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Comment The Street Lamp (Score 1) 330

I thought this would have been at the top of the list. Before street lamps people had to continually worry about their own personal illumination. That's 'torches' for those who have never seen a Hammer film. It also had a great deal of impact on the environment. Wild animals who could freely roam now had to learn new instincts and survival skills.

Comment Next time it'll be cash (Score 1) 345

I actually had my credit card send me a message because I tipped too much! It was a nicely laid out e-mail that had a column of numbers. And the percentage I added was in bright red. "You paid $12.64 for your meal and tipped $5. Are you sure you wanted to give this much?" YES! Because the waitress was working her ass of during the lunch rush! What's next? "Are you sure you wanted to buy name-brand toilet paper in bulk?"

Comment Re:Not the only factor? (Score 1) 324

Thank you Pete for mentioning this. A little history... (Now, my memory may be a little rusty on the details, but you'll get my point.) InDesign used to be called Pagemaker. When the V.3 came out it was five disks. This was crappy especially when you're a company and have to pay someone to upgrade all of your systems one at a time. Which was a heck-of-a-lot back then. When Aldus(?) announced all the new features for the next version people freaked. How many disks was this going to be?!??! Three. Two less than the previous version. Because they started from scratch and rewrote the whole damn thing. When's the last time you heard a major software maker doing something like this? I think you're right on point, Pete. Apple wants lean, mean apps. Not bloatware. It'll save disk space and memory allocation. And remember, we're now getting 2 gigs of memory after many years? I doubt they're going to up the memory again any time soon. And software designers need to realize this now rather than later.

Comment Growing Up (Score 1) 174

I have an off topic suggestion for you. I saw someone do this years ago and thought it was a great idea. What you do is buy a set of clothes that an average 21 year old would wear. Then, you set the newborn on the clothes. Every year you take the clothes out and do a picture. Up through the time they can actually wear them.

Comment Missing The Big Picture... (Score 1) 285

Rural roads will be abandoned...Rural land, especially family farms, will lose value...Family farms and rural housing will sell for much less due to poor access...Corporate entities buy the land and make a large farm or put up a factory..."This is good for Iowa. So, as the head of the Iowa Department of Transportation, I'll make sure these abandoned roads get as much money as possible to put them back up into working order." ---- Lets see the roads in question on a map, who owns the land next to them, and who made offers to buy the adjacent land before this announcement was made.

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