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Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 215 215

my A/C really never shuts off all summer,

That sounds to me like you have a badly undersized unit. Its also possible that something isn't working right maybe the A-Coil is caked with crud and inst transferring heat into the loop efficiently?

Either way that sounds terribly inefficient and is probably costing your a fortune to run. Its probably worth talking to an HVAC guy.

Comment Lots of room for methodology issues. (Score 1) 211 211

The lack of accidents and crime are more likely related to a general trend in crime going down from before they started turning off the lights. ... Give me at least one full year worth of data so I can compare it to the prior year, and have half of the country keep their lights on so It can be compared to the same time frame as well.

Hear, hear!

There's lots of room for methodology errors. Here's another:

Comparing murder rates between Great Britain and the US is complicated by differences in reporting. The US bumps the murder stat when there is a body and evidence of foul play. G.B. bumps it when they have a conviction.

Do they do that with other crime? If so, stable stats in the absence of street lighting might mean that any rise in crime is compensated for by a fall in identifying, apprehending, and convicting the criminals responsible. (Indeed, turning off the lights might easily result in LOWERED crime statistics at the same time it was causing a drastic increase in actual crime.)

Comment What hospital is that? (Score 1) 53 53

I'm an anesthesiologist. I put people to sleep for cardiac surgery. My hospital does around 400-500 hearts a year... and we don't kill any dogs.

What hospital is that? I'll want to avoid it if I ever need heart surgery.

Seriously: How does your cardiac unit's mortality and morbidity rate stack up against those of hospitals where practice surgery on live animal, models, at least where the surgeon is new to the procedure, is more common?

Comment Re:Animals (Score 1) 53 53

I'm an anesthesiologist. I put people to sleep for cardiac surgery. My hospital does around 400-500 hearts a year... and we don't kill any dogs.

So maybe I'm not up to date, or things are/were different in research hospitals.

My personal info was based on stories told by my mother, in about the '60s, when she was a special duty RN at the University of Michigan hospital, often handling cardiac recovery.

My favorite was the one where the UofMich hospital cafeteria, which had been purely open seating, established separate rooms for the staff to eat after an incident where patients' families overheard, and were traumatized by, a cardiac surgeon's response to a question. Asked how his operations the previous day had gone (referring to his experimental and/or practice surgery on a collie and another dog), he said "The blonde lived but the old bitch died."

The kids and adopted dogs story was from my wife. The surgeon in question was Dr. Albert Starr in (at least) the '60s through '80s. He was at St. Vincent's and also flew, with his team, to operate at a number of other west coast hospitals, university and otherwise.

Comment Animals (Score -1) 53 53

A possible solution would be better simulations so that a student can learn by doing. I think it is a very different than working on a cadaver or simulated patient using conventional methods.

You obviously aren't familiar with surgical departments or you wouldn't have missed practice surgeries on live animals.

For instance: a typical cardiac surgeon, shortly before EACH operation on a human patient, does a practice operation of the same procedure on a live dog.

One pediatric cardiac surgeon was much beloved by his patents and their families, because (with parental permission) he would let the kid adopt the practice dog, rather than sending it to be destroyed. The kid would wake up from surgery with the new puppy beside him, with the same bandages, etc. (and a day or so farther along in recovery). The dog having been through the same procedure and having helped save the kid's life even before they met made for very strong owner/pet bonds. (There's always a live, healthy, practice dog. If the dog dies (or is severely damaged) the assumption is that the procedure failed. You DON'T do a procedure on a human if it just killed a dog. You analyze, adjust the procedure, and repeat until success.)

Getting skills up does NOT require, or usually involve, a lot of practice on JUST advanced simulations, cadavers or, live patients. The live patients are just the last step, when the skills are already finely honed, and the animal models provide immediate feedback, real situations, and automatically correct modelling of mammalian life processes.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 1137 1137

Plus, it is possible for people or property to be struck before it slows to terminal velocity.

No unless those persons and property were directly in the line of fire between you and drone, its not. Hint the acceleration due to gravity will be reducing the upward velocity of the shot until it reaches zero. At which point it will begin accelerating to terminal velocity on its way back down. Provide the angle of the gun to the ground is sufficient that nothing will be in the path of shot until it reaches its maximum height, than nothing can possible be struck at greater than terminal velocity.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 370 370

Why don't publishers put the ads in a section of the page that can allow the rest of the page to load and render before the ad loads and renders?

Because you could stop the loading once the content you wanted was rendered, thus skipping the ad.

So the pages are set up so the ad loads and renders first.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 4, Insightful) 550 550

I have to agree. Not giving more than occasion coverage to game gate was about the most journalisticly responsible thing Slashdot could have done.

GG is and never was anything more than a bunch of self righteous and self important bloggers on both sides spewing lies and distortions. There is so much bad information that really can't be fact checked out there it isn't possible its not possible to write an intelligent article on the subject let alone have a discussion about.

Comment Re:Is anyone actually suprised? (Score 1) 583 583

Because avoiding the hang mans noose by virtue of gaining massive public support for your actions and getting clemency that is ultimately dependant on the whim of one man is

declaring open season on any and all State secrets that anyone with access thought should be revealed"

That assertion is ridiculous!

I don't think it in anyway would cause future leakers/whistle-blowers to expect similar outcomes. It might give them a ray of hope but that is about it. Lets face it the American public has actually shown themselves to be rather discerning on this issue. Snowden's actions are viewed very much more favorably by most than say Bradly Manning and Julian Assange. Sure there are some who believe any and all information wants to be free, as there those who believe anyone who reveals a state secret should be dipped in boiling oil until there skin peals off; that come down predictably on one side on these events with little regard for the details. The public in general though seems to recognize a grey area exists.

Comment Re:No surprises there... (Score 0) 583 583

Which is especially funny given his recent moves to release 22 convicted drug offenders

What moves sure looks like nothing other than political grand standing to me. Pretty much all of it is "tied up in paper work." Which is funny because you know the president has the power to grand executive clemency, he does not have do a full pardon which would erase their crimes but he absolutely has the power to cause them to be released immediately.

He won't though, because Obama is a coward and hypocrite. He knows the political fallout would be terribly if any of the guys he lets out fuck up. He won't run the risk, he wants to the 'system' to do it so he can avoid accountability.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 5, Insightful) 583 583

he made no effort to be a whistleblower

False there are e-mails that have been more or less corroborate that indicate he DID raise the issue up the chain of command. He was basically told not to worry his pretty little head about it and get back to work.

Selling IC secrets to the highest bidder is hardly whistleblowing

Are you aware of any evidence he every sold any secrets? I am not.

Comment Typical Hipocracy (Score 2, Insightful) 583 583

Not that every administration in recent memory has not been run by hypocrites but Obama and his people are so naked about it that it hurts.

Wins re-election - "Elections have consequences"
GOP sweep of House and Senate - "Stone walling and veto threats over the budget"

Snowden goes to Russia - "not hide behind the cover of an authoritarian regime."
Obama goes to Ethiopia - "Its an important strategic ally with a democratically elected government"

Cuba's continued human rights issues right when they are out of client states to help them and finally truly going to be squeeze by the embargo, hah lets open relations....

  I say FUCK YOU Mr. President. I get the rules don't apply to you. Authoritarian regimes are fine when they square with your agenda, but anyone else tries to 'use' one its wrong. If you want to claim the moral high ground, then fucking occupy it.

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