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Comment: Technology and Evolution (Score 1) 191

by micromuncher (#47513199) Attached to: Amazon Isn't Killing Writing, the Market Is

I'm in the process of trying to self-publish some short stories now. The old way of doing this was to find a magazine or anthology related to short works - most of which are extinct today. Like Wikipedia killed Britannica and Encarta, the flood of free quality content today is killing the traditional ways of becoming renown. Trouble is there is so much (and more crud) its getting harder to find - drowning in entropy. The bigger shops like Amazon have done a good job on Kindle Direct Publishing, but the problem is it only seems to work for established authors. And its a fractured market. Even with the Kindle App, a lot of people won't use it... so as a self-publisher you've got to explore other publishing media too (like Kobo, B&N [that doesn't support Canadian authors], iBooks [that requires a Mac and multiple publish steps], and Google Play books [that is so awkward to use many people don't bother]. A publish, stream service kind of makes sense. Writers are burned by royalties anyway. (
Amazon - 30% for under $1. Kobo is 45%. And who would pay $1 for a short story when they can buy a novel for a $1? Or even get something free. The price is becoming less meaningful. Amazon will still likely push work through the service that is promoted - leaving out self publishers.

Shameless plug: I'm blogging about my experiences trying these things here (

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by jellomizer (#47494031) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

Minimum wage is actually not the big of a deal.
Most Companies do not pay their employers minimum wage they pay them higher.
Minimum wage usually will go the the Teens first job, And other part time work.
For people who are working full time, they get paid above the minimum wage.
The exception is for Tip workers. Where these laws do not effect as much anyways.

Most of the growth activity is actually in areas that don't pay minimum wage anyways.

In short minimum wage laws do the following.
For the Democrats it make it look like they are looking out the little guy, with a law without any real benefit or cost.

For the Republicans it gives them a talking point against the democrats, explaining how they are not focusing on the big picture and trying to keep jobs.

Nither side is really that effective, or hazardous. Until you get a significant increase in wages. Say $20 minimum wage, where it would be enough for the low end workers to have a significant improvement in quality of life, however at the same time, making many jobs much to expensive to maintain, and force companies to find ways to improve efficiency or outsource.

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by jellomizer (#47485367) Attached to: Google To Stop Describing Games With In-App Purchases As 'Free'

I Want a game of decent quality, with no add, no in app purchase, no attempt to try to get you to purchase a full version, no attempt to try to upsell an other service and all free.

Heck why limit it to game or software. I want all my products for free with no strings attached. However I want to be sure my employer pays me for my job of writing software.

+ - Memoires of a Self-Loathing IT Professional->

Submitted by micromuncher
micromuncher (171881) writes "Hello editors; I would like to publish my real life inspired memoires of working in tech for 25 years. Really, I am very curious to see if the "short story" is truly dead and see if a nobody author like myself can use self publishing media to tell the story. I plan to write about 20 short, episodic stories (about 6-10 pages each) about the insanity I've experienced in IT. I can send the first two if you like for review. I also am starting a blog about the experience; how I've attempted to publish on Amazon/Kindle direct publishing, Apple iBooks, and KOBO. How I am marketing with $0. And the success (most likely epic fail) of it all.

Thanks for your time.

bswieser at gmail dot com"

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by jellomizer (#47458305) Attached to: White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

People forget that United States is a Democratic Republic. Not a democracy.

Not all popular idea's will go out or should go out, just because the majority wills it. The point of a Democratic Republic, is the Citizens vote for people who will make the decisions, then these people should take a look at all the factors and make one.

However this hasn't been working well, because of the Party system, and too many voters are getting stuck on party ideals and less on voting for the person who would take your interests at heart.

Comment: I thought it would be about opening a Brazil nut (Score 2) 58

I never stopped to think if the Brazil nut is on top, but more how the heck do I crack open the shell. A triangle is one of the strongest shapes. The Brazil nut shell is in a nice triangle. Thus my approach is smashing it to pieces, and eating the nut in little fragments.

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by jellomizer (#47456515) Attached to: Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees

Because they are publicly traded, and that makes their HR policies extremely stupid.

Layoffs raise the stock price. Most stock holders are short term, so buy low, sell high. Layoffs mean the company is at its low, and with less expenses it may shortly make more, so in the next year you can sell the stock and make money.

Even though you loose a lot of talent, which will go their competitors.
When the company grows again you will then need to hire and retrain new people back. Costing on the average 150% more then if you just kept them employed.

What I hate more then just layoffs, is when they do blind layoffs, not really considering who is good and bad.

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