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Submission + - Chaos as Bug Fix Forks Bitcoin, Price Plummets

makomk writes: Chaos broke out in the Bitcoin community a few hours ago after an unintended and previously unnoticed bug fix accidentally forked Bitcoin's transaction history into two competing versions. The main exchange was forced to suspend deposits and prices plummeted by 23% before eventually recovering. The Bitcoin developers have responded by encouraging users to revert to the old, buggy version and this appears to have fixed the problem for now, at the cost of permanently reversing a number of old transactions that conflict with ones in the new version of history. Since the changes that caused the problem were done to make Bitcoin usable for new users of the Bitcoin client, this is a worrying sign for its future.

Submission + - BitTorrent 6.0 beta closed source, Windows only

makomk writes: The BitTorrent (Mainline) 6.0 beta has been released, and it's a rebranded version of uTorrent. Unfortunately, it's also closed source and Windows-only. (Apparently, BitTorrent Inc always planned that the next version of Mainline would be closed-source, even before they decided to base it on uTorrent.) It also comes with a mysterious content delivery system called BitTorrent DNA, which appears to consist of a single invisible background task, dna.exe.

Does the original, open source BitTorrent client have a future, or is it time for its users to switch to one of the many other BitTorrent clients?

Submission + - Suspended By Domain Registrar

makomk writes: "I noticed that, the well-known archive of security related mailing lists run by nmap's Fyodor, was down and not resolving. The whois information revealed that it had, in fact, been suspended by for abuse. This probably has something to do with recent attempts by a malicious individual to shut the site down. Looks like this time they succeeded..."

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