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Comment: Catch 22 (Score 1) 707

by mcfatboy93 (#41860633) Attached to: In the 2012 U.S. presidential election:

This being my first time voting (and after many political debates with friends and family) I have come to the conclusion that

1. Neither party is fit to run this country.

2. I will have to pick one of the 2 major parties (sorry vermin supreme)

3. (the issue I have) Not voting, paints you into a ethical and logical corner where if you don't vote, you should not be able to complain about politics because you did not participate in the process. (this is my fathers philosophy, not mine, but i would like some feedback on it)

Comment: Re:They don't want to (Score 1) 477

by mcfatboy93 (#38406998) Attached to: Congress's Techno-Ignorance No Longer Funny

If people want to vote in a politician that takes $450,000 from Wal-Mart and the people know that this is the case then they get what they deserve.

The issue I find in this is that with the two party system you can either vote for the guy who is supported by Wal-Mart, or the guy who is supported by Target. I find politics to be a "catch 22" because I am stuck voting for the lesser of evils or giving up my right to complain about because I didn't vote.

Comment: Check the numbers (Score 1) 515

by mcfatboy93 (#37744386) Attached to: Are You Prepared For the Zombie Apocalypse?

The thing that is scary about this poll is not the percent of people who are prepared for such an event its the larger percent who are not. Do humanity a favor and do some homework on zombies. most accounts have something in common so the unlike some fields the information is somewhat consistent; and if not i look forward to dismembering you in the future.

Comment: Minecraft for Xbox? (Score 1) 157

Personally i don't see this working. i can play Minecraft on my PC with an Xbox controller (xpadder) and even then i still need to bind my mouse to the sticks. not that that's a bad thing, but traditionally games for PC are a bit more complicated that games for console. also the whole Xbox controller for the PC is more of a toy to show off to friends than effective way to play games like WoW or LoL.

Comment: MMO vs. Social games (Score 1) 75

by mcfatboy93 (#34341732) Attached to: The Ethics of Social Games

weather from personal experience or from how the media talks about the difference, there is a much bigger gap in MMOs and social games like the ones you find on the iPhone and Facebook, this hole in the story is Plot. if you sit down and play farmville or mafia wars, you are only there to press buttons and talk with friends and collect rewards from those around you at the time. In MMOs like WoW or the soon to be released Starwars The Old Republic, you get a community of people who play the game for the same reason people spend all their time playing non-MMOs on their consoles.

Comment: We don't have sufficiently bright people (Score 1) 394

by mcfatboy93 (#32966954) Attached to: Cyberwarrior Shortage Threatens US Security

We don't have sufficiently bright people

well DUH, the 'cyber warriors' that the government wants are hard to find. mostly because they are either trained IT security professionals or a kid who figured out how to hack his school to change his grades. the first of the 2 will be easy to get with the increase in IT students. however unlike china, there is sever punishment for committing cyber crimes. china and other countries have the right idea of hiring the hackers instead of locking them away like we used to do

Comment: Re:Nethack you insensitive clod (Score 1) 271

by mcfatboy93 (#32651282) Attached to: Desired Input For Console Video Games?

Well, not exactly... there is a very good version of Rogue for the iPhone called 'Rogue Touch'. the controls are a but simpler, but you still do almost anything (eg. throw a potion of demolition and hope it explodes) also i find the iPhone version just as difficult to complete as the original. one of the few cases when a classic is remade of a modern device well.

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