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Submission + - Jason Scott of is Trying to Save a Huge Storage Room with Manuals->

martiniturbide writes: Remember Jason Scott of that wanted your AOL & Shovelware CDs early this year. Right now at this moment is he trying to save the manuals of a huge storage room that was going to be dumped. It is a big storage room and some of these manuals date back to the thirties. On Monday a team of volunteers helped him to pack some manuals to save them. Today he needs more volunteers at "2002 Bethel Road, Finksburg, MD, USA" to try to save them all. He is also accepting Paypal donations for the package material, transportation and storage room payment. You can also check his progress on his twitter account.
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Comment First let's consolidate all keyboards. (Score 1) 698

It will be great if it can be some efforts to try to consolidate the keyboards worldwide to have the same number of keys, key shapes and distributions. Why the US Keyboard has a smaller "enter" key compared to the Latin America Keyboard? I fell more important having a big enter key :)

After consolidating the world's keyboards, you can remove with CapsLock key with a knife :)

Comment Re:Also (Score 1) 134

The finger position is not the right one when you use a trackpad. When you use a trackpoint you do not move your hands out of the keyboard area. It is more efficient to use a trackpoint. Also, the trackpad is not as precise of a trackpoint. Sorry but the people that didn't used a trackpoint much do not understands it.

Comment SOM and WPS (Score 3, Interesting) 484

Maybe some people do not appreciate it, but I think that having SOM (System Object Model) and WorkplaceShell (built over SOM) gave some functionality that was never exploited properly. So, building a Frankenstein I will put over the GUI, SOM (maybe the open NOM and somFree) and the Desktop elements will be built over it. (like Workplace Shell). Check out this OS/2 reference graphic:

Comment Re:If you're using GPL code, you have no choice (Score 2) 171

I agreed. If you are using any GPL code, derivative works should be GPL. If you combine BSD, MIT with GPL, it will turn everything to GPL. GPL is not bad, it will remain open source forever (ok, until it became public domain after a lot of years) and it will be great for things to snowball. GPL is only bad where there intentions to close the source code or to combine it with other licenses that allows that.

Comment OS/2 has it in somekind of way... (Score 1) 78

OS/2 at being some modular and object oriented allowed you to fix some bugs on the Workplace Shell (Desktop Interface) (WPS) without access to the source code of it. The trick of OS/2 is that it uses SOM in the middle between the GUI and the Desktop.

Since all the WPS where objects, you just grabbed the clock object (WPClock), and create a child from it, you can incorporate more functionality, or remove the functionality that you didn't like. So on OS/2 you disabled the parent WPClock object and tell that NewWPClock child should be the one that everyone must use.

It is a different way from what this article says, but it does not means this is the first time that someone can extend/fix/improve a program without it's source code.

Submission + - Fans asks Disney for Tron 3->

martiniturbide writes: Disney's Tron fans are trying an online petition requesting the third installment of the film. Their request says:
"Tron: Legacy grossed over 400 million dollars and helped more fully realize the world created in the original Tron. It's a shame that Disney has elected not to move forward with a third Tron film as the universe is ripe to be explored. Sign this petition so that we may show Disney that The Grid is too great to never be shown again and to prove that Flynn lives."

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Comment Re:so what? (Score 2) 202

But I think that there is a difference between a regular company paying exorbitant salaries that has the IP and full control of their product and another "company" that his assets is Creative Commons and that can be "legally stole" (copied) by other one. It is good to put under the scope the executive staff salaries to make some preassure, but we also need to understand that the full wikipedia site can be copied and all their contents can used to create a similar site. I prefer an executives making money this way, than other companies that only hives you a limited right to use their content. On Wikipedia everybody owns the content to copy it and distribute it.

Comment so what? (Score 3, Insightful) 202

Even if they are sitting on money and over-expend it, all their content is Creative Commons, anybody can "Fork Wikipedia". The contribution to Wikipedia to the present days is still there and it is huge. It will be desirable that the extra money will be expended to enrich the content and not waste it, but if we compare how politicians use money today, I prefer that it is being waste on a collaborative open project. I really hope that the same thing happens to someday, that they will be able to sit on money to improve the "library".

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