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Comment Re:Doctor what's wrong with me? (Score 1) 111

Those genes are not expressed, and we don't have copies of those viruses floating around our bloodstream.

Probably, and for the most part. But we used to think the genome was mostly "junk DNA" before we understood that much of it was homeotic in function. It seems to me that virus copies would not be conserved over time unless they were serving some function.

Comment Gee, I tried a 16-character URL and it worked fine (Score 3, Informative) 205

Typing in a 16-character link and hitting enter, clicking on a 16-character link, or even just putting your cursor over a 16-character link, will crash Google's browser.

Gee, I typed in and hit Enter, and it worked Just Fine.

Perhaps they meant to say "Typing in a particular 16-character link, clicking on a particular 16-character link, or even just putting your cursor over a particular 16-character link, will crash Google's browser."

Comment Re:Along with horrible features (Score 1) 354 allowing spaces in file names. Incredibly bad idea

...shared by every UN*X out there and by Windows NT. Not at all a problem from the GUI (nice, actually), and, from the command line, shells allow quoting and many UN*X shells will escape spaces when doing auto-completion. Yeah, you have to take a little more care when writing shell scripts, and use "-print0" with find and "-0" with xargs, but I've managed to live with that.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 174

There used to be a web page called "Your Eyes Suck at Blue". You might find it on the Wayback machine.

You can tell the luminance of each individual channel more precisely than you can perceive differences in mixed color. This is due to the difference between rod and cone cells. Your perception of the color gamut is, sorry, imprecise. I'm sure that you really can't discriminate 256 bits of blue in the presence of other, varying, colors.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 5, Insightful) 174

Rather than abuse every commenter who has not joined your specialty on Slashdot, please take the source and write about what you find.

Given that CPU and memory get less expensive over time, it is no surprise that algorithms work practically today that would not have when various standards groups started meeting. Ultimately, someone like you can state what the trade-offs are in clear English, and indeed whether they work at all, which is more productive than trading naah-naahs.

Comment Re:Behind the times (Score 1) 86

With the right paradigm it can hyperconverged to an SOA that has wearable computing gamification omnichannel crowdsoursing deep web in the globosphere. It can take a selfie with you.

OK, "wearable" handles "mobile" (even better than mobile!), and maybe "hyperconverged" and "SOA" covers "cloud"; does "crowdsourcing" cover "social", or did you miss a buzzword?

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