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Comment: Re:Great idea! Let's alienate Science even more! (Score 1) 937

by mike449 (#47899749) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

As soon as religion makes a claim that can be disproved, thus stepping into the domain of facts and knowledge, science simply has to make a statement about such claim.
The definition of God has been greatly constrained and hollowed throughout history, all thanks to scientific progress. Domain of religion has been shrinking precisely because science makes statements about certain religious dogmas, ones that were presented as factual knowledge, showing them to be factually incorrect and/or logically inconsistent.

Comment: Power consumption (Score 4, Interesting) 51

by mike449 (#47874637) Attached to: First Intel 14nm Broadwell Core M Benchmarks Unveiled

Performance increases have been evolutionary for quite some time now, no major news expected this time.
What is really important is the power consumption and battery life. Each new process shrink roughly halves the power while keeping the performance. Will be interesting to see if this trend holds.

Comment: NPEs are like terrorists (Score 1) 83

by mike449 (#46588365) Attached to: Owner of Nortel Patents Sues Cisco For 'Immense' Patent Infringement

Patent sales like this one should be forbidden. Nortel was a practicing entity that used patents defensively as a Mutually Assured Destruction weapon. Selling this weapon to a non-practicing entity who is happy to use patents offensively with no fear of consequences would be akin to selling Ukrainian nuclear weapons to Al-Qaeda back in 1994.

Comment: Re:So what happens when there are no more jobs? (Score 1) 870

by mike449 (#46581287) Attached to: Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

When people become hungry and desperate, they organize and fight. This happened throughout the history. If anything, organization is much easier today than when unions first formed. Yes, it is not going to be pretty. But the end result will be more equality, including sharing the remaining work.

Comment: Re:The statistics (Score 1) 934

Ok, here is my question.
I don't own a gun right now. If I get one, will the chance of death or injury (not just gun related) increase or decrease for me and my family?
Is this a good enough question?
I don't really care about being robbed. I don't own anything that can be easily taken from me and leave me ruined.

Comment: Look for what's already there in your area (Score 1) 465

by mike449 (#45156445) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Language To Learn For Scientific Computing?

The best environment is one that already has the stuff for your application, so that you just cobble together calls to code written by somebody else. Perl + CPAN was the winning combination for many years. These days it seems to be Python+numpy/scipy/scikits.

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