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Comment Re:Dig a hole in the back yard... (Score 1) 446

Just dig a hole in the back yard and place the USB key or whatever in a water tight container and fill it in.

So basically the same as I've done with half my life savings. Should I take half my data to the track and put it on the dog that does his business just before the race as well?

Comment Re:Stone Tablet (Score 1) 446

That's way too complicated and takes up way too much space.

I've simply encoded my data as a series of numerical digits. I then put a decimal to the left of the resulting number, creating a fraction. I then made a mark on a tungsten rod such that the ratio of lengths on either side of the mark is equal to the fraction.

As a recovery strategy I just need to measure the two segments to sufficient precision to recreate the original number. Easy peasy.

As a bonus I can store any amount of data, and my backups just take up the volume of the one rod.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 790

Stability Control is a superset of Traction Control. You can have Traction Control without Stability Control

Those two statements contradict each other. Do you mean SC is a subset of TC? If SC is a superset of TC, then you can have SC without TC, but not TC without SC.

Comment This person should be banned from book reviews (Score 1) 92

"If SSL is the emperor's new clothes, then Ivan Ristic in Bulletproof SSL and TLS has shown that perhaps the emperor isn't wearing anything at all."

Perhaps? PERHAPS??

If you're going to reference "the emperor's new clothes" then certainly the emperor isn't wearing anything at all. That is the very meaning of "the emperor's new clothes." Sheesh.

Comment Re:Piracy FTW! (Score 1) 32

So they are only spying on you when you read DRM'd books.

It is like the entire content industry wants people to choose PAPER BOOKS.

o PAPER BOOKS means no one else knows what/when/where and how long you read/watch/listen to something
o PAPER BOOKS means no worries about losing access to something you paid for
o PAPER BOOKS means no lock-in to single devices or single manufacturer "ecosystems"

Even if pirated content wasn't cost free and commercial free, all the other ways these guys want to fook me over for the privilege of paying them money is enough to drive anyone to pirate.


Comment Should be zero. (Score 1) 32

First, data is plural. Should be 'one datum point'. You wouldn't say you shot one elephants in your pajamas, would you?

Second, this system should be collecting zero data points, because no one should use it. You may laugh at the onion on my belt, but it once was in fashion, and no corporation or government knows when or what books I read, or to whom I lend them. Until the same can be said of eBooks or digital editions, such systems are broken and not fit for any use.

Comment Re:just for comparison (Score 2) 546

this is an interesting discussion..

..if you think confusing computer science and software development is interesting.

Complaining about the lack of programming in a CS degree is like complaining that physics majors don't build bridges.

"the courses taught in virtually all computer science [curricula] focus on theory, and they only dabble in teaching practical programming skills"

Well, it's good to hear virtually all computer science programs are doing it right!

Comment Animals? Or vertebrates? (Score 1) 62

I've heard the same story as left the seas to spawn amphibians, reptiles, and other land animals.

Such stories never address invertebrates. If, as the headline suggests, all land animals come from fish who left the water, does this mean insects and other land invertebrates evolved from fish?

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