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Comment Re:Don't make it temporary. Stop villainizing Indi (Score 1) 225

While I think the whole thing sucks, here's the problem:

TRU isn't bringing in H1-B workers.....they're hiring TCS to replace a department for cheaper. Done. End of TRUs involvement with choosing the replacement workers.

TCS is using H1-Bs to bring in people skilled in job shadowing as part of the outsourcing contract.

TCS is then using Indian labor to fulfill the contract because those workers are cheaper and can NOW do the same job, thanks to the job shadowers.

Had TRU picked a different outsourcing firm, that firm would have still brought in people to learn the processes and the TRU people would have lost their jobs (or potentially been transferred to the outsourcing firm --- that used to be a fairly common condition of outsourcing).

So, who's to blame? TCS if anyone. Could they have found some non-Indian people qualified to do the job shadowing (the skill the H1-Bs were hired for)?

Comment Re:Because it was written in Seastar or C++ (Score 1) 341

And most enterprises don't really need the performance they think they do.......and if they DO need performance, they can afford to throw hardware at it. Outside of those rare instances, having a consistent development language makes it easier to use your devs across all projects instead of having a specialized group just for the performance needs.

When people around me are all stressing because of deadlines, I just remind them that unless they are in a couple of key industries (i.e. writing embedded systems for medical devices), no one is going to die if they are a couple of days late with a to meet the deadlines, but don't stress over them; it's only money.

Comment Re:Lies! (Score 2) 341

An *that* is why I think JavaScript should be the first language that new devs learn. I agree it sucks as a language, but it is SOOOO accessible with plenty of examples (good and bad) online. But the barrier to entry is essentially nil. Almost any computer (and certainly any computer released since Windows 95) comes with everything you need to get started --- a text editor and a browser (and modern browsers also include developer tools).

I'll take my offtopic mod back to my cave, now.

Comment Re:Photoshop (Score 1) 889

Yes, I know. But Photoshop uses JavaScript as the scripting language. If GIMP implemented a like-for-like API, all of those Photoshop plugins would port over and people wouldn't complain that they couldn't use's the App argument for mobile phones (People think other platforms suck because it doesn't have certain apps.....which isn't the fault of the platform but the devs). People want their plugins and their plugins only exist in Photoshop, so they won't use GIMP.

Comment Re:password re-use, what else? (Score 1) 146

You have an email and a password. You can probably access a lot of personal information from Facebook. Call in to various credit card companies and likely successfully answer the security questions. New card issued and sent to the address of your choosing. You can probably even send some gifts from Amazon and Best Buy.

Comment Re:See who changes their password in the coming we (Score 4, Interesting) 146

And that's when anonymized data is no longer anonymized.

We only publish anonymized data......but you can query down to all white men, aged 24, born in Wisconsin, living in New York city, own an Apple MacBook Air, earn $60k/yr, graduated from NYU, has a degree in Marketing, etc.

If you can add enough data points, your set gets down to one person -- even though that data is anonymized.

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