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Comment: Re:One filter = no tier (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49552177) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

How do you KNOW that? How do you know its important until you answer it?

It's called CallerID.


Since you didn't say why, True wins.

Lol. Seeing as they are inextricably tied to itunes and ios,

loolololol since it's not tied to iTunes in any way, invalid.

Android wear at least works with android not-tied-to-google

Without Google Now it's a paperweight.

The apple watch? Not so much.

I could use only third party apps and no Apple services. And since there are more of them, the Apple watch is vastly less reliant on Apple than Android Wear is on Google. Sorry, but that's just the plain truth - there are around 3000+ Apple Watch apps, and growing rapidly...

Comment: That is a bad way to live a life (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49549535) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

Sorry to call you out on this, but your attitude will destroy you in the end and I cannot help but warn you. Living a life with hate as a focus consumes you. Other people can sense it and will push away from you.

I'm not interested in Android Wear, but I wish it (and it's users) no ill. Same for Android. It's not for me but I am happy to admit, it is for someone.

It's why I ordered a Pebble Time too, because I like competition and different ideas and think the world is better for it. If you hate someone so much you wish their demise, all of that ill will just reflects back on your own character.

Comment: Re:Limited gaming possible on a smart watch. (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49549493) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

$350 for a Tamagotchi game. $650 for an iPhone to play mobile games.

Look , I SAID I didn't think games were very useful on the watch. At best they are a tiny side use, and there has been only one game I've read about that makes sense (where you direct a time-critical spy mission).

But the $650 for a mobile game platform? THAT makes a ton of sense. You simply have no idea of the vast range of games for mobile devices now. It's easily 10x more valuable than a gameboy for mobile use, because it's so much more portable, and you truth is you are going to have a phone with you anyway - so it's incredible useful as a gaming device for either long or short periods of time.

It's too bad you can't see this yourself, and can only live with a 100" plasma display. I enjoy that too but also mobile device gaming, which simply put means I am having a LOT more fun than you are since you are so limited in where and how you can experience enjoyment... my condolences..

Comment: One filter = no tier (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49549443) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

Sort of, but better tiering of notifications really should just be part of the phone OS.

it is. Inherently though you can only get a simple sense of a notification happening in your pocket. Allowing more trusted notifications only on the watch means some that you may way to look at later but don't care about now, can be ignored. With just the phone they otherwise all get mixed up (unless you have sound on all the time which I find too annoying to those around me to do).

Meh, when my phone rings in my pocket and I know I don't want to answer it without even looking

How do you KNOW that? There are plenty of times when I may want to take a call if it's important.

I can easily click the side button to ignore it, through my pocket

I do that too but it's not AS EASY. Again it's the layering you are missing here.

Android is a single platform but not a single manufacturer ...That relies heavily on services from a single manufacturer, and it fairly useless without. Android Wear is every bit as pigeon-holed, in fact moreso since there are already far more Apple Watch apps to gain non-Apple functionality.

Comment: Possible huge win (Score 2) 162

by SuperKendall (#49548223) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

In exchange for wearing a 2nd device you need to charge every day or so. Not much of a win.

For those that run down phones in less than a day they may not have to do a mid-day charge any longer. That's actually quite a huge win.

Thereby saving you time only if you can ignore most notifications

You are ignoring the tiering of notifications possible with this arrangement.

Lol. true, but how much is that worth, right?

I guess you don't mind people wondering why you find the insides of your pants so suddenly interesting.

But retains the pointlessness of wearing a fitness band.

Well I basically agree as I don't use a fitness band and don't really plan to use any of the health features of the new watch. But I'm not turning that off either...

Functionality handled better by a non-smart watch.

Yes but that is balanced by the paucity of other abilities a non-watch have. That singular function has not provided enough value for a decade or so now to warrant my wearing a watch at all. But it IS more functional than pulling out the phone so for the HUGE number of people who have stopped wearing watches, that is a net positive feature

Honestly my main complaint with the apple watch is the lock in to apple. ...If you want a smart watch fine, but have the sense to buy one that works with any phone.

So then you must equally hate Android Wear.

Myself I personally think devices that are better integrated will provide notable better function, in terms of both performance and battery life.

I also ordered a Pebble Time, so I'll see...

Comment: Phone has zero tolerance, Watch has much more (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49548131) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

What is Apple's warranty policy for water damage?

In terms of warranty support, the iPhone is not meant to be at all water resistant. Thus the sensors, and sometimes refusing to service if it's be obviously compromised (though Apple is sometimes lenient if you have Applecare).

