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Comment Re:I want to see the video... (Score 1) 102

The first thing a new government done after kicking out Yanukovich was to organise a democratic elections for a new president

That does not fix the constitutional problem. Poroshenko may claim some legitimacy because he won election by a high margin, but the constitution itself is now viewed as illegitimate by a lot of people. Poroshenko is the legitimate president of an entity that is not Ukraine as we knew it.

It would have been easy to fix that, by just crafting a new constitution and having it approved by the People of Ukraine. I still do not understand why it was not done.

Comment Re:I want to see the video... (Score 1) 102

The Rada voted Yanukovich out - even including a majority of his own party. Russia claims that "proper parliamentary procedure" was not followed, but they're not the arbiter of that, the Ukrainian constitutional court is.

Correct me if I am wrong, but IIRC the constitutional court was revoked before it had its word on Yanukovich revocation procedure.

But breaking constitutional rule may be okay, if this is the People will. After all, any serious revolution is about changing constitution (or creating one). My understanding of Ukraine's new power sins is that constitution was broken, but no new constitution was produced. As a result, the supreme rules seems to apply in some situations but not others, which makes it illegitimate.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 226

not likely something that would happen in only a few generations, or even a few thousand.

But how long is a generation for the HIV?

That said, if somebody does get infected with HIV while on this drug, they should completely abstain from sex, or else it's back to the drawing board.

If that is a requirement, it is doomed to fail, but why should people abstain?

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 226

Can somebody explain the biochemistry on that?

Usually, nucleus DNA gets transcripted into RNA. HIV takes the path backwards (this is reverse-transcription) and use specific biochemistry for that. The drug attacks that pathway.

I guess it must be effective to a much larger class of virus, but don't worry: they will adapt. After all there is no real need to infect the nucleus, RNA is enough for some viruses, ad far as I understand

Comment Re:Should corporations be above national law? (Score 1) 728

Because if I can get away with murder, that necessarily implies that there is "no political community able to enforce [laws against murder]"

There are several cases to distinguish

If it is not known your are the murderer, then you get away with it, but the sovereign will to ban murders remains intact. Just surrender and you will verify it is.

If you manage to flee to a foreign country (without extradition treaties) and get known as the murderer, then you experience the territoriality of sovereignty. A political community can only enforce laws on the territory it controls

If you are a known murderer you can carry on your everyday life in a given society, this indeed means that this society does not seriously care about banning murder. There may be a law, but obviously it got obsoleted by the lack of sovereign will to enforce it. I would not want to live in such a place.

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