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Comment Re:Why bother? (Score 2, Insightful) 195

Um... yeah, so the order of the listings on the Sci Fi/Fantasy page is kind of lame. Alphabetical order does that.

My advice to you is to skip past the ones you don't want to see to the ones you DO. For example, I watched "I, Robot" the other night, with a buddy.

It was a 40 minute download (YMMV) for $2.99. And yes, we spent that 40 minutes making popcorn, chatting, and such. The movie was great - my friend's video projector put it up at a whopping 60 inches, and yes, it was good quality at that level.

And no, I didn't try downloading it from ThePirateBay, but now that you mention it, here I go... Ok, I got a torrent, and yeah, it will be another 3 hours 40 minutes until it's downloaded at 64KB/s.

What is your time worth? I'd say on a Friday night, I'd rather pay $2.99 to download a movie in 40 minutes than get it for free in 4 hours. Seems like a good deal to me.


Submission + - Matt Groening On Futurama and Simpsons Movie

keenada writes: "Though The Simpsons has declined in popularity in recent years, it still has a cult and popular following worldwide. Matt Groening (rhymes with raining) sits down with Crave to discuss his new movie, and the future of Futurama."

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