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Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 193

by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48265833) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

You know that you don't have to just add useless and uninteresting words to something that already had substance, right? At least borrow some quotes from Socrates' Dialogues to spice things up: There is admirable truth in that. That is not to be denied. That appears to be true. All this seems to flow necessarily out of our previous admissions. I think that what you say is entirely true. That, replied Cebes, is quite my notion. To that we are quite agreed. By all means. I entirely agree and go along with you in that. I quite understand you. I shall still say that you are the Daedalus who sets arguments in motion; not I, certainly, but you make them move or go round, for they would never have stirred, as far as I am concerned. If you're going to say _nothing_, at least be interesting about it, post anonymously, or risk looking more clueless / foolish. This is why the moderation system is in place, and mods typically don't listen to inanities like "Well said" when deciding on what to spend their points.

1. I'm too busy to sit around thinking up additional words to throw in so I can score "mod" points

2. The people I like on Slashdot are too busy to read a bunch of additional words I only threw in so I can score "mod" points

3. It's not in my nature to waste words, or to waste time

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by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48265487) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

If other posts here on Slashdot are any indication, "Mr. Councilman" is just as likely to lose political points by supporting the poor.

Actually this particular councilman represents an extremely high-rent district--Manhattan's upper east side. I doubt there are many wealthier neighborhoods in the world. He's not doing this to 'score points', he's doing it to do the right thing.

Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 4, Insightful) 193

by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48264991) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

It is my opinion that poverty is partially systemic. Our economic system depends on there being a pool of available workers (unemployed and underemployed). So as long as there is capitalism and a functioning free market, there will always be poor people. That being the case, we have a responsibility to make sure the basic needs of everyone are met. Increasingly in order to succeed in school and in life, Internet access isn't really a luxury.

Well said

Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 193

by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48264925) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

shutup. just shut the fuck up. you neither know you are talking about, nor have any valid point to make. its not about solving the digital divide any more than the housing thing is about solving poverty. its been widely and clearly shown that there is an increase in opportunity and outcomes between homes with and home without internet access. you're essentially complaining about improving someones potential opportunities to enrich themselves and make their life better and maybe even get out of that housing you mock. but again, you have no valid point, so therefore theres little sense in talking sense, like pointing out to you that without subsidized housing many of these people would be on street, homeless, increasing both crime rates and homeless and deaths among the impoverished. Theoretically we are a civilized nation. But a civilized nation doesnt advocate intentionally making it harder if not impossible for those most disadvantaged to improve themselves, nor advocate for them to die quickly and get out of the way.

Well spoken, bro

Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 193

by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48264907) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People
The "digital divide" is a real thing. It's the difference between spoiled people like yourself growing up with a computer in your home, and inner city kids who have no computer access at home and have to wait on line at the public library to get a 15 minute time slot.

If you don't recognize that in this society those without computer access are at a disadvantage, you are as stupid as you are uncaring.

Comment: Re:And people who write software (Score 3, Informative) 140

by cpt kangarooski (#48264411) Attached to: Stan Lee Media and Disney Battle For Ownership of Marvel Characters

It seems obvious to me that the person who came up with the idea and directed it's creation is the copyright holder.

It's really a matter of directing its creation. Mere ideas aren't copyrightable, and merely coming up with one doesn't matter. If you use someone else's idea but are the only creative participant, they won't get rights in tor work.

And if you direct creation, you don't have to be the person who literally brings it about, either. But this is more than just paying someone a commission, or giving them the basic idea. It means that the other active participant isn't contributing anything creative.

So for example, if you tell a photographer that you want a photo of some subject, the photographer will end up being the author. If you tell him exactly what camera settings to use, what lighting, choose the subject, pose the subject, etc., then you're engaging in authorship.

. Likewise, if I hire someone to take wedding photos, then the photo copyrights are mine, as I commissioned the person to take them.

No, they're not. Being the author means having sole artistic control. Being a joint author would involve two parties having artistic control, and an intent to produce a joint work. And a work for hire, in which authorship is attributed to an employer requires more than merely commissioning a work. It requires actual employment, with all the relevant indicia (tax forms, insurance, providing the tools and work area, etc.) or in a handful of cases, contractual language.

