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Comment: Re: Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 743 743

You rail on devaluing currency as fraud, but am I really supposed to cry a year for these creditors? If they think this possibility might exist then they should account for it. Seriously, ccreditors took a gamble and they lost! If it is too risky then don't loan these countried any money. It is that simple. They got exactly what they deserve.

Comment: Re:So like Japan? (Score 1) 950 950

Get a thicker skin. If you were walking in the park and saw a guy playing a guitar, maybe the song is something you remember from a while ago but you can't quite remember. You strike up a conversation by complementing his playing ability, to which he thanks you and continues playing. You then ask what song he is playing and the guy tells you to fuck yourself and gets nasty.

Your initial reaction is probably to scoff and get indignant at the guy for being so rude suddenly and just walk away. You might even try to understand what would possess the guy to act in such a ridiculous way and wonder if you might have come off as offensive by accident, maybe give them the benefit of the doubt.

Regardless you can look at this is the same way as trying to get to know a woman you just met and have her react this way. Maybe she got the wrong impression because she deals with a lot of jerks constantly. You can give her the benefit of the doubt and move on. Or perhaps she is just a shitty person then fuck her,she isn't good enough to hang with you anyway. If you feel like your heart is getting ripped out of your chest it is because you are projecting not who she clearly demonstrates to be from what little you can gather but you really really REALLY hope and want her to be. You aren't looking at her or the situation clearly.

Comment: Re:They trained their replacements (Score 1) 612 612

Why in the hell would anyone train their replacement though? If you see your job forcibly being taken over by someone else, I would say screw you and walk away.

Because usually when a company asks you to train your replacement they hold a 6-12 week conditional severance package over your head to make sure you behave in your last handful of weeks.

Once you realize that you are about to lose your job that 12 week severance looks pretty enticing, especially since the majority of working Americans are a couple missed paychecks from losing all money in their checking and savings.

Comment: Re:Shocked he survived (Score 2) 327 327

You're defending his actions as an example of someone using his right to free speech, and ignoring the fact that his complaint is that there IS free political speech. He wants the government to limit political speech, not protect the freedom to make it.

Are you seriously this dense? Money is not speech. The ability to use money to unfairly gain an advantage and monopolize information that is disseminated to the public is not speech. It would be akin to a public debate, where every time the other person speaks I blow an air horn so nobody can listen. People like you are defending his right to blow the air horn as a 1st amendment right.

Freedom of speech yes but the very tenant of a functioning democracy requires at its core that people with something to say can be heard and that the electorate is able to easily hear all sides of the issue to make an informed decision. This overload of money in politics is nothing more than an attempt to create an information bubble with the intent to deceive the electorate from being truly informed.

Comment: Re:They said that about cell phones (Score 1) 386 386

Robotic cars are not about creating a new transportation system, it is about fixing a design flaw in the current system that causes tens of thousands of deaths each year: the human driver.

Forgive me being pedantic about this but robotic drivers are not necessarily going to prevent all accidents and all auto fatalities even in a perfect world where every driver is robotic. We still have acts of God, things outside of a computers control that can't be reacted to fast enough to prevent an accident. I am thinking about deer and fauna specifically jumping into a highway. Many people die from this alone every year. /pendantic

Comment: Re:My 0.02 (Score 1) 222 222

Micromanagement NEVER works!

Really? Both Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos were widely infamous for being micro managers and being extremely stressful and unpleasant to work for. Simply because it might suck to work for these people didn't mean they were any less successful and any less of a visionary.

Comment: Hardware keyboards not the issue with Blackberry (Score 2) 132 132

I used to be a Blackberry fan back in the day when it was ahead of the curve. It wasn't until a year and half ago that I tried an Android phone for the first time and I was shocked at how much better quality I have. There simply is no other way to describe how BlackBerry fails on every mark in the current day.

The OS crashed frequently. The app store had a terrible selection and the apps that existed were poor quality and buggy. The browser was slow and difficult to use. The speaker was awful quality whether I was on the phone or playing music, and it got even worse when I connected my headphone jack or auxilliary cable into my car's stereo. The sound quality was easily 4x improved on my Android. Voice command? Laughably bad. I couldn't even get it to recognize the word "Call".

