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Comment Re:Profit (Score 1) 94

So actually, they have to do more than just cut a check. FCC Press release
In its consent decree with the Enforcement Bureau, Verizon has agreed to:
  • Pay a fine of $2 million to the U.S. Treasury;
  • Commit an additional $3 million over the next three years to address the problem of rural call completion on a company and industry-wide basis;
  • Appoint a Rural Call Completion Ombudsman within Verizon to centralize analysis of rural call completion problems;
  • Develop a system to automatically identify customer complaints that may be related to rural call completion issues;
  • Limit its use of intermediate providers, i.e., telecommunications providers between the Verizon network and the local rural provider, that are often the source of call completion problems;
  • Monitor its call answer rates to individual rural areas and conduct an investigation when rates to an area fall below a set threshold in any month;
  • Host industry workshops and sponsor an academic study on methods to detect and resolve rural call completion problems;
  • Provide quarterly summaries of its investigations to the FCC and meet periodically with Commission staff to identify lessons learned; and
  • Prepare a report to be publicly filed with the Commission at the end of the three-year compliance period.

Comment Marijuana vs. lung cancer (Score 1, Troll) 281

Google results like this one?

or this?

At best, you can say that there are no definitive studies linking the two, but it appears that most combustibles emit carcinogens when burned.

I'm not saying that's a reason to ban marijuana, but, like with tobacco, users should really make informed choices.

Comment Expanding? (Score 0) 117

the state is unquestionably expanding

By definition, New Mexico lies between the 103 W and the 109 03' parallels (mostly). The only way New Mexico could be getting wider is if the earth's radius is increasing, pushing the meridians apart. Since Arizona is bounded on the west by primarily by rivers, maybe it's the one getting wider (or Arkansas!)

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