You might be interested in Burrow-Giles Lithographic Co. v. Sarony and Community for Creative Non-Violence v. Reid.

Does Keanu Reeves own the copyright for Edward Scissorhands? No.

I think you mean Johnny Depp.

+ - Power -- And by that I mean Free Broadband -- To the People

Submitted by NewYorkCountryLawyer
NewYorkCountryLawyer (912032) writes "Slashdot member and open source developer Ben Kallos @KallosEsq — who is now a NYC Councilman — is pushing to make it a precondition to Comcast's merging with Time Warner that it agree to provide free broadband to all public housing residents in the City (and by free I mean free as in beer). Kallos, along with NY's Public Advocate, Letitia James, are leading a group of state and local politicians calling on Comcast to help bridge the digital divide in NY."

Comment: Re:back in the day (Score 2) 238

by DarkOx (#48263169) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached

Deepends on if they thing they got more where this came from or not. CurrentC looks pretty hackney so my guess is there will be more breaches more vulns in the future.

Think about the Snowden disclosures. Would it have been more damaging have published it all at once, or was it more entertaining to drop something watch them react and then force them to backpedal and temporize in the face a subsequent releases?

Comment: Re:Competition (Score 2) 238

by DarkOx (#48263117) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached

I think that would be a risky move. This is one of those areas the 'regulators' are likely to wade into sooner or latter. Apple and Google don't want to be seen as bad actors. Right now there is a fair amount of goodwill for both Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Its "Old/Big retail" that is out there trying to suppress competition to push product that various consumer advocates might not see as being good for the consumer. My guess is Apple and Google will seek their victories in the court room and on K street.

Comment: Re:super user (Score 2) 54

by DarkOx (#48261127) Attached to: Dangerous Vulnerability Fixed In Wget

I was going to make essentially the same comment. Someone is going to jump in and suggest that utilities like that should have their own user account and call sudo or fork and su to start wget as the limited user, and fetch certificates to some specific directory.

Those someones are probably correct, but we all know in practice that rarely happens.

Comment: Clap clap clap (Score 1) 213

by DarkOx (#48260661) Attached to: Windows 10 Gets a Package Manager For the Command Line

Real leadership here. Basically the Chocolatey folks did it for them and only after facing the threat of not controlling the dominate package manager on their own platform do they finally after decades offer a solution.

Basically what this tells me is they were trying to avoid competing with their App Store clone BS and are now having their hand forced. Way to go MS way to go.

Comment: Re:the bottom dregs for the cloistered elite. (Score 2) 257

by DarkOx (#48260593) Attached to: Skilled Foreign Workers Treated as Indentured Servants

Keeping their home offices in those locations is really part of the same game as the H1B exploit.

If they can get someone to move there and work for 20% less than the say the US average market rate based on the cost of living theory they know you can't leave.

You will by a house, which you will never be able to sell for enough to cover the majority cost of a similar property any place likely to offer similar employment roles. You won't having savings to make up the difference either because even if your wages went a long way there in terms of the price of local services and housing; they won't elsewhere.

So you will be left there in Bentonville after a 5 years or so going gee, I really can't afford to be 40 years old, exhaust my savings on a down payment and still have only 30% equity in a new home; no matter how good the new job might be.

I am pretty sure some of these companies plan this!

Comment: Sadly there is a market (Score 2) 133

by DarkOx (#48259863) Attached to: Verizon Launches Tech News Site That Bans Stories On US Spying

There are lots of Government technical workers, who probably would like to read more tech news but have security clearance related fears. There is much FUD, possibly legitimate FUD don't know, don't have a clearance myself but have been interviewed many times when friends have sought clearances.

Some of them really are afraid clicking the wrong Slashdot story while taking a break at work could cost them. Frankly I think the bigger issue is the government though police are so frightened they even make an issue of such a thing but, it is what is.

So now I guess Verizon with profit from so new ad revenue.

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