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Comment European Union (Score 1) 93

Just to be precise: the European Space Agency (ESA) is not part of the European Union.

The former is about science and the later about forcing neoliberalism through unwilling People's throats. Current EU rules would probably forbid the creation of a ESA-like thing today.

But to be fair, EU also contribute to ESA budget.

Comment Re:Mdsolar strikes again with unrealistic FUD (Score 1) 346

The point relies on a concept called "investment"

With interest rates as low as they are, there's lots of things out there calling for investments.

The investment here is on greenhouse gas emission: emit more once in order to emit less in the long run. Interest rate on money are irrelevant, as the goal is not to maximize profit.

Comment How it can happen (Score 2) 61

I recall the story a friend of mine told me, when he was in charge of public works.

Workers came to him telling the found a huge cable while excavating. I answered "We asked for all authorization and they were granted, hence pull it off

Within 15 minute, the city was full of national telco branded cars, with workers opening manholes everywhere. He asked what was going on and was replied they had a major transatlantic link cut. It seems the maps were not up to date, and authorization to dig was granted on basis of wrong data.

Comment This is not the Europe you are lookig for (Score 1) 127

The title is wrong, both in the original article and in Slashdot summary.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is not a European Union (EU) institution. It stems from the Council of Europe (CoE), a much larger organization that includes 47 states. A lot of them are not part of EU, such as Russia for instance

Comment Re:LAWNET : double-sekrit copyright, too (Score 1) 287

No mere mortal will be able to read all the relevant law in one lifetime.

This cognitive limitation does not prevent judges from establishing landmark rulings that disregard laws that have been unused for a long time. This makes the job of telling what law is relevant or not very human, and not AI-friendly at all.

Comment Re:Robo-Readers (Score 1) 287

death knell for the rather dubious practice of "burying the opposition in paperwork."

Quite the contrary: drowning opposition in AI-generated paperwork will be cheap. But at some time, human judges will start rejecting excess of paperwork, as they also have to peek at it.

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