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Comment: Re:Fuck the drunks! (Score 1) 420

by shibashaba (#48683933) Attached to: Drunk Drivers in California May Get Mandated Interlock Devices

In 2012 there were 30,800 fatal motor vehicle crashes.

In 2012, 10,322 involved alcohol. (31%)

In 2012 there were 112 million self reported episodes of alcohol-impaired driving.

The population of the US is 316 million.

I think the statistics speak for themselves, drunk driving does not significantly increase the chance for a fatal accident. We just happen to be a nation of drunks.

Comment: Re:Too bad. (Score 1) 798

by shibashaba (#42778901) Attached to: AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.

What a load of crap. One of the reasons I left AT&T was a few years ago they decided to opt everyone into a data plan. I had to argue with someone on the phone for a refund. Their line was they wanted everyone to have access to it the web. My phone didn't even have a web browser.

Furthermore, I can't imagine that many people calling AT&T for tech support for something as ubiquitous as an iPhone. There's nothing in the contract that obliges AT&T to provide support for devices people didn't by from AT&T. Makes for a nice cover story though.

Comment: Re:Nice! (Score 1) 240

by shibashaba (#42527405) Attached to: HP Software Update Cancels Food Stamps

Yeah, I'm sure there gonna listen to someone who reports people on a regular basis. There's at least seven people I could have reported. I know what would happen, without having any solid proof other than my observations they would write me off as a nut case sick of paying taxes. Sound like someone you know?

There is no crime in people having opinions. Something you don't seem to understand.

Comment: Re:Nice! (Score 1) 240

by shibashaba (#42526841) Attached to: HP Software Update Cancels Food Stamps

I said opinions. Not options. They are different words with different meanings.

There is little to report in cases like this. It would be defamation at the least without having hard evidence. This discussion was about the welfare system in the USA.

You see, in America there is this principle of innocent until proven guilty. Not to mention, people have rights to privacy. As a private citizen, I don't have the right to investigate other peoples private actions. Most of the funds for welfare come from the federal government or states, which is administered by the local counties. The counties are not going to hire people to investigate what happens with other peoples money.

Comment: Re:Nice! (Score 1) 240

by shibashaba (#42526425) Attached to: HP Software Update Cancels Food Stamps

It's easy to see all around you. It's all these unmarried couples that live together with kids. Man goes out and makes money, while wife stays at home crying about being a single mother. Or the man works under the table.

BTW, common sense has it that people who commit fraud are worse than people who simply have opinions.

Comment: Re:Silly (Score 1) 388

by shibashaba (#41394575) Attached to: Is the Can Worse Than the Soda?

My understanding is that light degrades the taste of beer. Glass, though is a much better insulator. I'm assuming that's why European beers come in cans, since many people over their prefer it at room temperature. Us Americans expect our beer ice cold, which is probably why we usually go for glass bottles.

Comment: Re:C'mon (Score 3, Interesting) 288

by shibashaba (#40488455) Attached to: Exxon CEO: Warming Happening, But Fears Overblown

Tillerson blamed a public that is "illiterate" in science and math, a "lazy" press Yes, the public is about as smart as a rock. But that doesn't mean you need to spin it. Desertification of wide swaths of land as well as the acidification of the oceans will be pretty hard to deal with.

He may be right, but I'll bet he wonders why people hate oil companies universally with comments like this. It doesn't even sound like he tried to spin it, sounds like he was drunk.

And dependence on other nations for oil is not a concern as long as access to supply is certain Not a concern for Exxon, he means.

Of course it's not a concern for Exxon, when you have the US military, NATO and the UN as your personal mercenaries. Once again, sounds like he's drunk. How else could that be interpreted.

Comment: Re:Circles have no end... (Score 1) 277

by shibashaba (#40488375) Attached to: The Long Death of Fat Clients

I'm pretty sure thin clients were the original idea, back when IBM saw a market for about 4 computers.

I do believe that the cloud and thin clients will become far bigger players, but I don't think it's going to shrink the fat client market too much. Bandwidth was just too expensive back in the day for it to be practical with graphical desktops, which is what everyone wanted as soon as they came out. But anyone who is more than just a casual user is gonna opt for a fat client.

Comment: Re:The ADA pushes too hard (Score 2) 694

by shibashaba (#40463303) Attached to: ADA May Force Netflix To Provide Closed Captioning On Content

I keep hearing this argument over and over, but ramps and 'special' bathrooms make life easier for a lot of other customers. Kids for one things. Those special bathrooms give you plenty of room to change diapers. Ramps come in handy for parents with strollers. Not to mention that someone in a wheelchair probably has friends and family that would like to come with them.

It really is an absurd argument. If you only gain 4 customers than you probably didn't have many customers to begin with.

Comment: Re:Is that serious, or a straw man? (Score 1) 694

by shibashaba (#40463253) Attached to: ADA May Force Netflix To Provide Closed Captioning On Content

The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Some things are just so simple most people don't bother to point them out. I'm bored right now.

Congress also has the right to regulate interstate commerce. They also have the right to regulate businesses through the criminal code. Something else very obvious, but contract killings are illegal. I'm sure there's money to be made, but that is beside the point.