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Comment: Re:systemd rules!!! (Score 2) 465

by maestroX (#49546985) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

Who keeps modding these posts up? Using "journalctl -f" to view output from stderr to debug why daemons aren't starting is a feature I use often as part of my job.

Don't know about your job, years of running init rarely needed to debug or check why/if/when daemons aren't starting. on production systems. with users. with usb thingies. with eth failover.
Honestly, you fucking seriously mean to say THE FIRST PROCESS STARTED UPON BOOT NEEDS DEBUGGING and claim systemd is an improvement?!?!?

Comment: Re:No use (Score 2, Funny) 66

How did you manage a score of two?

I created an account over 10-15 years ago, treated it with utmost care and love, only now and then jesting, but very cautiously and carefully.
With the occasional post, my precious karma went silently up and up, and up and up.
Until today, I felt the longing for OMG frist post, succumbed and finally blew it all on an Nvidia topic.

Perhaps on topic, what useful task would this card capabilities be insufficient for? (useful in the sense with video output)

Comment: Re:Too early for criticism. (Score 2) 238

Spawning programs on public money is not a startup.
Key to success is to level the playfield for commercial activities (all contenders pay more or less identical tax, no monopolies) and spend money on activities that are not commercially viable yet valuable.
In short, you'll end up with effectively bureaucrats hopping from one program to another writing pretty money requests and/or companies squishing creativity.
For some constructive criticism, if anyone knows of a place succesful as mentioned above, please do share.

Comment: Re:The real missed question (Score 1) 477

So the easiest solution for companies is to force people to come into the office.

Force? Last time I checked we agreed I attend and do some in exchange for a bundle.
Also, I'm pretty confident it's better business for let's say, any restaurant, to provide services in a consistent location?

One can't proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.