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Comment: Re:I sincerely hope the 1st Amendment is bulletpro (Score 1) 224 224

No. The gay marriage last week. I'm sure that's exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Who gives a good god damn what the Founding Fathers had in mind? I'm serious. These were guys with wooden teeth who owned slaves. The streets were filled with horse shit. Is that your idea of a good time?

Comment: Re:"Harbinger of Failure" = Hipsters? (Score 1) 229 229

I thought hipsters all owned iPhone and Macbooks, and shopped at The Gap. I.e. they are all about conformity, fads and Buzzfeed.

No, those things are actually anti-hip. As soon as something gets big enough for Buzzfeed it's for a different audience.

"Hip" implies arcane knowledge possessed by a select few. A great band with a small local following is "hip"; when they make it big they're no longer "hip", although they may still be "cool". The iPhone is pretty much the antithesis of hip, no matter how cool it may be. If I were to guess what hipster phone model might look like, it might be something low-cost Indian android phone manufactured for the local market and not intended for export -- very rare and hard to get outside of India. Or even better, hard to get outside of Gujarat. Or even better only a few hundred were ever manufactured then the company went bankrupt and the stock was sold on the street in Ahmedabad. Provided that the phone is cool. Cool plus obscure is the formula for "hip".

It follows there is no such thing as "hip" retail chain. It's a contradiction in terms. A chain may position itself in its marketing as "hip", but it's really after what the tech adoption cycle refers to as "Early Majority" adopters.

Hipsters reject being the leading edge of anything; as soon as something becomes big, it is no longer hip. This means they're not economically valuable on a large scale, which some people see as self-centered and anti-social. Compare this to cosplayers; the media always adopts a kind of well-the-circus-is-in-town attitude when there's a con, but while they're condescending toward cosplayers the media can't afford to be hostile because those people are the important early adopters for economically valuable media franchises.

Let me give you a more authentic hipster trend than the one you named. Last year there was a fad for hipster men to buy black fedora hats from Brooklyn shops that cater to Hasidic men. While as soon as something gets big enough to draw media attention it's dead to hipsters, this fad illustrates the elements of hipster aesthetic: (1) resurrecting obscure and obsolete fashions; (2) exoticism or syncretism; and (3) authenticity.

Now from an objective standpoint there's no good reason to favor or disfavor fedoras as opposed to, say baseball caps. It's just a different fashion. Likewise there's no practical reason to value a hat from a owner-operated store in Brooklyn over an identical one purchased from Amazon. But it does add rarity value, and that's the key. Something has to be rare and unusual to be hip. As soon as hipness is productized it appeals to a different audience.

Comment: Export Violence (Score 1) 224 224

If you read the story, it's specifically about trying to stop the export of these blueprints, not keeping Americans from printing their own guns to carry when they go to Wal-Mart. It's not a 2nd Amendment issue.

On the other hand, given the number of guns the US exports every year, I don't understand the concern. Maybe they're just worried that 3D printed guns could cut into the profits of the big weapons manufacturers.

Violence is the United States' number one export. We do it better and bigger than anyone.

Comment: Re:Good for greece (Score 1) 1113 1113

The amount of trade between Greece and the rest of the EU is very small.

Ah, but the inflated importance of the Euro is not small. And if other countries start to recognize that they still have some sovereign power, it could undermine the entire EU.

Because, I assure you, if the only EU countries are Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Netherlands, it does not last, because then there's no place left for them to suck wealth from.

The EU is economic colonialism couched in technocratic bullshit.

Comment: Re:kernel developers on Macs - that would be me (Score 1) 281 281

I wish more Slashdoters would validate that they are an expert in an area before mouthing off their (frequently) uniformed opinion.

I am a renowned expert in arrogance and self-importance.

I cite my lengthy history of Slashdot comments.

And I wish more Slashdotters would have a little sense of humor about themselves. All I did was stick a tiny pin in it the second time the above poster mentioned that "my name is in the changelog".

Comment: Re:Zune (Score 1) 229 229

The Streak was mocked as a phablet and yet here we are.....5" phones are common.

But I recognize that Windows Phone won't be besting iOS or Android any time soon.....I just want it to be big enough that I don't have to worry about it being killed off any time soon......

Comment: Re:"Harbinger of Failure" = Hipsters? (Score 1) 229 229

My wife has terrible luck with products and she is *NOT* a hipster by any means. She's very particular about things and many of them get cancelled causing yet another search. But I suspect it's her particularities that don't match what people commonly want that leads to their demise (for instance she has a big issue with scents, so finding unscented make-up is important for her --- other people probably don't care and have other priorities).

Comment: Re:"Harbinger of Failure" = Hipsters? (Score 3, Insightful) 229 229

Is this just another term for hipsters? People who seek out things that everyone else has dismissed for (usually) good reasons.

No. Because the "good reason" usually is "most people aren't doing that anymore." The article is about things that *never* become cool, not things that were cool in grandpa's day.

The real problem with being a hipster is that the ideal of non-conformity is inconsistent with the idea of fashion.

Comment: Re:I hereby ascertain the bankruptcy of Greece. (Score 1) 1113 1113

lol. The entire Swiss financial sector is only about 7-10% of the GDP and that includes things like pensions and insurance, both of which are huge. The idea that Switzerland is floated by money laundering is propaganda distributed by other western governments who have a weaker or non-existent commitment to financial privacy (normally we like privacy here on slashdot, right?). Mostly the USA and UK because they think, without evidence, that you can catch terrorists by reading their bank statements.

Additionally, it requires some extreme doublethink to claim that a country which is famously neutral and hasn't been at war for over 150 years has "long profited from plunder, war and genocide". Normally it's the countries doing the fighting that plunder!

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