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Comment Re:Politics at work (Score 1) 59

Security theater. Whenever something happens, "security procedures will be reviewed and tightened.". They pick on the group that will offer the least resistance. To show they are getting tough on airline security, they might decide to do random strip searches on people, but women in hibab's will be exempt for cultural reasons, so they'll choose church priests and nuns instead.

Comment Re:You really want cheap? (Score 1) 200

Large corporations like oil companies used to do mass dump-offs of old monitors and cables whenever they got a new service contract. All the old IT equipment would be loaded into dumpsters to be taken straight to the rubbish tips. In the 1980's, that would be dumb terminals and RS-232 cables (replaced with PC's). Then they would dump their old PC's for new ones. Though these days, Dell and HP do the recycling with their service contracts.

Comment Re:Define requirements (Score 1) 200

I'd say the Pi is like what DOS programming was back in the early 1990's. You were lucky to have 2 Megabytes of system RAM to play with and to have 320x200x256 VGA color screen. That did get bumped up to 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 then 1280x1024x256. Games were still mostly 256 color up until the mid 1990's.

Comment Re:it's a shame hardware hasn't caught up (Score 1) 291

Hardware requires development environments, software simulators, FPGA units, tape-out, ASIC manufacturing, prototype hardware, firmware, custom firmware compilers, device drivers, official vendor approval and testing (Microsoft, Google, Apple), technical documentation and distribution.

Software requires a development environment, official vendor approval and testing (Microsoft, Google, Apple), technical documentation and distribution.

Comment Re:What scares me here (Score 1) 37

Some videos had network based DRM (RealPlayer?) What happens when the server goes away? It's impossible to play the video. The server has gone along with the decryption keys. It's no different from those ironworks companies that make cast iron drain covers and put their web address on top. 10 years later, they are bought out and change their name, and drop the domain name.

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