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Technology (Apple)

+ - iPhone Requires an iTunes Account->

Submitted by
mcho writes "According to Macworld, "Consumers planning to buy the iPhone when it goes on sale in the U.S. later this month will need to have an iTunes Store account before they can activate the device, according to information on Apple's Web site." This explains why there's an iTunes Add-In for Microsoft Outlook (installed with the latest iTunes update)."
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+ - CEO resigns over 'Lite Brite'

Submitted by DesertBlade
DesertBlade (741219) writes "The CEO of Cartoon Network has resigned over the bomb scare. Turner ended up paying over 2 million in restitution and the city of Boston coming to a stand still over some lite brites. I for one do not want to live in a glass box being scared of everything, and with governments over reacting just fuels the fear. Are we becoming scared of our own shadow?"
Linux Business

+ - Virgin America debuts in-flight Linux

Submitted by
emarmite writes "Virgin America are currently having problems getting off the ground. When/if they do, every seat (including in coach) will have its own linux-based PC with a 9" screen, plus wireless broadband if you really have to use that MacBook. Some cool features: a 'food' button (to order drinks & snacks) and a selection of ported Linux games, including Doom. You can sign a petition protesting the Department of Transportation's (DOT) decision to refuse Virgin a permit on the grounds it's foreign owned. As we all know, we can't trust those pesky Brits with implementing the necessary security, and besides, they can't afford the lobbyists."

Journal: Eco-disaster! HP uses Vista to enforce product obsolesence.

Journal by Ecowarrior42
HP Printer and Scanner owners should beware of buying a new Vista PC or upgrading to Vista.
Douglas Adams had it wrong when he predicted that the alien archaeologists would find a shoe layer, they are more likely to find a Vista induced Printer and Scanner layer! A large number HP printer and scanner owners that have chosen to upgrade to Vista will receive the following message when attempting to download Vista drivers for their Scanners and Printers:
"We are sorry to inform you that

+ - Vista startup sound composed on a Mac

Submitted by Phanatic1a
Phanatic1a (413374) writes "At a trade show for professional composers, a member of the team which composed the sounds for Windows Vista let slip that he is "generally most comfortable working with a Mac Pro, usually on Encore or Sibelius. They're available for PC, but I need a stable operating environment to avoid distraction, particularly when working on long-term projects like the Windows Vista music." When pressed further, he admitted that the entire Windows Vista composition team worked exclusively on iMacs and Mac Pros. Another member of the team stated, upon a guarantee of anonymity, that "I mean, they're both good systems. I personally wouldn't let a Vista computer into my house, but that's just me. I'm sure PCs have their uses, just as Macs have their uses. Can't we all just get along?""

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."