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Comment Re:This is a nonsequitur (Score 1) 470

Being able to pack your family, tent, and cooler into your SUV and head for the mountains for a spur of the moment camping trip any time you wish is valuable. And, as others have mentioned, so is jumping into the family jalopy and taking a long road trip on whim. Being able to do either, and much more is freedom, and freedom is priceless.

Comment Re:I've never found it quick or easy to buy any ca (Score 1) 470

The next time I buy a car I'm just going to walk in with a check and tell them they've got one hour to sell me the car I want and if we haven't closed a deal in sixty minutes I'm walking.

I tried that with my last purchase, and salesperson was quite amicable to the idea. Sticker price was 21K, I offered 18K, we settled on 19K out the door, which I knew ahead of time was the book value of vehicle. Easy breezy, right?

Not in the least! The back end guy was so eager to fuck me I could nearly see his hard on when I walked into his office. After going through mileage statements, warranties, and whatnot at the bottom of the stack of the requisite paperwork there was the sales agreement with the total being 22K.

It took me nearly screaming at him to tear everything up before he would give in inch. Still pissed at myself for giving in to the "mandatory" processing fee and agreeing to 19.2K.

Comment Re:This is a nonsequitur (Score 1) 470

A Swiss Army knife may be a wonderful tool, but a good simple knife may be what you need more often than not.

If the cost of a vehicle were the same as a swiss army knife you might have a point, but it is not. For most people though a new car is a major investment equivalent to 6 months up to a years income or even more. This makes it extremely important that they get as much value out of their purchase as possible which means they have to consider all possible use cases.

Submission + - Turkey shoot down Russian Warplane

EzInKy writes: As report by the BBC Turkish military officials said Turkish F-16s had shot down the plane after repeatedly warning its pilots that they were violating Turkish airspace. Is ISIS bringing us to the brink?

Comment Will there be a profit this quarter? (Score 3, Insightful) 173

Sad to say, that has become the U.S.'s battle cry. Unless an immediate short term profit can be had the funding should be put elsewhere. Let the next guy worry about investing in the future, I need my profits now!China, on the other hand, has a history of investing for long term gains. They are a much more patient people,

Submission + - Gunshots reported in Paris

EzInKy writes:> the hunt for the perpetrators of Friday's terror attacks in France continues, with reports of gunfire in a Parisian suburb linked to an ongoing police raid. How can the French be confusing the sign of a free and armed populace with terrorism? Wouldn't the lack of gunfire be more worrisome in a free society?

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