is giving out said operating system for free, not out of the goodness of their heart, but because they want to get it on EVERY computer in the world. "What's wrong with that?" you might ask... Consider that this operating system has been proven to send EVERYTHING you do on *your* computer to said operating system vendor.. The vendor hides all this spying behind a giant document written in a dialect of the English language called "lawyerese".. They tout this "hoovering up" everything you do as being "convienient" for the user, and to "help" the user with his day-to-day work.. And to be sure that those who are still on the older versions of this vendors operating systems don't miss out on this "convinience", they force-feed updates to these older versions, and make it difficult to identify and remove these "updates".. And the most terrifying thing about this whole matter, is NOBOBY SEEMS TO CARE, other than those of us who don't buy into the BS that comes from this operating system vendor and use an alternate operating system that just coincidentially is ALSO free..

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 71

ANYbody who uses Cortana (or Windows 10 for that matter) either doesn't care about their data/privacy thereof, or has bought into the "koolaide" that MS has their back... Frankly anything that MS puts out from here on out, is getting nowhere close to any of my computers. I spent a nearly 25 year career supporting MS products, but I'm done with them now, after seeing Windows 10....

Comment Re:try me (Score 3, Informative) 170

Sure, you can disable the telemetry.. I have a laptop drive with the released version of 10, which I "castrated" with one of the tools available to do the job, and after watching what the system "talked" to afterwards, via an instance of rpcapd on my router, I could find no traffic to/from the many "telemetry" addresses that an UN-castrated install would be talking to, so, at least until MS decides to throw an update out which turns all the spyware features BACK ON, this install of 10 is safe to use... Of course I trust MS about as far as I can throw them, so its just a matter of time before they re-set all the systems that have disabled the spyware "features"... Which is why I'm sooo thankful I dumped Windows after I retired in 2010.. The *only* reason I have a copy of 10 and did the testing I did, is because I'm kind of the local "geek" and get asked about Windows quite a bit...

Comment Hmmm.. (Score 0) 182

If I was into conspiracy theories, I'd wonder if Apple didn't get a payoff by the carriers to implement this, then silently have it as a default.. Then the carriers get a nice uptick in overage charges... Nah, Apple and the carriers wouldn't do such a thing.... Nah.. I can't even say that without laughing my ass off...

Comment Re:Security (Score 1, Insightful) 308

With all of the lemmings flocking towards the cliff in their haste to get their computer sending all they do to BigBrother err.. Microsoft, I suspect those who still suck on the MS tit AND like to mess with IoT stuff will love this.. Those of us who no longer have any use for MS products, will not...

Comment Re:Install Linux (Score 2) 288

NO KIDDING!! I'm a retired Linux/Windows admin, and I run a tiny local business doing "Windows Janitorial Services" and "upgrading" systems to Linux. The "company" is me and two other guys I knew from my last company prior to retirement. I started the "Linux upgrade" thing with several neighbors who had gotten their older XP systems munged up with a large amount of malware, and had no recovery disks. I gave them a choice: Linux or a new system, as I didnt think they'd appreciate a bll for umpteen hours of cleanup when in their case, it was a "nuke/repave" the system. I gave them an Ubuntu LiveCD and had them run on it a few days.. They approved the install and word spread.. Since this first one around 2010, I've done over 30, all by word of mouth.. Now I'm getting calls about the privacy implications of Windows 10 on a new system the caller just bought.. Once again, the olde "LiveCD" for a couple of days to see if they can do their system use-case on Linux.. So far, I've upgraded several brand new systems that came with 10, and the owners have been quite happy with it.. I suspect as more and more people understand the privacy implications of Windows 10, I could have more business than I know what to do with...

Comment Re:Windows 7 EOL is coming soon (Score 3, Insightful) 288

According to microsoft policies [] Windows 7 is already out of mainline support. It will have extended support till 2020. But according to its own policies, win7 should be getting only security updates, no "improvements" nor "enhancements". So in a just and fair world, you should get only critical security updates alone for Windows 7.

But, as Scar told the mouse, "Life isn't fair, is it?".

WHO THE FUCK CARES if it gets no "improvements" nor "enhancements"... 7 was the last tolerable Window s version, and if you can keep that insidious "telemetry" crap off of it, it should be good for the next 5 years or so, if for *some* reason you HAVE to stay on Windows...

Comment Re:Sorry, but you're screwed (Score 4, Informative) 288

You'll get what Microsoft wants and like it, or not - they don't care about your preferences anymore.

If you want to send them a message, stop buying their software. This is a less painful option than it used to be, believe it or not.

Not only stop buying, but STOP USING their software.. The reason Windows 10 is free is because YOU ARE THE PRODUCT that MS is *selling* to
anybody with the right # of $, plus I have to imagine they're in tight with the NSA, since the NSA needs to fill that giant datacenter in Utah, and what better
data than EVERYTHING you type, say and see on the computer that *used* to be YOURS and now belongs to MS.. Its a proven fact that 10 keylogs and captures large quantities of video/audio from any microphones/cameras on said system.. I used/admin'ed Windows for over 25 years (1991-2010) and when I retired I swore I'd quit using MS products and stay on Linux. It pains me to see how Americans have become nothing but lemmings running full-tilt off the cliff when it comes to computers... I have no fear either, that *if* enough of us non-lemmings skip sucking on MS's tit, and instead use of the many Linux/BSD distros, it won't be long before we're branded terrorists by this "government".... Hope I'm dead and buried by then (65 now..)

Comment Re:There is a tool for that (Score 0) 205

You and me Both... After playing with the previews for a while in Virtualbox and then upgrading one of my Windows 7 licenses, and then watching what the OS blabs to via rpcapd on my router and wireshark, I'm soooo damn glad I moved all of my systems over to Linux when I retired.. I spent 25 years picking up after Windows (and the users thereof) that I decided my "golden years" would be MS-free.....

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