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+ - All console controllers in your PC->

Submitted by martiniturbide
martiniturbide (1203660) writes "Bliss-Box 4-Play is a multi console controller USB adapter with support for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, PS3 and Raspberry Pi and it already supports 17 controller ports (NES, SNES, Sega Dreamcast, Atari 2600, Virtual Boy, DB9 and more). It does it by having a variety of cables (that are available for sale or DIY) that connects to the main device and it supports up to 4 controllers at the same time. They are trying to get support via kickstater to be able to commercialize this adapter."
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+ - Inside Bratislava's low-cost, open source bike share solution->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Bike Kitchen started WhiteBikes in Bratislava after a failed attempt by the city to finance a similar program. At first users shared donated bikes with the same lock code. They needed a system that would work somewhat automatically without the need for manual rentals (e.g. somebody giving out bicycles).

From there, smsBikeShare was born. Users registered with a mobile phone number and could send basic SMS commands (RENT, RETURN, FREE, WHERE, etc.). The system used an inexpensive SMS gateway API and a local message-back number to receive and respond to messages. Shared bicycles have a coded U-lock with a four-digit number, and upon renting a bike, users receive a code to unlock the bicycle and another to reset it to once they are done.

Send a message, receive the answer, unlock the bike, reset the lock, and you're off pedaling."

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+ - Self-Driving Cars Will Be in 30 U.S. Cities by the End of Next Year->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "Automated vehicle pilot projects will roll out in the U.K. and in six to 10 U.S. cities this year, with the first unveiling projected to be in Tampa Bay, Florida as soon as late spring. The following year, trial programs will launch in 12 to 20 more U.S. locations, which means driverless cars will be on roads in up to 30 U.S. cities by the end of 2016. The trials will be run by Comet LLC, a consulting firm focused on automated vehicle commercialization.

“We’re looking at college campuses, theme parks, airports, downtown areas—places like that,”"

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+ - Enjoy Emulation with an Adapter for All Retro Controllers by: Bliss-Box->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "With 4-Play you can connect any original console controller to a computer with up to four players at once.
The 4-Play is a universal console-to-USB controller adapter with 4 controller ports which allow up to 4 players to play at the same time on the Windows, Mac, Linux, or the PS3 with almost any controller of their choosing.

It uses adapter cables which allow a variety of console controllers to plug into the 4-Play's universal controller port. This allows the 4-Play to support a wide variety of controllers on one USB adapter. The best part? NO DRIVERS!

With the 4-Play almost any console controller in the history of gaming can now be used on Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, and even the PS3!

The 4-Play does not require the installation of software drivers by the user. It's a plug-and-play device right out of the box. Any operating system that is USB aware and can support USB hubs will work with the 4-Play."

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+ - The Guy Who Ruined Dogecoin->

Submitted by sarahnaomi
sarahnaomi (3948215) writes "Dogecoin was never supposed to be taken seriously.

The cryptocurrency based on the doge meme was originally started for shits and giggles. It attracted lighthearted individuals who were more interested in cracking jokes than in getting rich quick, who preferred to donate coins for causes both silly and serious than to hoard troves of digital treasure.

But its greatest strength was also its greatest weakness. The dizzying rise in popularity made Dogecoin a target. Its strong sense of community made it vulnerable.

For a predator, Dogecoin was simply irresistible.

Now, a little more than a year after the alternative cryptocurrency exploded onto the market, a man accused of stealing as much as $4 million worth of digital currency after taking over the online exchange platform MintPal has likely been arrested in the UK, according to multiple reports. But like so much in the bizarre saga of Dogecoin, the truth is difficult to pin down."

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+ - How IBM attracts, promotes and keeps women in tech->

Submitted by backabeyond
backabeyond (2830749) writes "The National Association for Female Executives list of top 50 companies for executive women list had only FOUR tech companies on it. IBM is one and it has been on the list for 17 years. The company has a bunch of programs designed to support women including classes. Sounds like its policies are replicable elsewhere..."
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+ - Ask Slashdot: Why there is not a campaign against "Cloud Exclusive Hardware" ?

Submitted by martiniturbide
martiniturbide (1203660) writes "Today we can see a lot of hardware that is being sold that only works only against a cloud. There are many examples, like the Belkin NetCam HD+ (wifi webcam) that only works if you run it against their service (by seedonk) and if you don’t want to use their cloud, this hardware is useless. This is happening with a lot of new hardware and it does mean that you get the device cheap for being locked to their cloud, you are paying full price for this devices. On the internet there are just little groups trying to hack some of this hardware, but the consumer does not seems to care that if the manufacturer discontinue the service the hardware will be useless. Why there are no complains against this kind of hardware on the internet? Is it useless to fight “cloud exclusive hardware”? Should we care about it? Or we are so used to disposable hardware that we don’t care anymore?"

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