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Comment Re:'murkans r stoopid? (Score 4, Insightful) 519

it is not something that is inherent in poverty, either.

No that is the exact opposite conclusion actually. It has EVERYTHING to do with REAL poverty.

The problem with comparing the US to other advanced countries is that with the social services and money that is spent on them in those countries, even when you are born into a poor family in Sweden lets say, you are immediately and profoundly more wealthy than your American counterpart. This wealth isn't judged in dollars, cents and purchasing power however in excellent public transportation, strong workers rights, disability programs, top notch education for all, excellent first world healthcare, retirement benefits and more.

Societal wealth makes all the difference here. A better comparison to America would be a country like Saudi Arabia. You have a handful of disgustingly wealthy people who control almost all of the actionable power and wealth in society, a single digit percentage of REAL middle class (and I mean the real definition of middle class not this bogus American definition that was created for political expediency). If you are REALLY middle class then you are afforded modern conveniences and a level of financial, retirement, educational and healthcare security to where you don't have to frequently worry too hard about being poor in the near or long term future.

Also just like Saudi Arabia, the rest of the society is so broke they're broken, so poor they can't even pay attention.

Comment Re: NUKEM!! NUKEM NOW!! (Score 1) 728

Umm, this is incorrect. Signers of international treaty on war agree that every effort should be made to avoid harming unarmed field medics if possible. A sniper firing on a field medic is only justified to fire on a medic if the medic is carrying a weapon and is threatening lives. Otherwise this is against rules of engagement.

Comment Re:What is your views on Y Combinator? (Score 1) 129

They take control of your business by basically giving founders a playbook in how to extort employees by giving them terrible stock options where they can be watered down with each round of funding, and then teach founders how to fellate their egos that they are somehow the same, temporarily embarrassed entrepreneurs just a few years away from being millionaires themselves.

They work their employees like they are founders but when the company takes off they are often left behind with a pathetic payout in comparison. This is what YCombinator does for startups. You are probably just too young to remember what Silicon Valley was like before they came around.

Comment What is your views on Y Combinator? (Score 3, Interesting) 129

Hi Jeff, I am a long time Stack Exchange user and community moderator on Programmers.

You seem to operate your startup space out of New York as opposed to the popular incubator location of the Silly Valley. Is this out of a conscious choice or rejection of the Silicon Valley VC culture? If so, what is your opinion of the potentially unethical recruiting strategies and inherent discrimination of these strategies as employed and evangelized to founders by organizations like Y Combinator? Do you have any opinions of Y Combinator?

Comment Why is this a problem? (Score 0) 29

Perhaps this is my failure to truly understand the scope of the problem, but where is the real motivation for hackers to compromise MRI machines and CAT scanners? Seriously. Why would somebody go to any level of effort and for that matter risk the felony charges that would come as a result?

I am not questioning that such a thing would be a violation of privacy. I am also not questioning that there is potential for serious harm to be maliciously done to or against somebody. I merely question the scope of the threat in terms of motivating factors. It is clear to me the motivating factor of compromising email. Serious hackers are motivated by Nationalism/Activism, financial gain, or sexual thrill/lulz. Hack the email account of important people or enemies and use private information to damage them or their cause. This can also get you closer to hacking their bank account for money, or possibly finding lewd or compromising content that can be used to blackmail them for money. Or maybe you are just doing it for the thrill of potentially finding sexual content that others are not supposed to see.

Beyond just the occasional script kiddie doing it for the lulz, I don't see many motivating factors to go through the trouble. Even if you leave the door to your house wide open, the vast majority of people won't risk walking in, especially if they know there is little of value in the house, and especially if they know the danger of being caught. It is still trespassing even if your door is open because of the fact that you weren't invited.

Comment Re:H1B visa reform (Score 1) 305

US should loosen these artificial restrictions that so that everyone is competing on the same level field.

So Americans trying to raise a family, for a career that they worked hard at is forced to compete with somebody that will live in a shoebox apartment with several other people, and send what little money they have left back home to their families? How does that help anybody?

