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Fable II DLC Coming In December 25

Posted by Soulskill
from the almost-like-they-planned-it dept.
Microsoft has announced that the first pack of downloadable content for Fable II will be available on December 12th. It introduces a new island called "Knothole," which contains new quests and dungeons, as well was various items and character customization effects. An interesting article about Fable II's morality system is up at Valuable Games. The author says, "In many ways the game's moral dimension feels more like a feature, similar to the implementation of new shaders or an upgraded AI system. It is not that the morality system is tacked on; it is a central part of the gameplay. But, compared to the enormous amount of work that must have gone into designing the world (i.e. creating artwork, a coherent narrative and the world itself), there seems to be far less time spent on developing (minor) emergent moral choices and major moral dilemmas in the game's overall narrative." GameSetWatch has a related story about how the game approached storytelling.
Role Playing (Games)

+ - The Golden Age of CRPGs: 1985-1993

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Matt Barton
Matt Barton writes "I thought that Slashdot readers might like to know that Gamasutra has published the second installment of my comprehensive history of CRPGs: The Golden Age of CRPGs (1985-1993). This installment covers such venerated classics as The Bard's Tale, Wasteland, Pool of Radiance, Quest for Glory, Phantasie, Autoduel, The Legend of the Red Dragon, and Dungeon Master, as well as dozens of lesser known (but not less loved!) CRPGs. I've also included dozens of screen shots of these classics for those who haven't played them. GamaSutra has also re-posted the first installment on their site for anyone who missed it on Armchair Arcade. Thanks!"

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