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Comment Re:On the fly/road measurements (Score 1) 203

I find it interesting that VW was forced to sell its 20% holdings in Susuki (anti trust thingy) for 3.9 billion dollars just hours before VW announced their wrong doing. The price would have been far lower hours later as vw stock price crashed.

Also the CEO of vw had a difficult challenge to his position previously that was due to be up for a board vote next week. He resigned.

Comment Re:Congratulations, dev. nations. West.. not so mu (Score 1) 93

One of the objectives may be to look for frozen H2O. If so they may need to venture into permanent shadow for longer than batteries would be feasible. If they don't need to venture far into permanent shadow then certain areas of craters on the moon have far less than 2 weeks of night and they could recharge using solar.

Comment Re:It's pointers all the way down, jake ! (Score 1) 262

So back to your point about a good combination of memory GC and RAII (memory is well handled by GC, other resources are not handled at all except as a side effect of freeing memory). Java is one language, I am familiar with, that is attempting to give you some features of both without the all out "hang yourself whilst shooting yourself in the foot when jumping out of a plane with a faulty parachute" approach of C++. (It is possible you will miss your foot, hit the rope which will get tangled in the faulty parachute and cause you to land safely with only minor broken bones. It will be fast though ;P

I'm still out on if they are good. I would say better than before.

Comment Re:It's pointers all the way down, jake ! (Score 1) 262

No problem.

Catch and finally for resources have been the bane of Java devs forever. Test for null, attempt to close, have to wrap the close call in an exception. It is not to bad when you have one non memory resource (file, network, sql, etc.) but two or more and it became a mess of nested exception handling and complex finally constructs to try to ensure everything was closed and released.

Comment Re:Limited unlimited (Score 1) 229

Same here. Electricity gets less expensive per unit the more you use. Gas has a fixed unit charge then on top the rates vary. Both far to expensive. How may percent did the rates rise this last year ;) At least electricity is quite cheap off peak. But unlike the US there is only one timezone so demand does drop overnight and you got to keep the power stations running. That is for residential use. Industrial use is often done by negotiation. From what I remember of a huge scrap steel recycling plant that used arcs to melt steel. I suppose that when you install power lines and huge sodding transformers you may get a little discount.

And last month the grocery stores stopped giving away discounts on gas (petrol). Probably as Tescos is in a world of financial trouble. The Co-op is not much better and the rest no longer need to compete on coupons and money back schemes.

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