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Comment: Re:Refill (Score 1, Funny) 189 189

California *causes* cancer... Soooo glad I escaped that state back in the mid 90s, of course, being I'm in an adjacent state (Nevada) all the current refugees from there are bringing the stupid mindless liberal idiocy with them, trying to "Californicate" Nevada.... (shudder)

Comment: Re:Less suspect than the others (Score 1) 78 78

I believe that if the majority of Americans who are fed up with the lawlessness by this (and previous) administrations are able to somehow "right the ship of state" in the near future, Edward Snowdon will claim a place in history like this nations heros during the revolutionary war, for example, Paul Revere.. Considering Mr Snowdon did a similar service to the nation as Paul Revere...

Comment: Re:There are a lot of systemd-free options out the (Score 2, Informative) 116 116

Am a Debian fan, and seriously pissed that Debian decided to slide down the systemd shithole, so I decided to check out the Debian fork, Devuan.. Seems they have taken Jessie and ripped that systemd abortion out.. Am currently running it in a Virtualbox vm, time will tell if I go with Devuan over Debian....

Comment: Re:Ditch the Land Line (Score 1) 193 193

I just wish I could block all of the Republican fundraisers *still* calling me after nearly 10 years of NOT being an (R).. I realized, back during BushJrs second term that both the (R) and (D) political parties were eeeee-vil and had no good ideas for America... At least its fun to tell them off when they call.. Kinda feel sorry for the poor guy on the other end, when I cut loose on them....

Comment: (Score 2) 193 193

YES!! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!! Nomorobo ROCKS!! Hardly a day goes by where the phone doesn't ring ONCE. then stop.. Had to train the wife to wait to see if there was a second (or third) ring before she answered it... Just wish it would work on our cellphones, but I've yet to find a way... At least, on the cellphone I have call-control, which does a fair job of reducing the crap calls

Comment: Re:86.2M per month... (Score 1) 193 193

I have the house phone on Voipo, which includes that "Nomorobo" functionality.. LOVE it.. At least 3 or 4 times/day, the house phone will ring once then stop, which tells me yet another robocaller got eaten up by nomorobo.. Prior to moving the phone to Voipo, I'd been on Vonage for a few years, and it was one of the top requests by users, as indicated by their forums, to add a "blacklist" feature, yet they never did add it.. I discovered Voipo and its $149 for 2 years+included ATA and found that it did have a very nice blacklist feature... Moving was a no-brainer...

Comment: Re:Once a government has your money, no give backs (Score 1, Insightful) 117 117

You can't use the IRS tax refunds as a sign of the gentle benevolence of the government.

The words "gentle" and "benevolence" and "government" have NO business in the same sentence... Especially when you're talking about the IRS.. The IRS belongs back in the old USSR, not what passes for a "free" country..

Comment: EVERYone is a criminal... (Score 1) 308 308

Just another datapoint in making the case that this government has as its ultimate goal of making EVERYONE a criminal. With the hundreds of thousands of pages in the US Code plus all of the regulations put out by the unelected bureaucrats in both DC AND all 50 state capitols, it has become virtually impossible to not be afoul of many of these laws/regulations. Its then just a matter of law enforcement swooping down on said "lawbreaker" and shuffling the victim off to the slammer, or simply fining the victim such that it causes destruction of the victims (and his/her familys) livelihood..
America is going down the tubes, thanks to both parties and the armies of unelected bureaucrats...... May God Help Us!!!

Comment: Re:What after one year? (Score 1) 374 374

$109.. if you can believe Neweggs *already up* "Windows 10 Home"... .. If MS is gonna give it away free to Win7/8 current users, *why* is NewEgg thinking people are going to pay *them* $109 for it... oh wait.. I think somebody famous once said "A sucker is born every minute".... Guess that answers THAT question...

Comment: Re:Douch move for sure on SF (Score 4, Informative) 384 384

For those who still use Windows and want GIMP (and a LOT of other opensource and freeware Windows programs) you can't beat Ninite.. Ninite does all of the work to make sure you only get the desired opensource program and NONE of the crapware/malware garbage that so many installers are adding on today.. (Yes, I'm looking at YOU, Oracle... You and your fuckin' Ask toolbar on Java installs)... Thankfully I've switched completely to Linux and don't have to worry about that crap...

"Well, it don't make the sun shine, but at least it don't deepen the shit." -- Straiter Empy, in _Riddley_Walker_ by Russell Hoban