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Screw going to the ISS.. Boeing (and SpaceX for that matter) need to get together with Bigelow Aerospace, one of our local companies here in Las Vegas, and set up a couple of Bigelow's Expandable spacecraft, two of which have been in orbit since 2006/2007 Then these "extreme adventure" trips would be totally of a commercial nature.. No government involvement. From the looks of these structures, they'd make a fantastic "space-hotel", and from what I see of the Genesis II, its got a fair percentage of the open space of the ISS..

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Bigelow Aerospace plans to launch a habitation module or two in the next few years.

Umm.. They've had two up there since 2006-2007...Genesis I was launched on July 12, 2006, by a converted Russian Dniepr ICBM, and the Genesis II was launched on June 28, 2007, again by the Russians.. According to the Bigelow webpage they're still up there, waiting for visitors...

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The secondary problem is friends and relatives asking me for help with their Windows computers, but I can happily tell them I don't run Windows and sorry, can't help; however I'd be happy to install Linux for them.

Thats what I do after supporting Windows in my dayjob since 1991. Now that I'm retired, I don't need that kind of aggrievation. I've converted quite a few friends/neighbors over to Linux, after telling them all the malware they attracted when using Windows won't be there anymore.. One friend, who seems to love to click on anything/everything, who I converted over to Linux about a year ago, called me a while back with a weird error he was getting in his email client... Turns out he picked up one of the spams that carry cryptolocker, and the odd message was cryptolocker trying (and failing) to encrypt his files... This was before the current "easier" way to remove/unencrypt cryptolocker infections. He was, dare I say, happy about THAT...

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Jesus Christ, I wish I had mod points to MOD YOU DOWN!! These people you dismiss as "low on your sympathy list" risked life/limb and put their personal lives on hold for however many years to PROTECT YOUR SKANKY ASS... People like you make me sick to my stomach... Feel free to put me on your foes list.. Rest assured I've put YOU on mine..(along with a bunch of others who have posted in this thread)...

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I did time in Vietnam in the 70s, and since I'd worked during my tour as a MARS station operator, and I'd always been interested in radio, I got my ham license soon after I got out of the service.. It helped me to land a position as an electronics tech with a government contractor, and then after a large layoff, migrated to fixing the -then-new- personal computers. Been doing that since, and only just retired about 4 years ago.. Bottom line: ham radio is a relaxing hobby, in my opinion


+ - GPL risk shown when popular Minecraft plugins shut down by DMCA.

Submitted by Maxo-Texas
Maxo-Texas (864189) writes "One of the primary programmers, Wesley Wolfe (Wolvereness), who contributed over 23,000 lines of code to the Bukkit project which enhances Minecraft server performance and allows others to write "mods" and "plugins" submitted a DMCA request September 5th, preventing use of his code in the popular Bukkit or Spigot (and numerous other Minecraft plugins, mods, and other open source enhancements that depend on them). This has the effect of freezing all further development for multi-player server Minecraft based on these addons until the issue is resolved.

The programmer says that Mojang must release the Minecraft server code to the public domain since decompiled, deobfuscated versions of the java code are included in the Bukkit project before he will withdraw the DMCA. Mojang has never released the real source code and has stated they will not opensource the server code to meet the GPL and LGPL licensing requirements.

Read more here:

This approach might be a risk for other GPL and LGPL projects out there which are derivative of or enhance non GPL programs or products."

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I've thought Kaley was a doll ever since I saw her on "8 Simple Rules", the old sitcom with John Ritter, that aired just before he died.. As for Bernadette, think about this... Wolowitz's never seen mother screams all the time, and what do you know? So does Bernadette, when she gets mad... Can you say "Mother-complex"?????

As for BBT, its one of the VERY few shows I actually watch on the toob....

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The only Dells that ship with crapware are the ones you buy at WorstBuy/Costco.. ie: the Inspirons.. Its like they're from a different company than the high-quality corporate Dell models (Optiplex/Latitude/Precision).. ANYbody who asks me what I recommend, I tell them "Go to the Dell website, make SURE you hit the business part of the website, and buy yourself a nice Optiplex desktop, or a Latitude laptop.. You'll pay a bit more, but the quality is night-day better than Dell's home stuff.. I'm a retired support tech/network admin, with 10+ years of supporting said corporate Dell systems...

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Good God, you are NOT kidding there... I run Linux on all of my machines, but on the occasion I need Windows for *something*, like running Cisco Webex, which some say will work in Firefox on Linux, but I've had no luck.. Anyway, I volunteer with the Redcross and we have Webex-based training and meetings I have to attend, so I install the webex client in a Windows virtualbox vm, and use it maybe 2-3 times/month.. I have to make damn sure to fire the vm up way before the meeting/training so I can get the forced updates and the -at-least-one-reboot done..Other than that, Windows is dead to me.. I supported that crap since Windows 3.11, and now that I'm retired, I want as little to do with ANYthing Microsoft as I can get... I do get guilt-ed into helping family members who still use that piece of crap, but I'm sloowly weaning em off over to XUbuntu or Mint...

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Who really needs systemd?

I've been working with Linux since 1995, where I started with Slackware, moved over to Redhat until it went all "enterprise-y", at which time I moved to Fedora.. Stayed there till a friend turned me on to Ubuntu in 2007, where I stayed pretty much till the recent Unity shitfest over there, where I then moved to Debian.. I cut my teeth on /etc/init.d and a stock standard init() process.. I could do pretty anything I needed to do in troubleshooting/starting/stopping daemons from memory.. Can't remember the last time I consulted a man page regarding anything having to with init() or logging.. Now with this $#@$%%$#@ systemd, I have manpages up ALL the time just to do simple shit that I could do with init() and standard logging in my sleep before systemd. It also seems like this crap is spreading like sewage over pretty much of the standard distros.. Debian/Fedora/CentOS.. The only one I'm somewhat familiar with (haven't used it recently) is Slackware and from what I've heard Patrick and the devs over there feel the same way I do about systemd.... Maybe its time to revisit an old friend.....

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