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Comment Re:Same thing happens in dating (Score 1) 126

People do things like say "I only want someone with > average height, > average salary,
They get 3 people - one of which is married, one gay, and the other refuses to date someone as tall/fat/stupid/poor as them.
People just don't understand the selectivity of multiple and requirements.

I'm pretty sure love needs to be somewhere prominent in this equation, others however may be content with their precious.

In any case, imposing restrictions on someone you haven't met is a sure sign of undealt personal issues. No pun intended.

Comment Re:How to tell a regulation has failed utterly (Score 2) 147

If in reality car emissions are higher than overly ambitious standards, but still low enough that air quality is OK - should the cars be "fixed" (as in the pet related term, neutered) or instead should the regulations be brought to realistic levels based on what cars are actually emitting today?

Did the car makers complain about the standards? No
Were they upfront about the issue to the customer and public? No
Did they install the best for low emission software by default? No

This is not bending the rules but breaking them.
And the standards are not overly ambitious: Stop buying fraud stuff.

Comment Original transcript (Score 4, Insightful) 170

Comrades of the Soviet Union, there is no need for this senseless bloodshed between our nations.
The German people are not your enemy.
If you surrender, you will be treated well.
You will be given plenty of good, hot food and warm clothing, and if wounded, proper medical treatment.
The German army is your friend.

Comment Dear Barbara (Score 1) 474

This is not basic income. This is about getting social benefits without validating the receivers on a regular basis.

A basic income would also be issued to working inhabitants of Utrecht, this is not the case.

Also, this is a lousy experiment even if all inhabitants of Utrecht would be paid basic income,
because it is *locally* and not country-wide: the rest of the country simply supports Utrecht in this case
one way or the other, this is social "dampening" the same way, *without* safeguards.

It is simply impossible to distribute benefits *without conditions* (=basic income) because it would literally bleed to death;
it is not a closed system (e.g. buying oil) however much one wants it to be.

After that, considering the open nature of the system, the next logical question is: who's going to pay these benefits?

Comment Re:2 C is a fantasy (Score 1) 292

However, its not the end of the world. Just a radically different one.

Between the impervious consume-it-alls and frantic your-ecological-footprint-is-too-big-at-every-step I'd like to know what I can do about it besides solarpanels & minimal car use. Because I and surely many people like me want to leave at least something to our children's children but are more or less bound by the wheel

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