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Comment: Re:Government != Internet engineers (Score 1) 440

by matfud (#49494875) Attached to: Republicans Introduce a Bill To Overturn Net Neutrality

Comcasts customers are already paying to access Netflix. They are paying netflix and paying comcast. How comcast can not cope I do not know. As someone earlier pointed out End points will never provide symmetrical data transfers. It is always downloads. But then they are not stupid so they know that. I know they have a big network but how did they not give netfix a chance. Almost like they deliberately chose to mess around.

Comment: Re:Landed OK but tipped over (Score 2) 117

by matfud (#49478027) Attached to: SpaceX Dragon Launches Successfully, But No Rocket Recovery

Station keeping is slightly different.
The wind and waves may shift the ship but the currents in the water are fairly consistent. The bulk of the ship is in the water and predominately affected by the currents. It takes a while for wind to affect it. and there is little to be done about waves apart from ride over them if small or correct for position afterwards if they are large enough to move the vessel.

Comment: Re:Government != Internet engineers (Score 1) 440

by matfud (#49477771) Attached to: Republicans Introduce a Bill To Overturn Net Neutrality

Netflix do not peer with comcast. Netflix demonstrably has enough bandwidth available to get the data out there (onto the pipes so to speak). Comcast refused to provide the bandwidth from the transit providers to their own network. You know the one that their customers pay for.

I'm not saying that all their customers should always get all the bandwidth they have purchased. Overselling keeps prices down. But if you oversell you should not be surprised if you eventually have to make good on the claims you made. And in this case it did not even involve a massive infrastructure upgrade.

Comment: Re:No real mystery here (Score 1) 48

by matfud (#49381573) Attached to: X-37B To Fly Again

It was originally designed to be launched from within the space shuttles payload bay. Optical spy sats were at an optical limit a long time ago. You can't make a bigger mirror that works and can be launched. You can use Interferometry to get a better image with a wide dispersal of elements but at optical wavelengths that is very difficult and if you want to do it you do not need a reusable craft. It can maneuver but then most satellites used for earth gazing can as well (and they do not have to have the extra mass needed to come down to earth again)

Unless the cost of the equipment or data on it is more than the cost of launching it by a large margin. So bringing it back is worth while.

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