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Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 292

The only warming that has occurred since 1998 has been due to scientists committing fraud by adjusting the historical temperature record to suit their failed prophesies. Here's one of the more irreverent write-ups on the whole thing (if you dare to read it, that is; I know alarmists dislike reading heretical material):

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 292

I agree. I was once a member of the Linux crowd who thought Bill Gates was the Borg leader trying to enslave us all, but these days his head is screwed on reasonably well (apart from his belief in the non-problem of climate change -i.e., no warming in 18 years and 6 months should tell you that *something* smells fishy about the theory). I use c# .NET and SQL Server at work on Windows and recently Azure, and it's nice. Just because IE has sucked for a long time that doesn't mean the man is evil. At least he doesn't buy into the nonsense that we'll all be saved if only the countryside was covered in wind farms and everyone had solar panels on their roofs. If climate change is really a thing, then he (and the likes of Bjorn Lomborg) are right: it's going to take investment in technology research to solve the problem, not government subsidised green window dressing.

Comment My 1,500+ CD collection is all I need (Score 2) 368

I've almost finished ripping them to MP3, too, so who needs streaming? It's all classical music, which I doubt Apple include in their new offering, so people like me don't needn't worry about being denied Taylor Swift's mind-numbing bilge. For the rest of us, there's always Radio Swiss's free online streaming radio (Jazz, Pop, and Classical)

Comment No Media Centre? No thanks. (Score 1) 277

My media centre PC (Win 7) has been offering me a Win 10 upgrade for a few weeks, but I'm not taking it because I'll lose media centre. Eventually I'll have to go back to Myth TV I guess, but I have enjoyed veging out these past few years with something that's easier to setup and use with my MCE remote.

Comment Re:Great News for Mac Users! (Score 0) 132

I would have to agree. It just lacks polish. I still use OOo Calc for my budget spreadsheet (not having bothered to start using Apple's Numbers yet.... one day I will) but that's about it. Regarding another high-profile open source application, The GIMP, I recently stumped up almost AUD $40 for Pixelmator because The GIMP just feels old and nasty on the Mac: windows appearing behind others when they should bring themselves to the front and file dialogues that look nasty and never remember their position (like tool windows) are just two annoyances I finally grew tired of.

Linux on the desktop is dead so I don't care about maintaining an exit strategy with all my files any more. About a year or so after Ubuntu started messing the GNOME after 10.04 is when I finally decided to switch to Mac. I've never looked back.

Comment Why not 1 / 0 = 1? (Score 1) 1067

At the risk of incurring the wrath of "the old ones" of programming, why on earth not? Multiplying by 0 results in 0, so dividing by 0 could equal 0 too. Better still, if you're dividing it by 0, then you're not even dividing it at all, so perhaps the result should be the number other than 0? And if you're dividing 0 by 0 then the answer should also be 0.

Comment What's so bad about DESKTOP computing? (Score 5, Insightful) 186

It's Microsoft's biggest asset (as well as client/server development platforms). Just because somebody else seems to be doing well in the mobile space, why does Microsoft see a need to translate that into ruining one of the good things going for them? If Microsoft trashes the desktop PC they do so at their peril. And I say this as an avid Mac user at home and Win8/.NET/SQL Server developer at work. The vast majority of 5 x 7 workers are NOT going to be productive with a tablet. They ARE going to be productive on "traditional" desktop computers (whether they use apps in a web browser all day or not).

Comment Re:Apple Developer Program now all inclusive (Score 1) 415

You can give away your binaries to 30,000,000 people with XCode, too, without having to have a developer license (when making an OS X app which you don't wish to distribute through the App Store, that is). People will have to go into System Preferences and "Allow From Anywhere", though (but most haven't or won't).

Comment Re:Apple Developer Program now all inclusive (Score 0) 415

This is the biggest piece of good news from the WWDC. I have an iOS developer program license ($150 in Australia) and have been holding off on buying one for OS X until my app is mostly ready (why pay for it and let time tick by without having an app in the App Store?). Now I won't have to :-)

And to MildlyTangy (in reply to Cutting_Crew's post) yes, we have to pay, but only if we want to distribute apps through the App Store. We're free to build OS X apps and put them on the 'net for free, but to distribute an iOS app, there is no free method (unless you and all your users are into jailbreaking, which kinda limits your customer base!).

Comment LOL... "GNOME's outstanding interface designs" (Score 0) 177

Funny. He said "GNOME's outstanding interface designs" when it was the death of Gnome after 2.32 that made me decide to buy a Mac two years ago. I've been happy ever since. GNOME 3 is *still* borked all this time later. I used to be one of those people who thought Linux would conquer the world one day... eventually. I now have to admit that it will be a nerd's plaything for as long as I live, at least.

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