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Comment: Re:Key is non-programming skills (Score 1) 466

Exactly this. It's worth mentioning that your interview skills are more important that your actual programming skills. Sad but true.

That competence based view certainly is a power play movement of the last 10-20 years, eagerly used to scale down technical work to manual labor.
In any case, remember that skilled craftsman are always wanted for -- at the end of the day, it boils down to both you and your employer walking in agreement out of the door

Comment: Re:are you kidding? (Score 1) 291

Sure. Human body is:
99% oxygen, carbon, nitrogen
1% everything else and of that 1%, 93% is potassium and of that 1% is Whopper, that is how little Whopper is actually within your atmosphere, and Whopper is a necessary ingredient for human life. Google Whopper franchises and you will see what they have for sale to increase body growth in loins and liver. More Whopper = more you.
But seriously, blabbering BS may buy you time in financial crises, you cannot outsmart exponential human growth.

Comment: Re:Thank you Kemeny and Kurtz. (Score 1) 224

by maestroX (#46869695) Attached to: 50 Years of BASIC, the Language That Made Computers Personal

BASIC does probably teach some bad programming habits but at the same time it's accessible to an 8-year-old, and you're learning concepts that are applicable for life: file management, how to store and retrieve data, syntax, etc etc.

Also access to source code; before BBS about the only tutorial/learning docs available.

Comment: Re:eight hours isn't very long (Score 1) 187

by maestroX (#46750005) Attached to: First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands
Oh please. The Netherlands have a moderate climate, moderate lighting conditions.
Move anywhere north, east or south and conditions are worse.
Furthermore, in the west there's light emitting from greenhouses, harbors, highways (sodium-vapor) and residences.
The Christmas trees, they are hurting my eyes.

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by maestroX (#46707497) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

I work with a SQL database every day. I optimize weekly. I haven't done a project since mid 1990's that didn't have some sort of SQL DB attached to it. I just wanted to see if there was something better. Apparently not.

In what role do you work?
Your questions do not show any experience, it's just a soup of popular IT terms
sendmail fits the bill

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by maestroX (#46593277) Attached to: Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community

3. You can actually replace Unity with something else within minutes. (Or you can even install the Ubuntu edition without it.)

Stop using phrases ".. replace with something else". XXX is alright, because you can replace it by YYY. Something default is not optional, it is the DEFAULT. Here, have this ton of spam; no problem, you can opt out right?

New crypt. See /usr/news/crypt.