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Comment Re:What are they thinking? (Score 1) 728

Paris is certainly a practical choice. High profile (metropolis, city of romance), surely Western (do not tell the French:),
and, more important, banlieu's (suburbs) impenetrable by government;
a lot of these people come from (former) French colonies.
It's easy to walk about being of Middle East origin.

Comment Re:Why is the Left so fiercely defending Islamism? (Score 1) 728

I see no conspiracy.
I see a large portion of left wing people defending religion as a first response to the attacks. And not for the first time.
When confronted, an aggressive posture including all of the mentioned points is being made,
and all arguments against a sect suddenly need unrefuted scientific research.
You got to be kidding me.

Comment Re:Why is the Left so fiercely defending Islamism? (Score 1) 728

All the love to the family and people in this tragedy--

Pics or it didn't happen. Do you actually have any examples of "the left" defending these attacks, or are you just finding someone to hate?

And yes, left oriented sites I frequently visit over the last years have turned a blind eye and react notoriously indignant.
Common responses:

  • It's a false flag operation,
  • You reap what you sow (Bush et al.)
  • Anti-semitism.
  • Request for citing examples or sources for something that is fucking obvious

After the previous attack I have seen an increase of this behavior alienating me from the left side.
I'm just so fed up with these excuses.

Comment Kraptastic! (Score 2) 115

I vividly remember my Klamath choking and Fireball trashing all over the place when the library dependencies pulled in
as konsole was trying to start (I was wary of loading a whole window system, this was C++ you know).

I wept many tears and bled my eyes on the bulky pixel-fear-inducing window that appeared
and burnt into my 15" aquarium after minutes seeming hours.

The experience reminded me of the furious Emacs vs. VI battles, yet Emacs seemed to fly on the machine.

Obviously, I was reminded at some newsgroup or other to use better compile options, as gcc 2.7.2 was *really*
not up to par with other c++ compilers or standards these days, how could I expect anything else?

So I spent days figuring out how to tune and compile the latest PGCC with the greatest options ever. Really.
I made sure anything binary that would come out of the compiler would be stripped, framepointer-ommitted,
loop-unwinded, MMX-enabled, -ftry-harder and optimized with -O9999 (if unfamiliar, just imagine the
greatest bbq sauce recipe in existence).

After this excruciating and cumbersome process, if fed the compiler source to the newly built compiler until
I was satisfied and sure *nothing* unoptimized was escaping my toolchain. Then I repeated this process to
assure my conscience; you know, these nights punch holes in your confidence.

And again. I was relentless and unforgiving, no 386 opcode would be left in favor of 586 optimization.
After that, I spent nearly the same time on LFS'ing and kernel-tuning my system on another partition with this übertoolchain.

I can honestly say the system booted and flied -- it flied like a rocket.
Rodney McKay would agonize in self-pity at the sight of it.

Were any Stampede or Gentoo developer to see this, it would wet their pants
and send them home crying for mommy. I'm pretty sure one of my fellow CS students
quit shortly afterwards and took up a job at the local grocery store.

I could pipe /dev/hda to X11 emacs and have responsive parenthesis matching at the same time!

Then, confident but modest, started konsole on a prompt:

% konsole
Segmentation fault (signal 11)

After that I dumped the computer only to discover some time after the kid next door used it to play Hind on Windows98.
I'm sure there's some point in this story but I'm sure as hell not touching KDE to unbury it out of my brain.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 221

If there are vastly superior languages out there for what I do, then let me know, because I'd love to use them.

Self-regurgitating assembly with macro's.
I could try and explain, it's just too powerful and expressive.
Its purity and speed would leave you alone and crying for mommy.
Variadic pointers and memory strategy? Who cares, assembly INVENTED virtual endless memory.

Of course, when things need to get done, you fetch any script- /garbage collected lang is available and supported in vi/emacs/whatever.
C++ is only superior in the feeling you never get to master it.

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all your time.