A race to the bottom. The kind of competition you speak of would be an earth shattering wet dream for the IT industry. You make it sound like that somehow companies are fighting for the top talent, what kind of bubble do you live in seriously? In IT? Top talent? Please. The vast majority of IT workers aren't doing breakthrough algorithms to advance machine learning. They are writing LOB apps, setting up tablespaces in Oracle and creating JMS queue conection pools in WAS.

Businesses just want capable bodies in chairs when it comes to IT. They also just barely tolerate the fact that they pay a little more than the median salary for the region. These H1B's are products of the Indian higher education system keep in mind. They are quite purposefully molded to NOT think out of the box and be creative.They aren't competing on their own merit in a perfect world. They are just there because they are cheap and willing to put up with long hours and abuse.

Your being a little naive.

Comment Re: Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 743

You rail on devaluing currency as fraud, but am I really supposed to cry a year for these creditors? If they think this possibility might exist then they should account for it. Seriously, ccreditors took a gamble and they lost! If it is too risky then don't loan these countried any money. It is that simple. They got exactly what they deserve.

Comment Re:So like Japan? (Score 1) 950

Get a thicker skin. If you were walking in the park and saw a guy playing a guitar, maybe the song is something you remember from a while ago but you can't quite remember. You strike up a conversation by complementing his playing ability, to which he thanks you and continues playing. You then ask what song he is playing and the guy tells you to fuck yourself and gets nasty.

Your initial reaction is probably to scoff and get indignant at the guy for being so rude suddenly and just walk away. You might even try to understand what would possess the guy to act in such a ridiculous way and wonder if you might have come off as offensive by accident, maybe give them the benefit of the doubt.

Regardless you can look at this is the same way as trying to get to know a woman you just met and have her react this way. Maybe she got the wrong impression because she deals with a lot of jerks constantly. You can give her the benefit of the doubt and move on. Or perhaps she is just a shitty person then fuck her,she isn't good enough to hang with you anyway. If you feel like your heart is getting ripped out of your chest it is because you are projecting not who she clearly demonstrates to be from what little you can gather but you really really REALLY hope and want her to be. You aren't looking at her or the situation clearly.

Comment Re:They trained their replacements (Score 1) 612

Why in the hell would anyone train their replacement though? If you see your job forcibly being taken over by someone else, I would say screw you and walk away.

Because usually when a company asks you to train your replacement they hold a 6-12 week conditional severance package over your head to make sure you behave in your last handful of weeks.

Once you realize that you are about to lose your job that 12 week severance looks pretty enticing, especially since the majority of working Americans are a couple missed paychecks from losing all money in their checking and savings.

Comment Re:Shocked he survived (Score 2) 327

You're defending his actions as an example of someone using his right to free speech, and ignoring the fact that his complaint is that there IS free political speech. He wants the government to limit political speech, not protect the freedom to make it.

Are you seriously this dense? Money is not speech. The ability to use money to unfairly gain an advantage and monopolize information that is disseminated to the public is not speech. It would be akin to a public debate, where every time the other person speaks I blow an air horn so nobody can listen. People like you are defending his right to blow the air horn as a 1st amendment right.

Freedom of speech yes but the very tenant of a functioning democracy requires at its core that people with something to say can be heard and that the electorate is able to easily hear all sides of the issue to make an informed decision. This overload of money in politics is nothing more than an attempt to create an information bubble with the intent to deceive the electorate from being truly informed.

Comment Re:They said that about cell phones (Score 1) 386

Robotic cars are not about creating a new transportation system, it is about fixing a design flaw in the current system that causes tens of thousands of deaths each year: the human driver.

Forgive me being pedantic about this but robotic drivers are not necessarily going to prevent all accidents and all auto fatalities even in a perfect world where every driver is robotic. We still have acts of God, things outside of a computers control that can't be reacted to fast enough to prevent an accident. I am thinking about deer and fauna specifically jumping into a highway. Many people die from this alone every year. /pendantic

Comment Re:My 0.02 (Score 1) 222

Micromanagement NEVER works!

Really? Both Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos were widely infamous for being micro managers and being extremely stressful and unpleasant to work for. Simply because it might suck to work for these people didn't mean they were any less successful and any less of a visionary.

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