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Comment: LOL... "GNOME's outstanding interface designs" (Score 0) 177

by mfearby (#49581045) Attached to: When Enthusiasm For Free Software Turns Ugly

Funny. He said "GNOME's outstanding interface designs" when it was the death of Gnome after 2.32 that made me decide to buy a Mac two years ago. I've been happy ever since. GNOME 3 is *still* borked all this time later. I used to be one of those people who thought Linux would conquer the world one day... eventually. I now have to admit that it will be a nerd's plaything for as long as I live, at least.

Comment: Pot Kettle Black (Score 0) 786

by mfearby (#48789065) Attached to: Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science

Mann starts off lamenting the ad hominem attacks on scientists, then goes on to describe those who disagree with him as "deniers-for-hire". He's clearly comfortable with double standards, at least. His hockey stick graph has no credibility because temperatures in the past 18 to 19 years have NOT taken a sharp turn upwards as he predicted. Scientists tend to call this a falsification of the hypothesis, unless you're a "climate scientist", that is.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score -1, Flamebait) 341

by mfearby (#48709413) Attached to: Pope Francis To Issue Encyclical On Global Warming

Ah, biomass. Chopping down forests in the USA so that it can be classified as "sustainable" fuel for biomass plants in the UK. Own goal for the environment. Coal is one of the most dense and cheapest forms of energy on the planet, so it involves much less harm to the environment than biomass, solar, and wind turbines (the last two of which require land clearing for any large installations).

You're also forgetting that the developing world cannot now, and will not for many decades to come at least, afford these "renewable" forms of energy. Preventing them from using coal is immoral, and smacks of green self-righteousness.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score -1, Troll) 341

by mfearby (#48709399) Attached to: Pope Francis To Issue Encyclical On Global Warming

I have always cared about ACTUAL environmentalism, not this global warming alarmist claptrap by watermelon greenies. It's sad how real environmentalism has been thrown under the bus for the sake of a few iconic baubles to satisfy the new eco-puritans who don't even realise the damage they support.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score 0, Troll) 341

by mfearby (#48708739) Attached to: Pope Francis To Issue Encyclical On Global Warming

The embedded emissions in wind and solar are so high as to render them a complete waste of time. You do realise that coking coal is used in smelters to make all the steel to build these worthless contraptions? And the cement foundations for the wind turbines; cement is made from heating limestone & shale, releasing vast amounts CO2. You then have all the steel needed to prop up the solar panels, also made by burning coal. It all adds up, you know.

Just because you can see a shiny new wind turbine (that kills birds and bats in high numbers, by the way) doesn't mean all that CO2 released into the atmosphere during its production doesn't exist. Then you have the fact that wind turbines in cold areas draw electricity from coal-fired grids to keep them spinning during low wind conditions to prevent ice formation. Turbines also have to shut down in high wind conditions to stop them from breaking apart. A coal-fired plant is needed to back them up anyway, and you can't just flick the switch on a coal plant the moment the wind dies down, they take a day or more to get going. It would be funny if we all weren't paying for this huge waste of time.

Comment: Re:The Pope's doubling-down on irrelevance, I see (Score -1, Flamebait) 341

by mfearby (#48708671) Attached to: Pope Francis To Issue Encyclical On Global Warming

There's no point trying to argue with somebody who HIMSELF has fingers in his ears about the actual data, which is here:

8 New Years Resolutions For Climate Scientists:

The data relied upon by climate "scientists" are so tortured they no longer resemble original readings. Adjusting temperature records and making them up where there were none proves only the extent of this massive fraud.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score -1, Troll) 341

by mfearby (#48708641) Attached to: Pope Francis To Issue Encyclical On Global Warming

You do know that there's PLENTY of scientific evidence out there which ISN'T funded by big oil refuting the ridiculous notion that carbon-dioxide is pollution? Just because something is funded by people with whom you have an ideological dispute it doesn't alter the quality (or lack thereof, as the case may be) of the writing on the page.

Most "climate science" is produced by rent-seeking alarmists whose jobs are dependent on a steady stream of government-funded group-think for their livelihoods. I would argue that this is the BIGGEST problem today. In fact, the state of "climate change" evidence (if you could call it that) is very analogues to medieval Catholicism:

Hypocritical Pope: Al Gore (flies about in jets all the time and has several electricity-guzzling mansions)
Heretics: "deniers"
Indulgences: carbon credits
Inquisition: the gullible mainstream media
Excommunication: the so-called "peer review" process which refuses to publish anything that doesn't toe the "CO2 is pollution" line

The past two to three decades have been an utter waste of time and money spent on this crap. You people could have been helping the world's poor by not providing them with unreliable/intermittent/costly "renewable" energy and letting them have coal-fired power plants to lift them out of poverty. But no, you prefer to hold them back. This is the great moral bankruptcy of this whole charade.

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