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by marsu_k (#47732171) Attached to: The 2014 Hugo Awards

I find it very telling that even you, who seems to enjoy the movie much more than I do, refer to the characters as Bullock and Clooney. I think that's really what irks me about the movie. Those two are not the right actors. Clooney plays George Clooney very well, but not every movie needs a George Clooney. Don't get me wrong, some movies definitely require him, and then he excels. But George Clooney the astronaut? Doesn't work. Him dicking around in a MMU at the beginning of the film, just wasting fuel? This wouldn't happen.

As for Ms. Bullock, I think she did a good job, no complaints. Nothing spectacular, but nothing really irritating either. But perhaps I've been too conditioned into thinking how Hollywood works - if there are two A-list stars in a film, and one of them dies, there's no way in hell the second one will as well. As such, the rest of the movie is basically watching how Bullock will eventually survive. There is no great surprise. When she hit the ocean I almost walked out of the theatre - get it over with already!

If they would have toned down the action, and had a no-name (or less known even) cast it would have been much more effective. Yes, space is a terrifying place, no need to try to make it more so. As it though, they were almost there (as said, the visuals and sound design were very good), but missed the mark.

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But I found much of the tension to be very artificial. For example (spoilers ahoy!), when Bullock and Clooney reach ISS, both being tethered with a rope. And are no longer moving. Yet, Bullock is forced to cut the rope, because of... what, exactly? (yes, their characters had names, no longer remember them)

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I'm thinking that should probably be "Oyj", although that typo is not so easy to make (was it in the original article - how am I supposed to know? 'tis /.). But what that means (in Finnish, F-Secure is from .fi) is a public company. And whether the company is public or private is quite irrelevant in this context. Just call them F-Secure like everyone else.

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I had a Transformer Infinity (TF700 is the official moniker, I think), also powered by a Tegra 3. Combined with a 1920x1200 display (that was great though) the results were not good. This is due to memory bandwidth on a Tegra 3, which is simply not enough for that resolution. I'm not saying they haven't improved since - I certainly hope so - but I'll wait for actual reviews (not just a few benchmarks) before getting excited. That, and my 2013 Nexus 7 will probably serve me well for a year or two.

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While I agree with you in general terms - this is an issue that has bugged me ever since migrating to KDE4 and apparently I'm not alone. Still waiting for a proper solution (adding another input field in settings doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, configurability is what KDE is about after all, but I'd be willing to edit a text file by hand if that's what it takes; but no progress on the issue so far).

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