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Comment Re:Historical data (Score 1) 20

In Oregon a rising minimum wage has increased consumption to the point of offsetting the job losses from a rising minimum wage?

And note that fewer jobs is the price of fairness; it's not fair that some have more than others, so more must be taken from them, with whatever downsides that result.

Comment Re:Speaking of crappy ads (paid posts) (Score 1) 212

Where are you seeing that?

I don't see anything like that on my system

I don't think they show up in the RSS feed either. I pretty much never go to /.'s homepage anymore. ttrss grabs the summary for me, and if it's interesting, I'll click through. It and Full-Text RSS have also been useful for some sites with broken layout that won't show up properly in desktop browsers anymore (National Review, I'm looking at you).

User Journal

Journal Journal: circular economics, or sound 20

I haven't been regularly visiting /. these last several months. I got a dog, a 2 year old Golden Retriever, and have been breaking him in to life with me. That and I have to get up at a time in the morning that begins with a "4" lately, AKA "oh-dark-thirty", so I hardly ever even turn my computer on during the week. Pre-pooch, I must've just been doing it cuz I was bored. Okay, that didn't sound right. But then again, Slashdot really is mostly just people making faux-in

Comment looks familiar (Score 1) 79

"You never criticized X during period Y, therefore Z is privileged"

Isn't that just a specific implementation of the more general case, of "if X, then you're not allowed free speech about Y", where X is anything they can think of?

TL;DR: I wouldn't let the resemblance to an argument there make you think that sound reasoning on things is a shared virtue. Any more than Democrat politicians throwing in an occasional accent from the hood means they have street cred.

Comment crud (Score 1) 2

"He entered the motorcycle hall of fame after he was already dead and he remains dead today."

And all this time I believed the motorcycle hall of fame had resurrecting power.

p.s. Congrats for posting a link to site that doesn't have a fucking popover for a change.

Comment Re:A few problems with that ... (Score 1) 7

Maybe Mayhicko is de facto non- birthright citizenship. Either way, it certainly doesn't matter to me. It's strange they would use that -- a Left-wing tactic -- as "support" for a Right-wing position. When Rightism certainly isn't about relativism, or being overly concerned about others. I know I don't look to my neighbors to decide how my life should be, so why would I think America should take cues from other countries. Especially arbitrary categorizations of them; why on earth would I think that nations belonging to the "industrialized" community, to use you guys' lingo, should think and act the same.

p.s. Congrats on your frosty piss.

Comment Re:Yes, yes, i'll buy a Tesla. (Score 1) 207

In most "high cost of living" areas the higher wages don't make up for the house prices.

QFT. My sister just learned that lesson and is moving back to Dayton, OH after a few months near Boston. She was being paid more, but probably all of the extra pay (and then some) was sucked up by the $1900/month rent for a tiny old house with no A/C and no garage (or even off-street parking). She was previously paying probably a bit more than half as much for something much newer, larger, and better-equipped.

All she has to do now is let the movers pack up and unlearn driving like a Masshole. :-) (Speaking of which, she gets to get away from those. :-P )

Comment Re:Automate trains (Score 1) 96

Union rules required railroads to keep firemen around long after the last steam engines had been retired and replaced with diesel-electrics, even though they had no real job to do. Keeping engineers around when trains can pretty much run themselves sounds like more of the same.

Comment Re:A few problems with that ... (Score 1) 7

Para1: That, as you must know, is begging the question, from the other side's POV; e.g. http://www.cairco.org/issues/a...
And yes, I agree, I would definitely not want to see another Constitutional Convention; I fully admit that the U.S. Constitution ill-represents the will of the American people today. And therefore there really should be one, even though my POV would lose.

P2: My support for tazing is completely independent of the nature of the crime. It's only if there's resisting arrest, and sufficient law enforcement personnel have not arrived yet to overpower the suspect without.

P3: Obama's 2016 federal budget is $4 trillion. The DOD's 2016 budget for the F-35 is $11 billion, or 0.275% of the federal budget. If it's worth cutting, then it should be, even if it is only a drop in the bucket.

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