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Comment Re:it was just too long (Score 1) 173

- Trying to make everything epic. What ruined the soundtrack in LOTR (and The Hobbit), for me, was the fact that it never shut up. Not every scene requires grand accompaniment.

So much this. A good soundtrack can really enhance a movie. But it doesn't need to underline constantly whether I'm watching a dramatic scene or an action scene (as in LOTR and The Hobbit), or be a selection of the most obvious songs you could think of (Watchmen). As a matter of fact, I think the best soundtrack (or audio design really, as there isn't hardly any music) of recent years was No Country for Old Men. The results were tremendous, I don't think Anton Chigurh was any less terrifying despite not having a theme song accompanying him.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 4, Insightful) 1165

Finland has guns, but little gun crime. I suspect Finland has neither a melting pot of people that the US has and that it has a much better public health system for the poor and disadvantaged than the US does.

As a Finn, I must note (as was also mentioned in the article you linked, but this being /., probably not noticed) that hunting is a still moderately popular, at least in more rural areas. And those who hunt most likely have several rifles. Getting a hand gun requires joining a gun club at the very least. Those hunting rifles, they can be absolutely lethal, but not the optimal choice for mass killings. And while the Finnish economy may be crumbling as we speak, at least currently both social security and mental health services are available for those that require it (the latter in the form of medication, should you prefer therapy you better be able to pay for it or wait quite a while, or be an university student, they have their own health care).

Still, in terms of guns/capita, Finland ranks rather high. Also in homicides/capita. The homicides are mostly people drunk someplace indoors, an argument arises, someone takes a knife from the kitchen. Or along those lines, the streets are rather safe. But we as a nation are prone to both alcoholism and (perhaps due to said alcoholism) violent behaviour. I dread to think what the situation would be if hand guns were more readily available. So personally, I don't think guns should be banned altogether, but heavily regulated.

Comment Re:"I promise to not change anything," he said (Score 1) 46

Now if we're using the PS2 as the benchmark... then everything else made by anyone, ever, was a failure. But expecting anyone (including Sony) to somehow replicate that success story is a tad unrealistic.

While I doubt PS4 will sell more than PS2, during its lifetime, it did sell more than PS2 during the first year.

Comment Re:Mountains and Mole Hills... (Score 1) 136

While I agree wireless charging would be great (and Z5(c) doesn't include the magnetic dock connector anymore), Z5(c) doesn't have the USB port behind a plug anymore, only the SIM and MicroSD. The headphone connector has been plugless since Z2. So there's little need to fiddle with them anymore.

Comment Re:Look how quiet the Atlantic has been (Score 1) 292

TIL: "Quietism is the name given (especially in Roman Catholic Church theology) to a set of Christian beliefs that rose in popularity in through France, Italy, and Spain during the late 1670s and 1680s, were particularly associated with the writings of Miguel de Molinos (and subsequently François Malaval and Madame Guyon), and which were condemned as heresy by Pope Innocent XI in the papal bull Coelestis Pastor of 1687. The “Quietist” heresy was seen to consist of wrongly elevating ‘contemplation’ over ‘meditation’, intellectual stillness over vocal prayer, and interior passivity over pious action in an account of mystical prayer, spiritual growth and union with God (one in which, the accusation ran, there existed the possibility of achieving a sinless state and union with the Christian Godhead)."

How this relates to the climate and/or weather, I do not know, but "quietist" is actually a thing.

Comment Re:A country sized face palm event. (Score 1) 755

You're not allowed to collect trash from roadside in Finland. That requires a 2-day training for roadside safety pass which costs ~150€. Sad part is, I'm not joking.

You may not be joking, but you also should take all the trending social media stories with a grain of salt. That is not to say there wouldn't be too much bureaucracy in Finland, hell yes there is.

Comment Re: Streaming doesn't work (Score 1) 170

Another alternative is to use an Xperia phone/tablet (at least Z2 onwards, don't know about Z1) with GCM10 (a phone/tablet mount that wraps around the controller) and a DS4. Supposedly you can get this to work generally on rooted Android devices as well, not sure about connecting wirelessly to the DS4. It works reasonably well, and obviously you have all the buttons you'd have while playing PS4 regularly. Slight caveat though, I've never got it reliably to work when both the phone and console are connected to the same WLAN, the PS4 has to be wired. My upstream is so pathetic that I haven't even tried streaming via Internet, but apparently it can work too.

Comment Re:Why keep funding any of it? (Score 1) 44

In principle, I agree with you. In practice, hell no. Sure, it'd be nice to have native apps. On the other hand, we're talking about a platform whose penetration is probably measured in fractions of a percentage. If app developers neglect even WP, which has a market share measured in some percentages, why would they develop native apps for Sailfish? Hint: they won't. Thus, the only viable "enter strategy" is to have an emulation layer for a relatively popular platform. Android is the obvious choice, but it could be as well (barring technical limitations) iOS or WP. Or they could go Blackberry - scratch that, they emulate Android already.

Comment Re:Why keep funding any of it? (Score 2) 44

As a former N900 (which ran Maemo, which became Meego and would later be known as Sailfish) user, I really would hope it takes off. The multitasking (even in Maemo, I should assume it is better in later incarnations) is still miles better than what Android offers. Having said that, I admit being somewhat "tied" to the Android ecosystem as it is, so good Android emulation would be a requirement (and I have no idea how well Sailfish does this as of now).

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