The only thing I miss about it is the physical keyboard which I do type faster on, however that is just simply not enough to keep their dwindling customer base. They didn't keep up and now they are essentially dead. Just like with the Republican party, I will never go back again as long as I live.

Comment: Re:I absoluetly bet it is Sex Blackmail! (Score 1) 580 580

It amazes me that people can't REALLY see what is going on here. You are almost at the inevitable conclusion and I agree with everything you said, however...

The evidence is pretty weak that North Korea was involved. Decompilation of the malware on Sony machines revealed that there were hard coded file paths to extremely specific targeted resources on their network. This isn't the kind of information that a hacker would just be able to figure out and code to. Add into this mounting skepticism over the threat letter by linguists claiming that the misspellings and poor english in the letter looked intentional and even speculated that it appeared to read like an American trying to possibly come off as Korean. Let me further also add that the information obtained would have been incredibly valuable if the attacker had blackmail in mind. This information could have made the attacker wealthy if the threat of revealing it to the world still existed, however if the attacker were truly motivated by money then why put it out there for the world to see?

North Korea is incredibly unlikely to do this without help from the Chinese, and what would the Chinese stand to benefit from helping them hack Sony over a comedy?! The attackers didn't reveal the threat until after speculation about the Interview and N. Korea started occurring. It seems too convenient that the attacker can latch onto this dialogue to turn a potential criminal investigation away from himself(s).

The most likely conclusion is that this was clearly an inside job. The evidence overwhelmingly points to this and to the fact that the insider was not motivated by money but by a deep hatred and revenge for Sony and its executives. It must be a disgruntled employee. The government of course wants to push the dialogue that N.Korea was involved so that they have justification for action against N. Korea and/or China. Perhaps they want justification for cyber war with the Chinese and governmental control and protections for American Corporations that run our government.

Comment: Re:Is it more difficult? (Score 1) 241 241

It's like IT has become superficial and vacuous, and the decisions are being made by idiots who don't know which parts of technology add value to the business/support core business activities and are necessary.

I think it is pretty obvious that IT has become superficial and vacuous because the people leading IT in most organizations are superficial and vacuous status seekers. A long long time ago IT departments were typically run by the grey beards that were running network cables and standing up servers before they were promoted to management. Having had a long career of rolling their sleeves up, they were by and large adequately prepared to lead in IT services for the company.

Today organizations proudly proclaim that they merge business and IT so that the benefits of IT can be greater realized. It sounds good on paper, but what happened in reality is that business folks have dominated the old IT departments. We have MBA's running the show now that do not understand the first thing about upgrading a woefully outdated legacy software package or performing necessary server maintenance.

Companies that used to promote their people from within no longer do. These departments are now riddled with the same problem people you see in middle management of most companies. Status seeking, brown-nosing, buzz word feeding, cost cutting and blame passing. It is easy to see why the departments they run are also superficial and vacuous.

Comment: Re:Snarky yet true (Score 1) 488 488

Why aren't companies paying more people to work on Open Source projects.

The same reason that companies would continue to dump chemicals into our rivers, burn sooty disgusting coal, put asbestos in our homes or pay their people a non-living wage if there wasn't regulations to prevent these kinds of societal abuses. It is frankly because a company has a sole motive to make profit for owners and investors, and in a truly free market capitalistic society void of such restrictive regulations would result in a mutually assured destructive race to the bottom. If everybody else is dumping nuclear waste into a river then I can't afford not to. If my competitors factory is paying under $10/hr then i have to do the same to stay competitive. Once every player reaches the bottom there is no more collective bargaining for the workers or customers to vote with their feet. Where would they go? They have no choice to improve their situation.

So open source projects are in essence a microcosm for societal wealth, in that companies exploit the benefits of the society that they operate in and in their race to the bottom choose not to contribute back.

Comment: Why ask Slashdot of all forums?! (Score 2) 111 111

This is probably one of the most unfriendly forums to yourself that you could possibly engage for feedback. Do you feel that you must defend yourself to the most critical audience? Or did you pull a Malcolm Gladwell and jump into a topic that you know nothing about it and then when you realize your in over your head, decide to try and twist the evidence to fit your ill conceived hypothesis?

