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by LVSlushdat (#48435741) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Hackable Car?

NO KIDDING!! We needed a new car back in 2012 and we decided on a 2012 Ford Escape. Oh if I had it to do over, I would SOOOOO not buy that vehicle.. We went with Ford, since I wouldn't touch a GM car for all the tea in China.. Let me count the ways I hate it...The braindead beeper that beeps endlessly with the key in the ignition EVEN if I'm sitting there in the drivers seat... The way the radio shuts off after 10 min EVEN if the key is in the ignition and I'm sitting there listening to it.. You have to flick the key on and back off to get Ford to grant you another 10 min to listen to YOUR radio.. This hits me a lot as I hate going into stores with the wife, thus I sit in the car listening to the bazillion Sirus/XM channels.. Another BIG hate is the braindead Microsoft/Sync abortion that passes for a radio/entertainment center in this car.. I suppose I should have realised that when Microsoft is involved, its gonna be crap... witness Windows 8... Getting the bluetooth to connect up to my common-as-dirt android phone is a non-starter, nor the wife's equally common android phone.. Not to mention, the endless dropouts the satellite radio gets, mostly sitting at a stoplight.. I suspect there is *some* RF source from the traffic control system that is causing desense in the likely crappy satellite radio front-end... Once again, Microsoft was involved with it, and lemme tell you, the user interface leaves sooooo much to be desired... But then, UI design and Microsoft?? need I go any further??... Sorry about the rant...

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by LVSlushdat (#48281193) Attached to: Smart Meters and New IoT Devices Cause Serious Concern

I wonder just how long it will be before 1) there is a law *requiring* you to own/use a television-like device, 2) the only units that are sold have these "features", and 3) once installed you are unable to turn them off or if you do manage to do so, you get a visit by the "tv police"... Of course, the reason for such a "law" making this requirement would be couched in terms like "for the children... terrorists... " ... you get the drill... I feel sorry for the kids of today who will have to live with such shit..
George Orwell had it right, just a few years too early... Glad I'm over the hill, probably won't last more than 10 more years.. (64 now).. Hopefully, this shit happens after I'm gone....

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I'm on Ubuntu, and if I want to get an HP USB headset to work, I gotta rip out Pulseaudio and go back to Alsa, where the USB headset *just works*, kinda like it does when I use it on (shudder) Windows... In Windows (and Alsa) you plug the USB headset in, your audio out goes to the headset, your mike audio comes from the headset mike.. You pull the USB plug out and audio is back to internal mike and speakers... I spent days fucking around trying to get this to work in PA, then read an article that basically said "Alsa is the only way to get one of these headsets to work".... Sure, I know, *somebody* here is gonna pipe up and say "I had NO trouble getting USB audio to work right on Pulse".... yippy for you.. THAT was NOT my experience... I've been working with Linux since 1994, started with Slackware.. so I'm not a rank noobie.. And on another note, I suspect Pat and I will get reacquianted here pretty soon, since I have it on good authority he hates systemd as much as a LOT of us do and since every other distro seems to be going that way, its likely back to Slackware for moi...

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by LVSlushdat (#48236225) Attached to: Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

No, you pretty much have to have a bank account nowadays, whether it's safe from the government or not. Try keeping your balance as low as possible to minimize the risk.

Ummm... Banks can suck my balls.. I've had my money in a credit union for the last 30 years or so.. They don't fee you to death, getting a loan is a piece of cake, and usually as convienient (or sometimes moreso) as a bank. Not to mention, if you have a problem, which I did, once, with my current credit union, I placed a call to the CEO of the credit union, whose phone number is plainly listed on the CU website.. Problem was solved WHILE I WAS on the phone with him... Try THAT with a bank... I dare ya..

+ - Debian to be forked->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "After all the problems around systemd, journald and the recent proposal for the RC issued by Ian Jackson, a team of volunters plan to fork debian."
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At the risk of being considered a conspiricy nut.. I gotta funny feeling this is all in the plan.. Nationwide problem, therefore the problem gets "nationalized".. A perfect excuse for martial law.. The shitstain currently in the Whitehouse has been praying to Allah/Satan for just such an excuse. I expect the announcement any day now..

