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Comment Re:Extra battery? (Score 1) 274

I even have a battery that includes a wi-fi hub for sharing data (unfortunately, it doesn't include a network jack and the wireless network it creates is local and only useful for file sharing).....but those batteries are really easy to find. Most of them will even fully charge a phone two or three times.

Comment Re:I have no sympathy for procrastinators. (Score 2) 104

I'm ready for a system where I don't have to bother filing taxes........either a flat tax that is taken out of each paycheck or a national sales tax where it's taken at the register or whatever. I know taxes are needed to pay for stuff for the greater good, but holy cow, taxes are a pain. I'll pay my fair share (emphasis on fair), just make it easier for me.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 2) 287

In the "times long ago", the answers were only available for paid access (or changing your User Agent string).....but Google started ranking them lower for serving up different content to the spiders than to the real people, so they moved the answers all the way to the bottom and just obscuring them. So it isn't as bad now as it used to be.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 287

At least it's not Expert Sex Change links where people have a similar problem and people post answers, but you can't see them because you don't pay for their service. Those days were the worst.

[Actually, today what sucks is all of the foreign sites that are scraping forums and Stack Overflow and just reposting the exact same content. You think "oh, another place that might have a different answer than the one on SO that wasn't quite what I wanted" when in reality, it's just some hack taking revenue away from SO.]

Comment Re:Since when has /. become tech support? (Score 1) 148

So, Microsoft is expected to make everything that worked on Windows 3.1 continue to work on any and all future versions of their OS and gets blasted when they don't, but Apple gets a free pass any time they EOL support for anything.

I wonder if the OP tried something similar to this: http://answers.microsoft.com/e...

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 2) 180

I listen to / watch many podcasts. Due to the data volumes, I download most of them over wi-fi at home so I can consume the content on the go. An SD card is essential for a consumer like me. Even a 16GB phone is quickly overwhelmed when you've got over 80 active podcast subscriptions. I'm "current", so I only have episodes that were released last night and I'm sitting at almost 8GB of space consumed. Considering that my 16GB phone doesn't have 16GB of space, that's over half of the available space.

And more of the video podcasts are trying to go to 4K (why, I don't know --- 720p for a podcast is a good balance between content, video quality, and file size). One of the podcasts I watch released a 2.3GB file the other day (not included in the 8GB above). So, even with phones going to 32GB and more, the content is expanding to consume all of that new space.

So, while YOU may not want an SD card, I certainly do. But I also realize that not everyone uses their phone the same way. That's why there aren't just one model of each manufacturer's phone.

Comment Re:Option 1) (Score 2) 234

You forgot the other bonus that you know the work won't be sent overseas where intellectual property is harder to defend. If you contract out with a company and give them remote access, who's to say that the work wouldn't be done in China where all knowledge is "public". At least by controlling the work environment, you minimize the impact. Provide the consultants with hardware you control (and lock down the USB ports) and restrict them to only certain areas of the network. If possible, even limit them to only portions of the code that they need to access and not the entire project/repository. If a developer can only see a single module but not the "wiring" and can only run builds created and deployed by a build server, you've kept as much secret sauce in the vault as you can. NDA and Lawyers protect the rest......so invest well.

Comment Re:Unfortunately... I agree (Score 1) 442

I think court fees should be like hospital bills. As long as you make a (reasonable?) payment, they generally won't send it to collections. Otherwise, hospitals would only treat people with money and/or insurance. Courts should have similar rules that as long as you are making a (reasonable?) payment towards your fines it's all good.

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