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Comment Re:Wake up, Mozilla morons (Score 1) 200

It's better than vanilla Firefox, but it's still crap.

I hate it on small screens. You can't get rid of the huuuuuuuuge zoom %age thing, even though it's taking up half your screen. There are other things that can't be changed, even if you install third-party stuff. Classic theme restorer is a decent college try, but it's fighting a battle that should never have happened.

And if you like rounded tabs, it's so you can stick them up your butt easier.

Comment Re: Why does the summary state (Score 2) 199

The involved believe that the ant-science activists would delay it indefinitely.

Unless there's such a thing as Formicologists, Entomologists is the word you're looking for.

Though why they'd be bothered with telescopes is a bit of a puzzle. Perhaps they're worried that they could be used to fry their subjects.

Comment Re:Stop promoting your own articles StartsWithABan (Score 1) 101

I know about international keyboard layouts, I use UK extended/Welsh for the occasions where I have to write in French.

Bizarre thing is (on crapdot) that If you quote an excerpt containing a funny character, they get mangled, which doesn't make any sense. Copy/pasted from parent:

also enables you to type â £ Â¥ and ® with the [...] You can even do diacritics (i think that's what they're called) such as é, Ã, ñ, Ã, ü

(In preview they're showing as various uppercase A variants.)

I'll type some direct:
MÃtÃrhead, HÃgar the Horrible, chÃteau.

I also suspect that the subject line sometimes acts differently to the body. But heck, I can't be bothered debugging my own shit, why would I bother with whipdice's?

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