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+ - Data breach at Holiday Inn, Marriott hotels->

Submitted by DTentilhao
DTentilhao (3484023) writes "Lodgers at Holiday Inns, Marriott and Renaissance hotels may have had their payment card details compromised following a new disclosure on Monday of suspected point-of-sale device attacks.

White Lodging Services, a hotel management company, warned in a news release it suspects point-of-sale systems at restaurants and lounges on 14 of its properties were compromised between March 20, 2013 and Dec. 16, 2013."

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Comment: Re:How to make $3.50 online (Score 1) 713

by mattydont (#39983917) Attached to: Icons That Don't Make Sense Anymore
Thank god I read your comment..... as a 24''something, I still remember "B drive" floppy's" yeah those huge fuckers.... But saying icons are dated is like saying the wheel has been around for ever.. lets get rid of it with something else round...... what are people going to start using? You sir are correct, i hate hipsters honestly and i do dryland dog sledding on a kickbike while wearing 5 toe shoes..... But you've probably never heard of it.......

Comment: Back in my Day (Score 1) 461

by mattydont (#39144685) Attached to: Comparing Today's Computers To 1995's
I got my First computer when i was 8 in 97, i think my family paid about $2000AUD for it, being a 200mhz pentium with mmx, 32mb RAM, 2gb HDD 2mb S3 Video creative labs sound card, 17in CRT monitor and windows 95 PLUS!!! that thing lasted for about 5 or so years before it finally died from sea air causing rust. Used to play Age of empires and everything for years never had to update it to play a game, hell it even played MW3 (Mechwarrior 3), You never forget your first....

Comment: Nothing New (Score 1) 128

by mattydont (#38492958) Attached to: Major Australian Retailer Accused of Selling Infected Hard Drives
This is something all major Australian retailers do, i've brought products from major retails (JB-HIFI) and the manual had thing actually written on it. Its sad. I think the the retailers think that people are still dumb, and dont know how to use their products so they just repackage them for the next person to buy and have problems with.

+ - Mandriva 2011 Out->

Submitted by shibashaba
shibashaba (683026) writes "While a few hours before the official launch, Mandriva 2011 is out. Look around for ISO's or click here if you already have Mandriva installed. Mandriva may not be as popular as Ubuntu, but they came long before and had an easy to use and powerful desktop back when it was almost unheard of. 32bit Torrent Here"
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