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Comment Re:The liberals are in fact aiding the moslems ! (Score 1) 965

In your opinion Jesus was the light and discarded the old testament. So that means, In your opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. But them Muslims are Evil...Nothing more, nothing less.

If you missed the point your beliefs are as valid as anyones are. Nutters are available everywhere

Comment Re:Gun free zone = target rich zone (Score 3, Insightful) 965

Yep I am sure they are all pointing their army issue guns at each other to dissuade muggings. Or perhaps it is a remarkably state controlled system. Fascist or Communist by your judgement of how things actually work. After all the guns are registered. The population is tracked. Even down to ensuring that they get enough shooting time at the range.

Comment Re:The liberals are in fact aiding the moslems ! (Score 1) 965

Similar to how many Americans claim to be christian. But how and why vary dramatically.

It depends on where you are as to how black and white the religion thing is. In many countries religion is not an important aspect of culture. In others it is very much so. You can go from "do not care much" to rampant Catholicism with protestants along the way.

In the UK we are technically Protestant as the Church of England was set up to allow Henry VIII to ignore the pope. Other countries in Europe have similar wierdnesses. Most due to politics many centuries ago. None of the countries enforce a religion on people. Some take it seriously, Some do not.
When you give people a choice it seems that getting on seems more important then religion.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 78

There are a number of GDS's now (Global distribution systems) derived from reservation systems but most still provide a terminal mode. (The primary mode) I spent a few years scraping the screens to get information for a booking website. When the software was originally developed it was the easiest/only way to get the data you needed and to book flights /hotels/stuff. Plus getting exchange rates, flight routing, connections and paying per query.

Most still seem to run on IBM machines somewhere in the background. And it is fun handling the "cards" especially trying to add all the required information into 32 character people names and spilling into the random additional info fields to store it correctly (along with all the other crap that is now mandated)

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