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Comment: Re:Comparison (Score 1) 1076

by manu0601 (#49755725) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

So a race to the bottom is the only solution?

It is the only alternative according to the stupid people that govern EU countries. But it is not a solution to improve anything. Even if we just blindly look at economic indicators like GDP, without any consideration for human beings, their politics are plain failures.

Comment: Re:Comparison (Score 1) 1076

by manu0601 (#49740839) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

debts so bad the EU is rejecting their budgets and forcing them to reduce their spending

You have to tell the whole story

The robots from EU commission are allowed to have their word on France's budget because french president Francois Hollande signed a stupid treaty that binds state deficit below 0.5% of GDP.

This means at the same time France is borrowing money at a 0% rate, which is a bargain, and gets bad comments from EU commission because this is forbidden deficit.

Comment: Comparison (Score 1) 1076

by manu0601 (#49731247) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

If someone needs some comparison, France's national minimal hourly wage is 9,71 euros, that is 10.7 USD.

This is much lower, but to make a fair comparison, one would have to take expenses into account. The presence of socialized services lower expenses, especially for people at minimum wage that do not pay taxes on their income.

Comment: Re:Transnistrina (Score 1) 133

by manu0601 (#49654601) Attached to: 28-Year-Old Businessman Accused of Stealing $1 Billion From Moldova

You could not be more right by comparing Transnistria to Donbass.

  • In both cases, the conflict ignited because the state decided to suppress Russian as an official language.
  • In both cases, the state was not able to recover control over the separatist regions
  • In both cases, the separatist regions asked through referendum to be integrated into Russia
  • In both cases, the Russian parliament refused integration
  • In both cases, Russia does not recognize the separatist region as being a sovereign state.

The Russian strategy is the same: either the region remains outside of the state control, or the state is federalized to offer some autonomy to the separatist region. In both cases, the state cannot integrate NATO: either it has a latent conflict and other NATO member states do not want to automatically act on it as NATO treaty request. In the federalization case, integrating NATO would require all federalized regions to agree, and obviously the pro-Russia regions would refuse.

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