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Comment Re:Will probably fail (Score 1) 94

Not quite sure which stream you were watching on Twitch however:
* when ads run (apart from the initial page/stream load) is under control of the streamer, and any decent streamer will only run ads during appropriate breaks (some don't run any at all).
* Pay the very low cost for Turbo and never see an ad but have the streamer get the money as if you did and there is no interruption to what you are watching.
* If you are being cheap and don't want to pay then adblock works and streams don't interrupt.

There is an issue where a poor internet connection on your side will cause your stream to reload and sometimes re-show the initial load ad but that's down to your connection and you were probably already buffering so much the stream was unwatchable anyway...

Comment Re:Opt out (Score 1) 113

Because the wifi frequencies where I live in the city centre are already noisy as hell and WIFI performance is bad without additional the extra radio traffic and noise from the 11 routers I can "see" from my home (all be it with high error rates), 5 of which (at least) are VM devices. Sometimes I'm lucky if I can get a connection with my laptop within 10m (and 1 internal wall) of my router.

It may not impact the internet->cable->router part of the equation but the radio bandwidth is limited and it will likely impact that, and not in any useful way.

Comment Re:Labour laws (Score 1) 422

Depends on your point of view... It could also mean "When the company began to run into problems from external sources the laws of the country we had set up in did not give us the flexibility we needed to continue trading and maintain at least some of the worker's jobs. Instead we were left with no good choices and an unavoidable end that had no jobs and no good results for anyone (other than they lawyers who as usual made a mint).

Comment Re:This might not be a good idea ... (Score 1) 94

DBAs won't like it and will disable it in most corporate environments. This in effect lets the users/developers "inside" their precious servers where they are the ultimate power in a way they can't fully control (and lets face it Control Freak is a job requirement for a DBA). Add to that the potential to bring a server to its knees with a badly written fragment of code and the possibility of security holes in a new component and they will have all the ammo they need to convince their bosses that it is a Bad Thing.

Comment Re:I'd pay (Score 1) 114

Because the BBC is a UK public service to provide TV to the UK. To do that to their best abilities they sell content to other countries/broadcasters around the world as the TV licence funding would not cover making all the programs they currently do and then just giving them to the entire world. If the BBC can't sell a program to any of the broadcasters in specific country because the broadcaster doesn't want to give it airtime there is not a lot they can do about that.

As far as sports coverage etc. The region restrictions are not something the BBC does off its own back but something that is imposed on them by the Events as the Event wants to sell rights for more money to countries where the broadcaster charges per subscription. If the BBC has to provide unrestricted access to the whole of Europe at the price the UK viewer pays (iPlayer is essentially a free service, paid for indirectly) they will in fact have to cover fewer events and they possibly won't be able to continue their iplayer service at all.

Comment Re:Contract of Carriage (Score 1) 126

Exactly - just writing something in a ToS/EULA/Contract/Other in itself doesn't make the thing legal if that thing contradicts other laws and this has been proven many times in the past - especially so if those documents are fixed and one party had no opportunity to negotiate.

The hidden cities clause is in very murky water (as well as the others you quoted) when put up against various laws intended to protect the consumer from fraudulent and anticompetitive behaviour by large companies but its not 100% clear cut. This is why we have courts to actually figure stuff out.

Comment Re:No new treatments? (Score 3, Informative) 23

Parkinsons is worse having had experience of both in close family members. For the most part Alzheimer's sufferers are in themselves fairly unaware or unconcerned with their disease. Parkinsons the individual is usually fully aware of the disease and what they can no longer do for themselves, what they can't recall and what they have lost causing additional stress to both the sufferer and their family, along with depression and related mental health issues. Also the commonly perceived symptoms (shakes and immobility) in Parkinsons are not the only symptoms and there can often be significant (bad) personality changes that can break entire families apart.

My dad was one of the first in the area to have the implant and it worked well initially and gave my Dad 3 years of reduced symptoms while it was effective. Turning the implant on and off was literally like a switch on his tremor. Unfortunately there were complications with the placement of the probe (which was still "experimental" when it was done and we all knew the risks) that resulted in "mild" brain damage, him requiring full time professional care after 5 years and ultimately accelerated the progression of symptoms.

As for the "new" treatment this is just a new way to administer more or less the same concoction of drugs my Dad was on five years ago but back then was an endless array of tablets that all had different schedules of administration which is not easy for someone with advanced Parkinsons to manage...

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