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Comment Re:It's the end of the world as we know it (Score 1) 703 703

The reality is that as an individual there's very little one can do. The biggest polluters are in China and the developing countries. Plus perhaps the American meat industry. I stopped eating meat ages ago (for health reasons). Now what?

Comment Re:It's the end of the world as we know it (Score 1) 703 703

Yes, it was a myth. I also remember reading about it in the paper all the time - just like these global warming stories. The trouble with the media is that they love to print bad news. Whether it is true or not, that part doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Sony (Score 1) 50 50

As someone who has also had both, the Sony product is much more finished. My Kobo was missing all kinds of features that would be nice to have in an ebook reader. Such as turning to a specific page, or using the build in dictionary with any document, not just those purchased from Kobo. The kept promising features like these in "the next release", but honestly I hate it when I buy something unfinished and have to beg the company to do what they said they would up front.

Also, my battery was always going dead after a few days - much, much sooner than the Sony.

Lastly, my Sony reader is compatible with many more formats than the Kobo, and my Kobo library transfered over seamlessly.

Comment Re:Meanwhile.. (Score 1) 195 195

Banks and finance companies create liquidity and marketplaces. Perhaps you don't understand the products they offer, but they definitely do exist. Without them things like home and car ownership would be all but out of reach save for the wealthiest Americans who can afford to pay in cash. And the fresh food in your refrigerator is made possible by lending money to farmers against their future crop yields. In short the America we all know and love would be drastically different if banks vanished.

Comment OneNote (Score 1) 254 254

Get yourself a copy of Microsoft's OneNote. It is exactly what you want - easy to use, allows for searching within documents, and allows for mixed media storage - voice, documents, screen shots, handwriting, all mix freely. It has basic OCR and voice recognition skills that help it search through non-typed material, though sometimes it's a bit hit or miss here.

Comment Re:And how many people actually protect their phon (Score 1) 154 154

Ten seconds of Google and I found this ( They feel the weakness is in the iphone backup, where they can use a PC to do a brute force attack to break the encryption.

I think more googling would probably provide even more results.

Comment Re:Yay for common sense (Score 1) 612 612

I disagree. The college diploma only gets you a foot in the door. Its a certification, and therefore an easy way for employers to screen people, especially when they have no other experience to speak of. Obviously good students don't always translate into good employees, but its an easier method than "gut feel".

I've had a number of Masters and PhD folks work for me, and truthfully some were better than others. The degree doesn't predict anything.

Comment Re:Wall Street Steals the Best and the Brightest (Score 1) 643 643

Think of what's been done. Its the job of Wall Street institutions to direct (and re-direct) wealth to those who can use it. Farmers, food producers, manufactures, and start-ups are just a few of the industries that cannot exist without help from Wall Street. Like it or not, the American economy is directly dependent on having enough money at the right place and time.
United States

State Senator Caught Looking At Porn On Senate Floor 574 574

Everyone knows how boring a debate on a controversial abortion bill can get on the Senate floor. So it's no wonder that Florida State Sen. Mike Bennett took the time to look at a little porn and a video of a dog running out of the water and shaking itself off. From the article: "Ironically, as Bennett is viewing the material, you can hear a Senator Dan Gelber's voice in the background debating a controversial abortion bill. 'I'm against this bill,' said Gelber, 'because it disrespects too many women in the state of Florida.' Bennett defended his actions, telling Sunshine State News it was an email sent to him by a woman 'who happens to be a former court administrator.'"

Comment Re:Real world already knows this (Score 1) 172 172

It depends how you look at it. IT brings in plenty of revenue, its management's job recognizing it as that and making sure everyone understands the value added. I also disagree with the Parent poster - lots of folks are still going into IT - what's harder to find are the more traditional jobs - many are being replaced by trading engines, etc.

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