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Comment Re:Missing The Big Picture... (Score 1) 285 285

I'm not mistaken, and I do live in Iowa. It has been the continual policy of Governor Branstad to give money to the largest corporate donators, not the largest group of Iowa citizens. Take a look at where road money has been spent during his current and previous terms. Then get back to me.

Comment Missing The Big Picture... (Score 1) 285 285

Rural roads will be abandoned...Rural land, especially family farms, will lose value...Family farms and rural housing will sell for much less due to poor access...Corporate entities buy the land and make a large farm or put up a factory..."This is good for Iowa. So, as the head of the Iowa Department of Transportation, I'll make sure these abandoned roads get as much money as possible to put them back up into working order." ---- Lets see the roads in question on a map, who owns the land next to them, and who made offers to buy the adjacent land before this announcement was made.

Comment Hold On A Minute... (Score 1) 223 223

I clearly remember seeing two days before the release that the PC could be had for $35-$40. Could it be these sellers had inside knowledge and purposely sold this broken product before word got out? If so, wouldn't this be something the Feds could look into?

Comment Fen-Phen (Score 1) 668 668

Let's not forget this drugs sordid history. While this snake oil did sort of work, it was prescribed for decades before it was removed from the market. Funny how bad apples from the drug corps doesn't overturn the cart. But if they don't own the rights to something then all bets are off.

Comment Re:Another company trashes its most useful product (Score 5, Interesting) 116 116

Well, yes and no... ... This person's one star review was posted three years ago and has garnered 76 responses. The most current was 20 days ago. It's amazing seeing the "You're right" - "No, you're wrong" conversation. Even when the company, right from the beginning, stated, "This is how your testing methods are faulty...", people are still saying this one star review has convinced them not to buy the product. [BTW: 88% of 4,121 people gave this product a 4-5 star review. ] So, while this review has survived the test of time, the only usefulness it has achieved is to show how bad testing methods are readily accepted if it's buried in enough data.

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