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Why would they need less power consumption. The lumens per watt of most HID lamps is the same or better than LEDs. This Wikipedia page has several examples of the efficiency of different kinds of lights. Most of the LED examples they give show around 50-100 lumens per watt. For metal halide, they show 65-115 l/w, for high pressure sodium it's 85-150 l/w and for low pressure sodium it's 100-200 l/w. It sounds to me like the HID lamps are MORE efficient than the LEDs, so why is it obvious that the LEDs would use "much less power consumption"?

I'm not pretending to be an expert on the issue, as stated this is second hand information - however, that Wikipedia page seems to describe the kind of lights one would use in general lighting. The lights she's shown me are nothing of the kind, mostly a mixture of red(ish) and blue(ish) LEDs. Apparently that's what plants crave (I suppose the light has electrolytes).

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My sister-in-law works developing LED lamps. She's a biologist, was headhunted from the university after her PhD (that was about how different types of UV light affect plant growth) by some engineers. Basically what she does is she tests various configurations of LED lights and fixtures, checks how they affect plant growth, tells the engineers to build "that one". Rinse and repeat.

What she's told me, and I have no reason to doubt this as she's not trying to sell me anything (and the fact that she's very proud of her work ethics), they're getting very much better results than with HIDs. With much less power consumption, obviously. Now, they specifically haven't tested cannabis, but I have a hard time believing the light requirements would be so drastically different than from other very light-needy plants.

The thing is though, they're not yet selling to consumers, just to large commercial greenhouses. The company is still early stages. And she's been unwilling to loan me a unit for test purposes, dammit ;) But I'm willing to bet in a few years HIDs will no longer be the choice, at least when it comes to power consumption and heat; I expect the lights will be quite pricey, at least initially.

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I really recommend you give Bhut Jolokia a try. Yes, it is very, very, very hot, but obviously you don't use that much of it on a meal. Personally I prefer it to Habaneros - they have a bitter taste to them IMHO, while Bhut is really quite sweet and fruity, once you get past the heat. However it's advisable to use gloves when handling it (picking your nose or rubbing your eyes can be an experience afterwards). Also to get rid of the initial "shock", try frying it in oil for a while before adding anything else to the pan (if you do, take care of proper ventilation though, the stuff really can irritate your lungs).

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Even if I were to run Windows, which I don't, and would be inclined to run random programs from the net with admin privileges, which I certainly am not, and even if admittedly there are some situations where modifying the... file that shall not be named is beneficial, you have to admit the guy is desperately in need of medication. And many of those points are redundant.

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I really have no experience with ChromeOS, but I'm guessing you can't (isn't that HTML5 only as well?). I suppose you could replace the webkit/blink libraries in Android with something else, with the risk of breaking some applications; the point was that your application can use another rendering engine in the first place. As for your last question, absolutely yes. My S3 came with the usual assortment of Google apps and Play Store, but sans Chrome.

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Can I run a WebKit based browser on FireFox OS?

From my very cursory understanding of Firefox OS I'm guessing that's a no - there are no native apps at all. But my point was, you can run Gecko on Android. You can't on iOS. Chrome on iOS is really just a wrapper around UIWebView, you don't get to use the V8 Javascript engine. Whether this is reasonable due to security issues or just plain anticompetitive is debatable.

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You can swap it out if you've jailbroken, or simply write your own app with any engine you like (which works fine for personal or enterprise use).

This point I've never quite fully understood - people keep complaining about how insecure Android is (which is a debate for another thread). Yet when discussing shortcomings of iOS, the answer is always "jailbreak" (which might or might not be available, tethered or perhaps not). As it is, at work I've been developing an app for iPad that is HTML5-based. And the performance is worse than what Mobile Safari would offer. If you want your HTML5 app available on the App store, this is a fact you'll just have to accept. This is also the reason you shouldn't expect Firefox on iOS anytime soon.

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