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Comment: Re:Rails never had 'steam'. (Score 1) 291

by maxwells daemon (#48469315) Attached to: Is Ruby On Rails Losing Steam?

But right now Rails as a FW is way to bloated --> But right now Rails as a FW is way _too_ bloated

my german is Hogan's Heroes based. "to" might be a simple typo, but just in case. "too", in this case, is to an excessive degree. As opposed to: me, too, I think RoR is excessively bloated. Like a fish too long on the shore (simile). In the sun.

Comment: seth thomas inspired me (Score 1) 153

by maxwells daemon (#47133425) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Inspired You To Start Hacking?

I took apart the mechanism one of my Dad's antique mantel clocks. My Mom saw me at the dining room table with brass gears and plates and screws scattered in front of me. "Your Dad is going to kill you when he gets home from work!" I put that sucker back together and it worked as well as before (not well).

Comment: everyone from India? cure for slashdoters? (Score 2, Interesting) 63

1. Aparna Suvrathan a,
      2. Charles A. Hoeffer b,
      3. Helen Wong b,
      4. Eric Klann b, and
      5. Sumantra Chattarji a,1

- Author Affiliations
            a National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore 560065, India; and
            b Center for Neural Science, New York University, New York, NY 10003

These are lab findings in cells of knock out mice and indicate that the process may be still amenable to pharmaceuticals. All you Asperger's at /. keep this in mind!


OLED Film Could Provide Cheap Night Vision For Cars 120

Posted by timothy
from the want-sunglasses-like-this dept.
thecarchik writes "Night vision systems are already available in the higher-end luxury sedans from companies like Toyota, Volvo, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. It's expensive technology that few drivers can afford, and at $4,000 for the system without a display, it's a pricey upgrade. That may all change soon, as DARPA-funded scientists have developed a cheap way to turn any infrared light into visible light with a thin film."

Debunking a Climate-Change Skeptic 807

Posted by kdawson
from the so-many-notes-mister-mozart dept.
DJRumpy writes "The Danish political scientist Bjørn Lomborg won fame and fans by arguing that many of the alarms sounded by environmental activists and scientists — that species are going extinct at a dangerous rate, that forests are disappearing, that climate change could be catastrophic — are bogus. A big reason Lomborg was taken seriously is that both of his books, The Skeptical Environmentalist (in 2001) and Cool It (in 2007), have extensive references, giving a seemingly authoritative source for every one of his controversial assertions. So in a display of altruistic masochism that we should all be grateful for (just as we're grateful that some people are willing to be dairy farmers), author Howard Friel has checked every single citation in Cool It. The result is The Lomborg Deception, which is being published by Yale University Press next month. It reveals that Lomborg's work is 'a mirage,' writes biologist Thomas Lovejoy in the foreword. '[I]t is a house of cards. Friel has used real scholarship to reveal the flimsy nature' of Lomborg's work."

Comment: Re:You don't. You find out what the software did (Score 1) 532

by maxwells daemon (#31123040) Attached to: Learning and Maintaining a Large Inherited Codebase?

you are nearly absolutely right. If you can easily mod it, mod it. If not, go your route. Programmers and the software they create are a complex adaptive system. The newbie will eventually understand it better than those that left but because of the changes the newbies have made and the failure of memory of those that have left.

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