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Comment: Re:Kudos To The Winner (Score 1) 27 27

So kudos to the winner. And on behalf of the rest of humanity, please never end up in a situation where you get to use your evil skills in the real world!

Generally speaking the top of these contests are works of art.
I don't doubt however this kind of ingenuity is or will be used in the real world.

Comment: Re:Maybe (Score 1) 227 227

First, ignore the people who just want to shit all over you for making more money than them. They don't know anything about your situation and aren't qualified to comment. Savings and cash flow are two entirely different things, as I'm sure you know.

Switch wives, really.

Comment: Re:Even if you go DC, stay at 120V (Score 1) 597 597

(Consider this: A Tesla automobile IS AC motors driven by inverters from batteries.

S-sh-h-hht. Inside the batteries are actually weighted flywheels spinning at 50Hz. That's why you "need" to brake as advertised, it really is to keep the car going.

Comment: Re:Please correct the headline... (Score 1) 176 176

His paper on game theory is his Ph. D. thesis. Just the tip of the iceberg this mathematician was and could have been if the illness didn't stopped him.

Somehow intellectual brilliance seems to have its way with mental stability, let's just hope some brilliant mind will discover a treatment some time in the future.

Comment: Re:You must be joking (Score 1) 414 414

Where the fuck is your pascal snippet reading from?

It's reading from, whatever that is. You'll need to guess or look read() up. Once. After that, you'll know when and how to use it.
You see, because in these Pascal times, there was no IDE with auto completion or snippet compiler (Lambert's ABC was one of the earlier).
After years away from Java, I don't remember or guess to use both InputStreamReader and BufferedReader,
because it's simply anal.
Besides that, there aren't many languages that encourage red tape and overengineering like Java does.

Comment: Re:I'll bite (Score 1) 265 265

-- all in one language with a common syntax.

that's the bloody misconception; a perfect all-in-one fits-all universal command line interface.
it's the tooling's limitations glued by scripting language you choose that leads to unintended but creative and useful matter.
the powershell's achilles heel is just that, the power of all the master of none.

Hold on to the root.