Since I know I'll get modded down by the majority of Communist/Liberals who infest /. I'll put this right here.. I'm neither an (R) or a (D) (shudder).... I'm A FUCKING AMERICAN and I'm sick and tired of the road this country is going down... The road is soon to be REALLY REALLY bumpy......

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..... by the propagandists we call "mainstream media"

I keep wondering WHEN everyone is going to wake up and realize what "we call the mainstream media" has become the
defacto US Department of Propaganda.. We should call things by their correct and factual names.. The "mainstream media"
hasn't been the "4th Estate" in quite a few years...

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I voted for Obama(who appointed this POS) because in my mind he represented the best option for protecting civil liberties.

Fooled you, didnt he? I didn't care for McCain, but held my nose and voted for him.. I strongly believe if McCain had won, we would not be in
the dire straits we're in with Mr Obama/Soetero....

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I used to write letters to my "representatives"... All I ever got back was form letters thanking me for taking the time to write, translated to wit, "Fuck you, peon, I won't listen to you unless you have lots of MONEY to put into my campaign for reelection... so there.."

We, the people, are no longer represented by Congress.. Congress only pays attention to $$$$$$$, the more $$$$$, the more they listen... I suppose if we could get all 300 million citizens to write it might shock them, but I'm not holding my breath...

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Assholes like Obama and Holder are the ones putting "the children at risk".... They are trying to force a completely totalitarian structure on America.. You think the old USSR was bad? With all of the surveilance technology we have today and the capabilities it has to destroy a once free country, it makes the old Gestapo/Stasi/KGB look tame, IF we don't fight it AT EVERY TURN... I'm 64 years old, a conservative, and a republican up until the middle of Bush Jrs second term, then I decided I'd had enough of the party that *used* to be for smaller government etc.. Now I'm an independent, and if we actually *have* a fair election in November, I'll be voting ANYthing but (R) or (D)... I'm pretty sure I won't be the ONLY one.. Whats going on in this country makes me sick to my stomach....

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Running Debian Jessie (testing) right now, and KDE is the ONLY way to go... At least the default XFCE was not too bad, but I always prefer KDE over pretty much ANY other DE, but going to that piece of shit Gnome is a special kind of stupid... The only DE worse than Gnome is Unity or Windows 8.... What with all the crap software that many distros are trying to shove down our throats (like systemd and Gnome), I'm beginning to think its back to my Linux roots, namely Slackware... Cut my teeth on that distro back in 1994... Glad its still around and hopefully not going down the shithole like everybody else in the Linux world...

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by LVSlushdat (#47953551) Attached to: Boeing To Take Space Tourists On Its CST-100 Spacecraft To the ISS

Screw going to the ISS.. Boeing (and SpaceX for that matter) need to get together with Bigelow Aerospace, one of our local companies here in Las Vegas, and set up a couple of Bigelow's Expandable spacecraft, two of which have been in orbit since 2006/2007 Then these "extreme adventure" trips would be totally of a commercial nature.. No government involvement. From the looks of these structures, they'd make a fantastic "space-hotel", and from what I see of the Genesis II, its got a fair percentage of the open space of the ISS..

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by LVSlushdat (#47953501) Attached to: Boeing To Take Space Tourists On Its CST-100 Spacecraft To the ISS

Bigelow Aerospace plans to launch a habitation module or two in the next few years.

Umm.. They've had two up there since 2006-2007...Genesis I was launched on July 12, 2006, by a converted Russian Dniepr ICBM, and the Genesis II was launched on June 28, 2007, again by the Russians.. According to the Bigelow webpage they're still up there, waiting for visitors...

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The secondary problem is friends and relatives asking me for help with their Windows computers, but I can happily tell them I don't run Windows and sorry, can't help; however I'd be happy to install Linux for them.

Thats what I do after supporting Windows in my dayjob since 1991. Now that I'm retired, I don't need that kind of aggrievation. I've converted quite a few friends/neighbors over to Linux, after telling them all the malware they attracted when using Windows won't be there anymore.. One friend, who seems to love to click on anything/everything, who I converted over to Linux about a year ago, called me a while back with a weird error he was getting in his email client... Turns out he picked up one of the spams that carry cryptolocker, and the odd message was cryptolocker trying (and failing) to encrypt his files... This was before the current "easier" way to remove/unencrypt cryptolocker infections. He was, dare I say, happy about THAT...

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