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Comment Re:The Twinkie Defense (Score 1) 11 11

I think the Republican party has already been losing half the votes they have. With nominations of presidential candidates who are social Liberals, like McCain and Romney, most of that half of the base stays home.

Really now, we've got a situation in America of Holocaust proportions (millions of innocents being tortured and put to death), and the Left wails over one lion and thinks playing music for extended periods is what is barbarism.

But from what I'm hearing, the GOP establishment is saying let's stay away from the social issues. So they'll probably nominate another McRomney; rinse, lather, repeat.

Comment Re:Well if... (Score 1) 7 7

Vichy vichy ya ya whatever. If you're suggesting the GOP is a puppet party -- a Conservative party, co-opted by moderates -- sorry, no. The GOP is firmly a neo-con party (resisting being co-opted by Conservatives). It had Conservative outbursts, like in the Jack Kemp and Ralph Reed eras, where the establishment went along with what was happening because it meant winning. At the time. But that won't happen again any time in the near future in America's current cultural climate.

The nominee will be someone who's militarily interventionist in foreign policy, who'll keep up and advance the Surveillance State, who's innocuously religious or not at all, and who has no desire to pick fights with the Left in doing anything about the border or Obamacare. Or the national debt. The GOP will not be able to bank the votes of the Trump mini-swell. Really, who is the party's constituency nowadays? One half of the 1 percent?

The Dems have the poor, the criminals, and the deviants. And the dumbass half of the middle class that likes how they feel about themselves thinking that they're part of the opposition to "meanness". The rest of the middle class stays home. I'm about to join them. The GOP appeals to a tiny slice of populace. This country needs a Conservative party, as a kind of hospice, where that philosophy can go while it lives out its dying days here.

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Journal Journal: whopper of the week 2 2

"Star Trek wasn't political." -- William Shatner

Back in the real world, ST is one of the most political TV shows of all time. It embodies multi-culturalism, feminism, passivism, anti-capitalism, and environmentalism, as those just off the top of my head. TFMSNBCA uses the term "progressive", which I would only nitpick at in the capitalization of the first letter.

Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 150 150

I've never had a keyboard phone fail

A beer spilled on my Treo 650, killing a couple of keys. I was able to buy a replacement keyboard off a random eBay seller and swap it in without much trouble (after which the phone was as good as new), but it was an annoyance all the same.

I suspect a newer touchscreen phone would've been less vulnerable to that kind of failure. Can't say that I've tested the theory yet, even though I usually have a beer in one hand and my phone in the other (to log the beer) whenever a beerfest is on.

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Journal Journal: license plate frame of the week last week 11 11

"It takes a lot of balls"

"To play golf like me!"

p.s. WTF is up with Left's twinkie defense in the Planned "Get yer baby parts here!" Parenthood brouhaha? The argument seems to go that this pro-life group has been after them for so long, somehow that means this revelation shouldn't count! Like they should get a do-over. What was exposed doesn't count because it was no-fairzees. Because they've really been after us.

Comment Well if... (Score 1) 7 7 define "buffoon" as someone who's not a politician and who doesn't apologize for speaking their mind, then yeah, I'm with ya. Was John McCain unconscious when he was captured, or did he surrender?

p.s. Stop saying "Vichy". It sounds gay, no one knows what the fuck it means, and I'm pretty sure no one cares.

Comment Re:How about this... (Score 1) 184 184

H.265 is going to become the standard in the near future - not just for 4K (in which is will pretty much be the only solution) but for 1080p as well, since you get significantly higher quality (including 10 or 12 bit color

Any idea why they never did that with H.264? MPEG-2 offered 10-bit color. DVD and (I think) ATSC take advantage of it, and it makes a difference in scenes with large areas of slightly changing color (like a shot of the sky). That it wasn't available in H.264 (except maybe for some crazy-high profiles or levels not in regular use?) always seemed like a step back.

Comment Re:Don't try to piggyback on TrueCrypts popularity (Score 4, Informative) 114 114

If its Linux only don't present it as a successor to TrueCrypt. A very important feature of TrueCrypt is(was) that it targets Linux, Mac OS X and MS Windows. Any archive being available to any of the three platforms.

I don't know about Mac support, but if Tomb is just a wrapper around LUKS, the volumes it creates should be accessible on Windows as long as you use a filesystem Windows knows about. Ext2IFS doesn't work on anything newer than Windows Vista, so you're most likely looking at FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS if you want your LUKS volume to be portable.

Assuming a suitable LUKS volume, you can mount it on Windows with LibreCrypt, which is the successor to FreeOTFE (by way of DoxBox). My work machine still has FreeOTFE on it, but I just installed LibreCrypt on Windows 10 at home and the encrypted volume on my flashstick mounted right up.

Comment Re:Deja Vu (Score 1) 5 5

Unfortunately my "executives" are my fellow developers and our "chief engineer". I can make allowances for misapplication of technology from suits, but not from techies who aren't interested in their field.

And it's frightening to see that there are still articles on the ole Information Superhighway, from this decade, promoting the pursuit of pixel-perfect web design (when Style Tiles are considered the better practice these days, over full-page mockups). Then again, my coworkers still do table-based layouts.

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