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Comment: Re:Drop the hammer on them. (Score 1) 1254 1254

I am Belgian. Greece owes me, my wife and children over 3000 euro.

This is only true because you let your corrupted elected officials turn the once privately owned Greece debt into your public debt. They did it so that major German and French bank banks remain competitive.

EU leaders have a greater responsability than the People of Greece. And you are responsible for not checking (not even knowing!) what your elected official did.

Now we could spread Greece debt on 40 years as they asked, and you would not loose a euro cent. But EU leaders wanted to make an example: There Is No Alternative. Hence their only acceptable plan was to loan Greece money so that they could payback, and ask them to destroy their own economy. In the end Greece chose default and everyone loose.

Comment: TARGET2 (Score 1) 1254 1254

Now perhaps the EU could either reconnect Greece to TARGET2 or acknowledge they have excluded them in a way that was not considered in EU treaties.

And on that later point, I cannot wait to see Greece suing the European Central Bank in the EU justice court, since the ECB acted in contradiction with the treaties.

Comment: Re:So paying more in the long run is better? (Score 1) 52 52

Was this some sort of lease to own scheme? Municipalities tend to pay very little for cash less than a leasing company

EU, which is always ahead on the matter of economical stupidity, now even mandates member state to that a deficit under 0.5% of GDP, which means loaning to invest is forbidden. It seems considered better to spend money to lease instead of paying a debt.

Comment: ATX power supply (Score 1) 66 66

I just replaced a fried power supply from a 30 years old 8 bit computer. I used a modern ATX power supply and it works fine.

As noted earlier, the only problem is the missing -5V line, which existed in AT power supplies but was removed in ATX. But many ATX power supplies still offer the -5V line through the "reserved" pin 20 (it faces the grey wire "power good" on pin 8). If there is a white wire there, you have it.

Comment: Your tax dollars at work (Score 1) 834 834

This is US taxpayer dollars at work, but it may not be that bad, actually.

US economy works through permanent Keynesian stimulus on military industry. Public money pored here irrigate the whole economy, even after profit has been made, since the thing is really big: US accounts for 50% of worldwide military expenses.

The problem is that having huge military expenses means you have a huge military power, and the temptation to use it, which will make everyone in the world hate you. The F35 is a solution to this problem: big expenses, but no military power gained. This is a very clever move.

Comment: Re:I don't get the problem with going after Uber (Score 1) 333 333

Anyway, I really just don't think the Police are at all interested in dealing with the Uber

Police started busting UberPOP users yesterday in Paris: stopping cars with one passenger at the back and checking if that person and the driver knew each others.

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