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Comment: Re:Too early for criticism. (Score 1) 238

I thought he had simply mis-spoken or was mis-quoted given that the commercials have already run for more than a year.

If the quote is accurate, then it must mean the new tax rules began in 2015.

Still, it's one year of hype leading to a launch that virtually no one showed up for.

Comment: Re:Admirable aspects (Score -1) 74

by mc6809e (#49464299) Attached to: 1980's Soviet Bloc Computing: Printers, Mice, and Cassette Decks

Those industrious few that were repairing and reusing equipment should have been free to start their own enterprises and invent and produce new things. Instead they had to struggle under communism and miss the opportunity to become the next Steve Jobs of Eastern Europe.

Of course by holding them back all were kept equally poor (except party insiders) and so the pride and ego of even the most incapable person was spared any uncomfortable comparison.

+ - China Builds Artificial Islands in South China Sea 1

Submitted by writes: Matthew Fisher reports that to support part of its claim to about 85 per cent of the South China Sea, Beijing is building artificial islands on tiny outcroppings, atolls and reefs in hotly disputed waters in the Spratly Archipelago. Tons of sand, rocks, coral cuttings, and concrete are transforming miniscule Chinese-occupied outcroppings into sizeable islands with harbors, large multi-story buildings, airstrips, and other government facilities. Adm. Harry Harris Jr., commander of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific fleet, dubbed Beijing’s island-building project in the South China Sea “a great wall of sand" and says China has created “over four square kilometers of artificial land mass,” adding there were serious questions about Beijing’s intentions. The scale of China's construction in the Spratly Islands is clear in new satellite images. "What's really stunning in these images, every time you see a new set of images come out, is just the speed and scale at which this work is occurring," says Mira Rapp-Hooper. A spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry insists the islands are being built to give ships a haven in the typhoon heavy region. “We are building shelters, aids for navigation, search and rescue as well as marine meteorological forecasting services, fishery services and other administrative services” for both China and its neighbors, the spokeswoman said, according to Reuters, though no one was buying that explanation.

Comment: Re:Hawaii (Score 5, Interesting) 228

by mc6809e (#49431517) Attached to: Amid Controversy, Construction of Telescope In Hawaii Halted

This is more likely an expression of Hawiian nationalism which has been on the rise in recent years.

In some cases it has crossed the line into race hatred as the Southern Poverty Law Center noted a few years back.

And there are several independence groups. China has even offered to arm them.

Comment: Re: Invisible hand (Score 4, Insightful) 536

Another problem are price controls.

Often the local franchise authority (set up by the city or state or county) sets prices for services.

If the price is set too low, then the cable company can't legally charge enough to pay for the infrastructure to reach certain customers, even if those customers are willing to pay more to get service.

Comment: Re:OK, but... (Score 1) 89

by mc6809e (#49259807) Attached to: Mike Godwin Interviewed

Fortunately, for that purpose, we have Pol Pot, Staline, Mao, Leopold II of Belgium, Ismail Enver, Kim Il Sung and few others. It is about time racism cease, Germans are not the only one who have perform massive killings in the 20th century.

Introducing other names doesn't help much IMO because it ignores the source of their power: great numbers of people looking for some kind of messiah to step in and solve all their problems -- the 'total' in 'totalitarianism' as Hitchens pointed out.

Hitler with his silly hair cut and ridiculous mustache would have died in obscurity if there hadn't been millions of followers willing to give up their individuality and put their faith in a national savior.

Comment: Re:Regulations are all bad in the long term (Score 2, Informative) 347

by mc6809e (#49244919) Attached to: FCC Posts Its 400-Page Net Neutrality Order

Yes, the 1935 law absolutely blocked innovative package delivery services such as UPS and FedEx from even getting start..... Er, wait a minute!

Actually regulation did hold back FedEx. You're just looking at the wrong law. You need to reference instead the Civil Aeronautics Authority Act of 1938 that created the Civil Aeronautics Board.

The board was essentially dissolved after the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978.

After deregulation, express air services spread across the country.

Comment: Re:We neeed COMMUNISM now (Score 1, Troll) 54

by mc6809e (#49228833) Attached to: Sugar Industry Shaped NIH Agenda On Dental Research

I blame a democracy that believes politicians should be responsible for the economy.

Politicians don't care if kids' teeth fall out as long as they can go on about how many sugar jobs they created to get re-elected.

And the first Iraq war might not have happened if the public didn't expect Bush Sr to do something about a recession created by Saddam's invasion of Kuwait.

We actually killed people in an effort to reduce the unemployment rate and stabilize oil markets, all because the public thought the president was responsible for the recession and was responsible for fixing it.

Comment: Re:Search Neutrality? (Score 1) 375

by mc6809e (#49161941) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

He doesn't mean that there's a barrier to entering the search engine business. He means Google itself, having so much power, is a gate-keeper, deciding through their search results what sites deserve to be found quickly by average users and which sites do not.

Google does discriminate. It must. There's only a finite amount of screen space on a user's device or display so a decision must be made to prioritize certain sites over others.

Some site even pay for that prioritization.

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