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Comment Re:Eliminating the overhead (Score 1) 111

Most people on contract jobs do very little work.

Just to counter your baselessly "Most people on a salary job do very little actual work" claim.

So who is doing all the "hard work"?

Who empties the bins at the office? Who unblocks the toilet? Who makes sure that you get paid? Lots of people who do actually work.

Comment Re:Or... just hear me out here... (Score 1) 1197

If he could just ask the kids to get inside the house then he has no reason to shoot the drone (apart from being pissed off). And the article said that the hovery thing did not crash in his yard. So there was a small risk it could fail and crash and hurt someone. There was a vastly greater probability of it crashing and possibly hurting someone once he shot it.

Comment Re:first??? (Score 1) 142

I believe that since 1996, in the US, new cars have to have OBDII. It has not stopped people owning older cars. The government has not taken them or required upgrades (what could OBDII tell you in a car from 1910? So no problem.

Apart from possibly, in the future, at some time, or in my imagination, mandating privacy invading policies.

Comment Re:Where are the round-abouts (Score 1) 203

You do know that you are not supposed to drive your vehicle if you CAN NOT FUCKING SEE where you are going or what is driving at you?
I would have thought that there would be Darwin awards there.

Did you also know that backing off to give a large truck space to maneuver is also a good idea. Or perhaps stopping when there is a wall in front of you.

You do know that there is a break peddle along with the accelerator. Perhaps a clutch to confuse the american masses.

Sorry that was not directed at you but the concept of Americans not being able to drive. Roundabouts/traffic circles are not difficult. If you can manage a reverse parallel park then they are trivial.

Comment Re:Not so fast, ... (Score 1) 203

By law, where I live, anything in front of you has priority. Pedestrian, Bicycle, car or pretty much anything (oddly dogs and cats are exempt). It is your responsibility to not hit something in front of you. You are the one driving, you are the one that can see what is in front of you (I hope) So it is your responsibility. It is odd that Jay walking laws do not exist in Europe (apart from Autobans, Motorways etc which are difficult to walk on to)

Oddly it seems to work

As a pedestrian crossing streets California I was bemused by the green light letting peds walk but still allowing cars to drive into the junction.

Comment Re:Run out the Clock (Score 1) 154

In many countries there is no statutory limitation for certain crimes such as murder or rape. Although there is for all other crimes.
In the US it depends on the state.

In sweden I have no idea. In the UK it is generally 7 years but some crime can never be absolved

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