The watch though is a different story. Although they may have water sensors inside, the expectation and warranty promise is that it can take significant contact with water. Rain is absolutely fine, immersion down to one meter up to 30 minutes long is also fine.

So if you bring in a water damaged Watch, it's a lot harder to say if it was because you exceeded allowed parameters. Perhaps it measures any duration under-water?

That said, AppleCare for the watch gives you up to two body replacements, so if you get AppleCare and swim for a day which wrecks the watch, you can probably just get a new body.

Comment: Yes, BTLE is very low power. (Score 3, Informative) 162

by SuperKendall (#49547561) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

So constantly communicating wirelessly with a device on my wrist is more battery efficient than turning the screen on once in a while?

The OCCASIONAL communication the watch does over BTLE (it's not continuous unless needed by an app) is in fact WAY lower power than turning on a very large high DPI screen and backlight that most smartphones have now.

Except that you can't wear it all the time because it's not waterproof. You even have to take it off in the shower.

Didn't even bother to read the article summary all the way through, did you.

No it's not waterproof. But it's got a pretty standard level of water resistance, which means you COULD wear it in a shower, and I plan to wear it for visits to the pool (since most of my pool time is technically more "standing in water" than swimming).

Also, it only gets around 18 hours of use on the battery

Hint: That's around as much "battery" as most PEOPLE have also. :-)

which means it can't track your sleep like a lot of other fitness devices.

Then you can switch to a device that doesn't suck at monitoring sleep the way something on your wrist meant to mostly measure heart-rate does.

Comment: Speed should be 60FPS (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49547507) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

The selection screen appears to operate below 60 fps, it looks a bit jumpy to a gamer trained eye.

In theory the Apple Watch is supposed to update at 60FPS (that is what developers are targeting for animated sequences).

I could be in that case something uses a framerate drop... although aren't the video links posted here all below 60FPS, which which case how could you tell?

You can't zoom in on photos with pinch, which I felt was a MUST for such a small screen.

And Apple has said (rightfully I think) that pinch is a bad idea on a small screen, because too much is obscured. The crown works very well for that (although third party apps will not be able to use it in that way for a while yet).

Comment: Limited gaming possible on a smart watch. (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49547421) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

I mostly agree. Games where you are just doing things on a smart watch, make no sense to me either. The phone you have really would make more sense.

MAYBE a game where you were just responding to notifications every now and then and response time matters, would work.

Also odd is that it's not like you can have a standalone Apple Watch app. You have to have a phone app also. So what does that do? Have a version of the game with a watch sized screen?

I guess if you consider a Tamagotchi (sp?) a game, that might work also, since you could "feed" it easily.

So there are some edge cases where games might work, but not the games that are being delivered currently.

Comment: Into the Black (Score 1) 162

by SuperKendall (#49547371) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

I ordered one and it will be delivered in mid-may (even though I placed the order 3 mins after midnight -_-)

Enjoy your Space Black watch, I know I will (sometime in mid May also). Pretty sure every other model is shipping earlier than stated.

Too bad they couldn't be ordered without a band that takes 100 man years of effort per link to create.

Comment: Many small solutions through a day (Score 4, Insightful) 162

by SuperKendall (#49547309) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

It extends the battery life of your phone because you are not powering it on as often.

It allows you to filter notifications more than the phone does, so you can know quicker if you should pay attention to an alert.

It allows you to silence a call without even reaching into your pocket doing the Vibration Reaction Dance.

It gives you status on important things happening currently with fewer actions than a phone.

It's like a fitness band you wear all the time but without the single minded pointlessness.

And yes, it also tells the time without having to reach into a pocket...

If you aren't clear what it can do for you, then you may not need or want a smart watch. And that is fine. But there are many small uses which aggregate to form a model, different for each person, of how a smart watch can be useful to them.

Comment: The video does not test full water resist claims (Score 2) 162

by SuperKendall (#49547267) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

The watch conforms to the standard IPX7, which states "withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes"

The video only tests fifteen minutes... I would have liked to see a half hour test, then see if it works, then back in for an hour and see what happened.

Apple recommends that you not swim with the watch, but if you're hardly going under water or not swimming very long it seems like it would be fine.

As for wearing the watch in the shower, it seems like it would be fine but it sounds creepy to me (yes I know Tim Cook says he does that). Even when I had fully waterproof watches I never wore one in the shower, it's like taping over parts you don't want to actually clean... defeats the point.

Comment: Cutting to the chase (Score 2) 75

I like all those layers.

A simpler approach: All system developers dealing with personal data must place alongside any stored person data, their own personal SSN and login details for all of their banking and investment account, along with one embarrassing JPG.

Then just let them do whatever comes naturally.

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