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masterwit's Journal: A short reflection to end the day. 4

Journal by masterwit

You hear it, "Year of the Linux Desktop", "Cloud Computing", "Internet Kill Switch", "Copyright Reform", and many other hot issues today.

No this year will be quite different my friends... I do believe this year will simply be known as the year companies began listening to their IT department's advice, and spent the time and money needed to remedy their security. (At least to some noticeable extent)

I see this year as the year in which security moved from an issue to a priority, from a recommended option to a requirement, and from an afterthought to foresight.

This year, security becomes paramount.

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A short reflection to end the day.

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  • To me, this will be remembered as

    "The year ICANN completely sold out and killed the web"

    Selling gTLDs is the dumbest thing they could possibly do. Hopefully they will just close up shop entirely shortly thereafter since they no longer have any relevant role and they are essentially going to let registrars completely self-police after this point anyways.

    Unfortunately I haven't found the proper "internet2" solution to invest in yet .

    • I guess my only reflection is what is perceived by the mainstream media and general public. These "hackings" and "stealing of personal" blah blah have really shown a light to the average consumer and how they may be affected by security...and thus the pointy haired boss has taken notice.

      Your point regarding ICANN does piss me off too though...just the average citizen doesn't know enough or care (yet) regarding this issue unfortunately. (Perhaps this is changing, I've been known to be wrong on multiple occ

  • I think you're right about security. I've been trying to get one of my clients to switch to a hardware firewall for years (they currently use the ISA firewall built into Windows Small Business Server). They don't want to spend the money and they don't want to have to use a VPN client to connect to the server when outside the building. They're finally open to the possibility that a hardware firewall is worth the "inconvenience".

    All web servers need to be secured, even if they just render static pages - po
    • Sorry for the late reply - been busy lately.

      Year of Fear

      there is more wisdom to that statement than you would think :)

      This year is becoming the 'Year of Fear', and may be a turning point for corporate (and public) awareness that security is a pillar upon which your business is built - it is not an accessory tacked on after the fact.

      Very well put.


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