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Comment Oudated (Score 1) 485

First, french death penalty was carried using the guillotine. It replaced hanging in 1790 and death penalty was abandoned in 1981 anyway.

Second, we have trouble to understand how years-old Snowden revelations could have something to do with today's events. We would be better looking at why Francois Hollande decided to supply weapons to Assad's opposition, helping IS to grow.

Comment "mercliess" response (Score 1) 728

Francois Hollande has vowed to undertake a "mercliess" response to the attacks.

It is difficult for a bomb to tell the difference between an Islamic State militant, and the average person living in an Islamic State controlled area. That means the "mercliess" response will probably be a bloodbath for a lot of innocent Syrian people.

Comment Re:They can only improve (Score 1) 84

In this drill, the french submarine was playing the role of an hostile country. It was able to sneak below the US carrier without raising any alarm. Since it was not detected, it was able to sink the carrier and its escort. The article does not say if the submarine would have been able to escape from the field without being identified afterwards.

A decade years-old submarine able to destroy billions of US Navy gear, that is no good news.

Comment Another non-binding resolution (Score 1) 53

This is another non binding resolution. The EU parliament is a fake parliament, which cannot really force the commission into doing something (I understand it could revoke it, though, but I am not sure since it never hapened)

The EU court of justice did the hard work, though, when it stroke down the US-EU safe harbor agreement..

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