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Comment Seems unlikely (Score 1) 148

Because, for every person like you, there are 10 that would just say "Speaker not work. Must buy new speaker."

Perhaps they would say that, but why on earth would they then buy a speaker from a manufacturer who had screwed them over like that?

In fact if a manufacturer did that to me, I'd tell friends not to buy that brand, and be inclined to tell future generations not to do so also. To this day I don't buy Sony audio equipment because of bad experiences in college.

So I hardly think it likely they would produce something crappy in this way on purpose.

Comment Apps on TV will be huge, but mainly linked (Score 1) 227

Apps as a new way to stream on TV is not that interesting and will not really do anything much to increase traditional TV watching.

What will be much larger is the potential for apps on TV to add lots of context around what we are watching, which will mostly occur by linking mobile apps to TV apps driving the display. Then you can have more of a shared experience, or direct feedback related to the video which the video producer could also use live...

Comment Contractors can have institutional knowledge (Score 1) 169

If you hire a contractor for a long enough term, you can have pretty good amounts of institutional knowledge - You find a few contractors over time that really know the subject well and are effective workers, then do what you need to to keep them around at least a few years.

These days you have just as much risk of key personnel leaving if they are any good. In some ways a contractor is less risky as they will be more prone to be clear if they need more money to stay on longer, whereas an employee might find it easier to get a raise by finding a different company (I know that was true back when I worked for large companies, getting a raise was far harder and offered less reward than moving to a different company)

Comment The confusion is that balance varies (Score 4, Insightful) 242

I've always cared about work life balance - the thing is, that was as true when I used to work 80-100 hour weeks, than it is now when I work 40-50 hours a week. It's just that early on I was happy to have the work side be much heavier.

People see technical workers working hellish hours and think they have no work-life balance because non-techs cannot understand how that might bring its own kind of pleasure.

Comment I found it fun (Score 1) 126

Expensive? Yes, but Star Wars.

As for it being light on content I don't know what people are expecting, since they have to hold back a bunch of stuff until the new movie comes out. What's there has a pretty good variety, looks great and has worked well for me with no bugs to date... more than I can say for some other games.

I can see where more hardcore gamers might fight it a bit light but for those of us not playing ten hours a day I can see playing this for quite a while.

Comment In what way "overqualified" (Score 2) 393

I think by "overqualified" they mean that more people have a piece of paper that says they majored in some subject but are instead working in some "lesser" area.

But what about REAL qualifications - i.e. writing. t doesn't matter what field you are talking about either, except perhaps McDonalds burger flipper and I'll bet even THEY benefit from a higher standard of literacy.

I've met a lot of people over the years in companies who cannot express ideas in writing very well and it sure does not seem like that number is going north even as more people are "qualified" than ever before.

Comment Correction(s) (Score 1) 488

The U.S. chose to withdraw from both Iraq and Afghanistan (though in reality they only withdrew to Iraq, and stopped withdrawing from Afghanistan once they realized how badly they had screwed up Iraq by withdrawing way too soon).

Obama claims he had no choice but to withdraw, but he very much wanted to and you'd have to be an idiot to think we couldn't have stayed had we just asked. We should have at least asked.

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