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Comment: Re:Hardly seems worth it (Score 1) 91

by mattb112885 (#37303204) Attached to: Facebook Testing Translate Feature For Comments?
A lot of my friends are Chinese and they post in Chinese more often than they do in English. I have been using a firefox plugin to translate, which does a passable job most of the time, but I'm interested in seeing how well facebook could do it. Google's translator for Chinese is not very good in my opinion...

Comment: I thought it had started already... (Score 1) 454

by mattb112885 (#37299844) Attached to: I say (N. Hemisphere) Fall starts ...
Here in Illinois we definitely have all four seasons, in the extremes I've seen it range from somewhere around 0 F and -20 wind chills in the winter to 95-100/100% humidity in the summer... but falls and springs are, in my opinion, well worth the trouble of both. August was very nice (typical of a Fall) until this week, which was a horrible hot, sticky mess. However, since it was only a 4 day stretch I would say the Fall started a couple weeks ago.

Comment: Re:Why this is important (Score 1) 405

by mattb112885 (#34423600) Attached to: NASA Finds New Life (This Afternoon)

"The advantage is that it will not grow outside the very limited environment that provides the necessary arsenic. So if you accidentally spill the toxic tank the bug is not going to propagate and contaminate the rest of the world."

Unfortunately this is not necessarily true, as the organism also could incorporate phosphorus if it was given some in the media (and not given arsenic). However, it is certainly most likely to survive in the environment it has adapted to (i.e. a high-arsenic environment).

However, I still agree that this could be useful for mediation, since arsenic-laiden DNA, proteins, lipids, etc. may be less toxic than arsenic itself.

Comment: Re:Previous measurement error? (Score 1) 289

by mattb112885 (#32841654) Attached to: The Proton Just Got Smaller

Not necessarily, the original source (doi:10.1038/nature09250) mentions two different possible sources of the error, either the Rydberg constant is off or the theory gives an incorrect prediction. Though they mention both possibilities in the abstract, the authors only mention the former in their conclusions (maybe an oversight, maybe they think that is the actual cause).

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