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Comment: Hold On A Minute... (Score 1) 222 222

I clearly remember seeing two days before the release that the PC could be had for $35-$40. Could it be these sellers had inside knowledge and purposely sold this broken product before word got out? If so, wouldn't this be something the Feds could look into?

Comment: Fen-Phen (Score 1) 666 666

Let's not forget this drugs sordid history. While this snake oil did sort of work, it was prescribed for decades before it was removed from the market. Funny how bad apples from the drug corps doesn't overturn the cart. But if they don't own the rights to something then all bets are off.

Comment: Re:Another company trashes its most useful product (Score 5, Interesting) 116 116

Well, yes and no... http://www.amazon.com/gp/custo... ... This person's one star review was posted three years ago and has garnered 76 responses. The most current was 20 days ago. It's amazing seeing the "You're right" - "No, you're wrong" conversation. Even when the company, right from the beginning, stated, "This is how your testing methods are faulty...", people are still saying this one star review has convinced them not to buy the product. [BTW: 88% of 4,121 people gave this product a 4-5 star review. ] So, while this review has survived the test of time, the only usefulness it has achieved is to show how bad testing methods are readily accepted if it's buried in enough data.

Comment: Stop grouping revisions (Score 5, Interesting) 116 116

The other problem is that they'll group different models on the same page. So the reviews you see are for all the models together. In many cases Version B is way better than Version A. But, you still see the bad reviews without realizing it's unrelated to what you're going to buy. They also need to address the paid bad reviewers. I looked up stuff just last week and the same one star review, word for word, was listed on three different items. And these were three totally unrelated items. One in electronics, one in cookware, and the third in camping equipment.

Comment: Re:Great! So just like the movies then... (Score 1) 102 102

Yes, but the new Holographic Oregan Trail includes multi-layered story features. It will take whatever country the GPS says you're in and correct classic story features to suit your present whereabouts. For instance, "You just died of dysentery" can now be, "You just died of Ebola", or "You just died because the police officer thought your Pez dispenser was a taser."

Comment: Re:Stop charging for checked bag (Score 1) 273 273

I agree with the above, but here's some interesting add ons... + One of the reasons carry-ons have increased is due to baggage being lost. It got so bad, and so random, people always feel they need to have an extra set of clothes in their carry-on just in case. + Will we see an increase of people buying those big coats with 20+ pockets in them? You know, the ones which can even hold a whole set of clothes, your iPad, etc.. Many geeks are using those now in order to really have two carry-ons instead of one. Or are we now going to have a coat fee if this idea takes off? + Finally, Jimmy Carter tried pushing for us to change to metric...along with renewable energy...back in the 1970's. Republicans had a field day stating it would collapse American business due to the cost. Just sayin'...

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