Comment: Re:Anyone actually compare before and after?... (Score 1) 739 739

You put a lot of thought into these things, here are my thoughts on various points you bring up:

Make healthcare prices more visible. I completely agree with this but to understand why they are not we have to think about how healthcare prices are determined. There is an annual (maybe bi-annual?) conference where some hundreds of physicians prominent in their branches of medicine and known as experts get together and discuss the appropriate costs and thus fair prices to be charged for just about any medical procedure that can possibly be billed for. The result of this conference is the price book for what Medicare will pay for anything. The medical community in its entirety basically uses this as their starting template for what private individuals and insurance companies should pay for their services as well. So some handful of people are setting some ridiculous prices year after year that are the very epicenter of rising costs. I bet you are already thinking in your head the major problem here. A handful of Gynecology physicians basically get together and decide what a fair price is for Medicare to pay them, it is the mother of conflict of interests. The higher price they set the more money they stand to make, especially if those physicians happen to be known as experts in a rare type of procedure that few know. They can come up with some extraordinary number and know people will come across the country to see them personally if one of those Gynecology experts doesn't happen to live in their city. Other factors for why they decide on a higher price usually have nothing to do with the procedure itself and sometimes if the insurance company decides to stop paying a proper amount for various medical supplies that are used in other procedures. They will often up charge with the anticipation that insurance companies will try to bilk them in other areas. The problem is a difficult one to solve especially since Medicare to be fair needs to know a fair market price and relies on experts in the field to tell them, so it really is the medical community in this country that really takes the lions share of blame here. How we solve that I don't know.

Send people a check and they can shop around. Assuming we solve the price transparency issue and rising costs, this might help to curb medical costs even more. I think market based healthcare can really only work if it is single payer to the patient and let them decide where to spend that money.

People abuse Emergency Rooms, they are always in the Red. Yes but if we had true single payer and people could actually get paid or reimbursed for non emergency healthcare then this problem mostly solves itself. Right now many hospitals pretty ingeniously recover a large chunk of that money lost in giving free and charity care to poor and disenfranchised peoples. They write off those losses on their books as charitable donations. If they can accumulate enough of these "charities" then they qualify for Non-Profit corporation status which gives them a slew of tax benefits that sometimes more than make up any operating losses in their emergency room.

Why don't people talk to doctors online and save money and time? This is already a thing and there are a lot of startups right now trying to solve this problem in an innovative way. People can post their symptoms and be connected with a physician or PA that can talk with them one on one and try to come up with a diagnosis. Perscriptions can be automatically filed and sent to your preferred pharmacy when applicable. Last I checked though, insurance won't pay for stuff like this until Medicare adds it to their price book and we come full circle back to the physician conference.

Comment: Re:Conservatives don't accept that Humans are anim (Score 1) 330 330

Well no I didn't just preconceive an argument and try to find ways to support it. I did have an emotional reaction though but only because I used to be staunchly conservative and libertarian before I went through a period of transformation. I emotionally react to conservatives now with a disgust but also an understanding of the emotions that I had at the time. I had a particular disgust at that time with people that didn't live up to the standards of what i felt a quality person should be. I realized just how animalistic, primal and backwards the majority of humanity truly is and I lost faith that Libertarian values truly could better the human condition. I sort of became a Liberal in certain aspects, however in others I believe that an authoritarian government keeps our animal and predatory behaviors in line. Something akin to Socialism might work in a country with high amounts of wealth and only with high amounts of relative wealth, otherwise the country might do well if they are lucky enough for a benevolent monarchy. At least that gives a chance at a successful society. I very much believe a successful Libertarian society is never possible until such day that humanity transcends their more primal nature. Even moving in that direction is a bad idea as it allows bad behavior from powerful groups to further hurt people and cause societal unrest. It is in much the same way that in a third world African country without a strong dictator is run by powerful gangs that impoverish and hurt the common people. Strong government prevents abuses more often than causes them.

These are beliefs I built over my life based on my life experiences and triggered by deep emotional reactions. They molded the logic behind my observation just as you said. Pretty much what went through my head was that I had to google animal reminder disgust then it seemed obvious to me that since I view humanity as hopeless animals and since the birth of that belief in me was untenable with my previous Libertarian beliefs, that perhaps the opposite is true, perhaps a conservative or libertarian has a profoundly optimistic view of human nature and defaults to seeing people in the best possible light, that our default state is transcended human and not an ignorant ape. This thought gave me a positive emotional reaction (intuition).

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