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Comment: Re:Is it a Mad Max movie though ? (Score 1) 774

No more so than any other brand

There's your problem. Distilling the work of thousands of people collaborating together over the course of literal decades into a 'brand' just because it has some narrative and authorial connections to previous works isn't doing you any favours when you've had to degenerate to a 'no true scotsman' argument.

Comment: Re:pretty much the opposite here (Score 1) 26

by Captain Splendid (#49600433) Attached to: When did Net Neutrality change?
Yeah. BillDog has it right, the libertarians couldn't have given a toss about net neutrality.

All I've ever seen about it is Left-wingers saying we must have it. I've gathered that it's about getting government to interfere with the free market, by telling carriers that they can't charge more for premium levels of service.

Fuck me. It's not like slashdot has decades of articles and comments on this very issue which would help you not sound like such a tool.

Comcast Officially Gives Up On TWC Merger 112

Posted by Soulskill
from the keeping-them-small-enough-to-govern dept.
An anonymous reader writes: Confirming speculation from yesterday, Comcast announced this morning that its attempt to merge with Time Warner Cable has been terminated. The announcement was very brief, but indicated that regulatory pressure was the reason they killed the deal. CEO Brian Roberts said, "Today, we move on. Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but we structured this deal so that if the government didn't agree, we could walk away." The Washington Post adds, "The move by regulators to throw up roadblocks shows that the government has grown concerned about massive media conglomerates bigfooting rivals that are finding success by streaming content over the Internet, analysts said. And after years of approving a wave of mergers in the industry — including that of Comcast and NBC Universal in 2011 — federal officials are taking a new tone, they said."

Comment: Re:Dig a hole in the back yard... (Score 1) 446

Just dig a hole in the back yard and place the USB key or whatever in a water tight container and fill it in.

So basically the same as I've done with half my life savings. Should I take half my data to the track and put it on the dog that does his business just before the race as well?

Comment: Re:Stone Tablet (Score 1) 446

That's way too complicated and takes up way too much space.

I've simply encoded my data as a series of numerical digits. I then put a decimal to the left of the resulting number, creating a fraction. I then made a mark on a tungsten rod such that the ratio of lengths on either side of the mark is equal to the fraction.

As a recovery strategy I just need to measure the two segments to sufficient precision to recreate the original number. Easy peasy.

As a bonus I can store any amount of data, and my backups just take up the volume of the one rod.

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