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Comment Re:weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 5, Interesting) 328

Well, she was outfoxed.

The PJB-100, the first disk-based MP3 player, was in my hands in 1999 - a full two years before the iPod. HP owned fundamental patents that could have taxed each unit that Apple sold - but seemed to be entirely unaware of that ownership.

Instead, they paid Apple to resell their own inventions. Brilliant!

So yeah, she just totally sucked.

Comment Military is killing manufacturing (Score 1) 102

US GDP is heavily skewed by high-ticket military equipment

This skew actually makes manufacturing a lot less sustainable in the US.

See, the real reason why China is so dominant at this point is that the supply chains have migrated there. Labor costs, adjusted for productivity, tariffs, shipping, etc. have about reached parity.

So, without a good supply chain, you have a hard time being a manufacturer.

The military pays silly prices for stuff. So that means that a company that sells to the military has a silly price sheet. Which means that they're not an option for a non-military manufacturer to use them as a supplier.

The problem is that too many suppliers are getting a taste of that sweet, sweet military money, and there are no available options for "normal" manufacturers. And then, lights out for an entire line of products that could be manufactured here, but won't be.

If the military budget ever gets slashed, expect a manufacturing comeback.

How do I know this? I'm a manufacturer here in the US, and this happens to us constantly.

Comment Re:How about non-BGA? (Score 1) 24

OK, then give us QFP version with less pins.

I mean, Rockchip offers a competing range of SoCs in LQFP176, up to quad core, and they're huge sellers. Too bad that the Chinese companies typically won't talk to anyone.

Freescale would be smart to follow suit. If they did, they'd become a standard, quickly. I'd be happy to trade having gobs of GPIOs for cheaper and easier assembly.

Comment How about non-BGA? (Score 1) 24

It's great that Freescale is making a version of the ultralite that's easier to manufacture - but it'd be even better if they had a non-BGA version. BGA means "ball grid array", and it's one of the more difficult component in terms of electronics assembly.

Some companies charge a 3x premium if there are any BGAs at all. Having version that has the pins on the side (QFP), even if it was huge, or had less functionality, would allow for easier prototyping and assembly.

There'd be a market for it.

Comment No, the problem is the software (Score 1) 327

Actually, PowerPoint is so horrendously clunky and limited that even if you want to make a compelling presentation, it works against you. In short, the only thing that you can do easily is to use bullet points.

PowerPoint still cannot do what the long dead Persuasion could do, and do efficiently.

I'd love an decent alternative to PowerPoint, but it really doesn't exist.

Comment NYC Resident Here (Score 5, Informative) 149

People forget that there is another side here - the NYC resident. Consider that there's likely several people within 20 feet of me at any given time - this is the reality of big city living.

What AirBnB means to me is a diminished quality of life.

It means "guests" rolling in at 2am, feeling the need to open and close every door and cupboard (and waking up my household). Ringing my bell accidentally at all hours. Using AirBnB to find one-night party space. Smoking everywhere.

This is all from one apartment directly above me. If I complain to NYC, it means that they're sued to death and evicted (which I'm sorely tempted to do, but the punishment is very harsh). If I don't, I have to live in a noisier, less enjoyable circumstance.

And yes, I've taken the time to ask the folks upstairs to be more considerate. Their response? "It's our right", even though it's against the law.

AirBnB sucks.

Comment Two kinds of people in the future (Score 1) 509

The notion of "haves" and "have nots" are going to be about robots, not about money. There will be two kinds of people in the future - those that own the robots, and those that are either displaced or enslaved by them.

Automation is going to make the future rather bleak, indeed. Universal welfare, anyone?

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